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    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    A Confession

    We are bloggers for different reasons. Some are here to work through their problems. Others are honing their writing skills. Many are here to entertain the masses. I don't fall into any of these categories.

    My confession is that I'm here for acceptance. I like making friends and getting to know people. I enjoy hearing what is going on in other people's lives. I try to comment regardless of the subject. That's my way of letting the blogger know that I appreciate their work.

    I'm feeling a little sad because I notice that 50 to 100 people visit this blog on a daily basis yet I only receive between 5 and 15 comments some of them being mine.

    I love to hear what YOU have to say! So I say thank you to those that give me the love. My hope is that more of you who are visiting will leave me your sign. Disagree with me or tell me I'm boring. Just tell me what YOU think.

    I'm done being a needy bitch now!

    *Edit* I was over at Romeo Jensen's and stole this from him. >>>


    cutie said...

    Now see....this is exactly why I turned my comments off! I too, am a comment whore. I found myself needing the validation from people that left comments.

    I'd like to say it's working, but now I find myself looking to see how many stop by everyday to read my crap!

    It's a damn addiction, I tell ya.


    DZER said...

    you're talking to one of the kings of the comment whores. I am such a greedy ham eager for attention ... LOL

    which is why I try not to pay attention to the number of folks who come to my page, so I don't know how many don't comment LOL

    DZER said...

    oh ... and we are all needy bitches at some point LOL

    SignGurl said...

    C~It's like crystal meth. Once you try it, you're hooked. And I miss leaving you commments.

    SignGurl said...

    D~I knew we were on the same page. At least we are admitting that we are needy bitches.


    kathi said...

    Finally, dzer admits he's a bitch!!

    I'm the same way. I'm just glad to see anyone reads me at all, I don't know why they do, but I'm grateful. Plus, I've made some great friends. I love blogging *oh shut up, I'll get off when I'm ready!* sorry...talking to my husband. LOL.

    ell said...

    you're not needy! everyone wants to be acknowledged! or else why would we do this?

    Chrissie said...

    I think everyone with a blog is the same way lol...
    I'll admit ive thought of a dozen things to blog about since i shut my doors *L*
    Maybe at some point... My Ex thinks i should just make a new moniker and keep doing it... Kids know i've been Minx67 for ever... but do do miss the interaction from everyone *smooches*

    ~Deb said...


    Can I be honest here? Blogging is for the pure enjoyment for purposes of venting, letting people know your personality, freedom of expression, networking with other writers, brushing up on your writing skills….and so on.

    If you only rely on comments to be your experience for blogging, you will be disappointed. I sometimes go on people’s blog, read all of it, but don’t comment, because maybe I’m not knowledgeable on the topic, or I just don’t know how to respond. It doesn’t mean that your blog is ‘bad’ per se, it’s just that some people don’t comment for reasons of their own.

    Keep blogging, regardless of comments. I comment on other people’s blog if I find the topic interesting or funny.

    Make your blogging experience less stressful, and write something from your heart- or post pictures that you want others to see- or do something that’s creative---like you usually do. You’re a great writer, and you’re great at expressing yourself. Why would you want others to prove that fact when you already done that?

    Do you realize how many insecure people canceled their blog due to ‘comments’? I mean, if that’s the case, disable them. It’s not worth the hassle. It’s very nice when someone visits your blog and has something to say about your topic. It’s actually frustrating to see someone ‘comment on your blog’ for the mere sake of ‘getting more traffic’ on theirs. There’s a fine line between being curious of what people think, and actually wanting to know what they ‘really’ think. People comment for purposes of their own sometimes.

    Just be “you”. It’s obvious you have a fan base right now, and a steady one. Another ‘blog etiquette’ that I noticed is, “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

    “If you comment on my blog, I’ll comment on yours.”

    Enough of the madness…comment when you feel necessary.

    I would hate for you to be one of those other people who canceled their blogs due to comments or lack there of. Keep doing what you’re doing and never mind what others think.

    Anonymous said...


    It's me Deb. Under an alias. Your blog rocks man! Love ya!

    P.S. Don't forget to comment on my blog!


    Goerge W Bush said...


    It's me. George Doubleyaaaa! Here to tell ya your blog is just fantastic!

    I'm off to play golf now. Bye !!!

    Don't forget to comment on my blog---www.politicsfordummies.blogspot.com


    kathi said...

    I think the bigger question here, after reading all the comments, is has Maddie lost total control of Deb??

    buddha_girl said...

