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    Monday, November 14, 2005

    So Embarrasing

    This summer I coached my youngest daughter's softball team. I had 12 girls ages 7-11 on the team. At the end of the year the adults play the girls in a game. We played on a field that is not used regularly so the condition of the field left a lot to be desired.

    All of the parents were surprisingly willing to play. We all joked about being old and someone hurting themselves. I laughed and said I should have a base runner. One of the hot dads told us that everytime he plays he breaks something so I was sure it would be he that would end up in the body cast.

    Each child gets to pitch to their parent. The adult only gets three pitches no matter what. (We have to make it fair. They are just kids.) The ball can be thrown any way the kid chooses so most were wild or high and way outside.

    I get up to bat and my daughter stands on the mound and shoots one at me that is high but I hit it and think, "Wow, that's a home run if I ever saw one." As I am running to first base, I catch my toe on a clump of grass and in slow motion I am falling. It was like my top half was ahead of my bottom half. It seemed like I fell for 1 full minute.

    My first reaction was to keep my head up. I've seen what gravel can do to a face and didn't want any part of it. I was able to catch myself using my left arm. After I fell, I rolled onto my back and tried to get up. As I lay on my back looking up, I could see about 10 peoples faces forming a circle around me. It was like when someone falls on TV and you have the perception of just the faces looking down.

    I started to laugh uncontrollably which made it all the harder to get up. I did manage to get up and shamefully hung my head. I said, "I think I'm out."

    It really didn't hurt so bad at first, only my pride. I'm sure I left a lasting impression on those poor girls. I did finish the game and went home and iced it. It didn't look too bad that night. The next day, my entire leg turned blue. A blood vessel had exploded from the impact. It was ugly.

    I asked my daughter's if they were embarrassed by me and they both said they would have been if I hadn't hurt myself so badly. Thanks girls, I feel much better.


    Chrissie said...

    LOL... you poor baby...

    Feel happy that you made such a memory!... people will be talkin about it for YEARS! ;)

    I hope your owies go away soon ;)

    Anyone get this on video??

    MamaKBear said...

    LOL...a video would've been great! hehe

    ~Deb said...

    Jenn-------I was just talking about this kinda stuff on my blog! It's Mercury! I know, sounds crazy--- but it makes us trip and fall---as well as fumble on our own words.

    I have been so clutsy lately that it's not even funny. LOL! This post was great!

    gigi said...

    True story-When I was 12 my Aunt coached the 'winningest' girls softball team in the county. It was always understood that I would join the team the summer I was 12. OK so I'm 12, I've NEVER played softaball before (ballerina remember) and it's my turn up to bat. I swing and miss on the first 2 ptiches the 3rd connects with the bat and I begin to run around the bases...the wrong way.
    The rest of the team had a meeting after practice and voted that my aunt had to kick me of the team.
    Just another chapter in the gigilicious story!

    SignGurl said...

    It was mentioned that someone might have videoed it with their phone. I smashed that sucker right then and there! Leave no evidence (except the blue leg).