    Oh my God...she said "whore!" You might just be my new best friend! Husband Guy went to the jeweler I favor a couple of years ago at Christmas time. He was looking at everything under the sun. When he made his choice for my gift, he smiled, mentioned that all of my stuff is bought from their place, and then proceeded to tell the chick that I'm a self-professed Jewelry Whore.

    Exact words. (I have named myself thusly, but to have Husband Guy proclaim it in the store...egads. *snicker*)

    barman said...

    I just tried to leave a comment on Debs blog and it would not allow it. I am not sure this will work but ...

    I have loved your blog entries for the past oh two weeks I have been coming here. Even more so I love seeing you leave messages on peoples blogs. They are always interesting and fun. If someone says something that you do not agree with you will not be dragged into it, you just say not me.

    It is always great to find yet another new blog (like deb and Gigi) and see you have already commented. I just know I must have found another fun blog.

    Anyway I am enjoying this whole blogging experience. Now while I could see meeting you and maybe even getting to know each other if there was not I blog, I kind of doubt it as I tend to keep busy most of the time around work or home. There are so many other that I have meet through the blog I doubt I ever would have. Some people live a long ways away. Others live a very different life. So for me I guess it is fun getting to meet and sometimes know a person even if it is only a persons favorite color is blue, the ocean blue you see on a postcard.

    Ok, time to see if this thingy posts.

    Ordinary Joe said...

    Hi, relatively new reader and admittedly up until now a lurker... Funny I posted as similar complaint (but fell short of admitting I was a comment whore).

    MamaKBear said...

    OH! You are so boring and I just can't stand reading your blog!!! I don't know WHY I come here every day just to see what you've come up with!!


    You know I love ya chickie! :D

    SignGurl said...

    Kathi~Yes, I'm grateful when someone reads, so thank you!

    Ell~you are so smart and correct!

    Chrissie~We miss you!

    Deb~Thanks, I really do agree with what you are saying and I don't have any plans of deleting the blog over comments.

    Kathi~Gigi just let me know that all of those comments (I had to delete one because it was a porn spam) were not our wonderful Deb!

    Buhhda Girl~I'm a jewelery whore too. I can't believe your husband guy said it out loud to others *snerk*

    Barman~You always make me feel good about myself. Thanks for being a buddy.

    MamaK~You biotch! You know I love you too!

    Top cat said...

    sg/jenn you have made some valid points, many which most of us can relate to.
    Deb has made some valid points but some I disagree with or at least think are unrealistic.

    We are all seeking approval one way or another even psychiatrists and psychologist's (a humorous example of this is the movie "What about Bob?".
    There is a difference between feeling a bit down cause no one is commenting and people who are leaving nasty comments.

    I personally don't care for blogs which don't allow for comments(no offense meant to anyone here),I feel it takes the interaction out of this whole process.

    So I think it's perfectly natural what you are feeling jenn.
    I will say I would rather have a few comments by people who are into what we are writing about than a bunch of comments which don't mean anything.

    I come here because I like what you are saying and the way you are saying it plus I fell in love with your baby blues a long time ago.:)

    SignGurl said...

    TC~Can I just say you had me at "fell in love with your baby blues".

    I like writing my feelings and love hearing what people have to say about it. The interaction is my obvious reason for blogging. If I just wanted to write, I could have a journal that no one would ever read. So thanks for you comments.

    Big Pissy said...

    I'm very new to having a blog, but I've been visiting several for a couple of months now. I decided to try my hand just for fun. I've got a long way to go and a lot to learn. One thing I do already know is that I'm a comment whore and I've only been doing this for a few days-heh heh!!!
    I agree with what Top Cat said. Except the part about your blue eyes....while I'm sure they're quite lovely, I'll just take his word for it :) Oh, and I love your blog. Your Happy Anniversary post was fun! Did your mother-in-law recover? Did YOU cause the breakdown or was it the wedding? Tell us more!

    grainne said...

    You sound like Dzer and the need for feedback! I wanted to show a pal what a wonderful page he had built to his dad and stumbled on his blog. I started leaving him comments in ICQ but of course that was not feedback enough ~chuckle~

    I am one of your blog lurkers ~sheepish smile~ I love the snow pics and the wedding shots were really lovely!

    Michele in Michigan said...

    LOL--here's a "HI" from a fellow comment-whore hehehe. Don't worry about the lack of comments. The fact that people show up at ALL is an indicator that what you post brings people back :)

    I had to get over needing to see comments--I was feeling a bit sad that I didn't have as many comments as others, when I'd been told that I write some funny shit. I do have to admit that it's cool to see my comments increasing and that new blogfriends are popping in :)

    I'll be back! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

    Wenchy said...

    I am with you on the comment whore bit. :o)