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    Sunday, December 18, 2005

    Ta-Da! Kitchen Remodel (almost) done!

    The hell that I call do it yourself home improvement is finally in the last stages. I put away all the tools. I am so sick of tripping on drills and stepping on screws. 6 gallons of paint and just as many weeks later I'm calling it good. I still have to finish resizing a drawer and I have all but 2 cabinet doors up. Those I hope to finish up tomorrow.

    I still don't have a curtain but I can deal with that for a while. The mountains of tools have been removed and the counters are free of junk. We installed new countertops, built-in dishwasher (we had a portable one before), 5 new drawers, 6 new cabinets, a sink and a faucet.

    <-----------This is a new set of drawers and corner angled cabinets.

    As you can see here ----------->
    I still don't have the top 2 doors on. All of these cabinets were added. We moved the stove from under the microwave to this position on another wall.

    <-------------We have some really beautiful architecture in our old house. The builder that built our house build it for himself and his family. He added many interesting touches like built in dresser drawers in all the bedrooms. He also utilized space under the stairs by making small closets. I used to have a rose vine that I hand painted around this doorway. I painted it on twice but I don't think I'll do it again.

    This is a built in bench that used to be covered in brown when we first bought the house. This is the second time we have recovered it. The table is on wheels to allow easy access for the kids to sit. You can also see where the drawer still needs to go. I had to paint the chairs because they were beige.

    There is a ledge built in behind the bench. You can't see it well but that is a Monet reproduction. I have always been in love with impressionism since I was a teen. The counter tops have a light blue swirl that reminds me of impressionistic painting.

    Happy Birthday to me!
    Hubby made dinner and my mom, dad, stepdad, sister (they invited themselves) and kids ate and had cake. (Do you know how much heat comes off of 37 candles and how hard it is to blow them all out?) I took these pictures after the crew left me in a terrible mess again. I worked harder for the last two days than I ever care to work again. Next year I'm going away for my birthday.


    gigi said...

    Shut Up! In less than 2 months I'll be 41!
    The kitchen is GORGEOUS!

    Big Pissy said...

    LOVE the kitchen!!!! It looks great! Did you do all that yourselves?!?!?!? I'm so impressed. And I love the pics! Thanks so much for sharing them and I'm glad you had a happy birthday!!!!
    Next year, go on a cruise.... :)

    kathi said...

    I, too, love the kitchen. And I love the architecture. Great job.

    wmy said...

    Nice job girlie!! I want to redo my kitchen too, but after hearing about all the work it is gonna take, I have a better solution.......I will just move in with you k??? You think I'm kidding don't you? I'M NOT THOUGH!!!

    MamaKBear said...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (on your birthday!) I didn't forget...it's just late in the day! :)

    Hope you enjoyed the day!

    DZER said...

    first off .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    second ... wow! fabulous job on the kitchen! now I know how to call! LOL


    cutie said...



    p.s. from one December Girl to another...Happy Birthday!

    barman said...

    The kitchen really turned out nice and I am so glad you were able to get it ready for the holidays. Now maybe you can come play a little more. Did you do everything including the counter tops? I am most impressed.

    I am glad the birthday went well Jenn. Only 364 more days to plan you next birthday!

    Jay said...

    Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday dear Jenn...
    Happy Birthday to you.

    *bowing in anticipation of much applause*

    Lara said...

    Happy Birthday! Your kitchen is GORGEOUS... what a great birthday present to you!

    And 37 candles are easier than 42... but if all else fails, grab a squirt bottle to put them out, then go out for dinner.

    Quazirob said...

    Happy B-Day

    (~~Big Smooches~~)

    The kitchen looks grrrrrreat!
    That is a lot of hard work. Well done!

    barman said...

    37 and even 42 is nothing. Try 48! You start using larger candels that represent more than 1 year so you do not burn the house down.

    I take note of the spray bottle Lara, 50 is just around the corner. Thank goodness the fire department is less than a mile away! See, don't you both feel better ... there is always someone older than you. You two are just youngin's.

    Everything Nice said...

    Your kitchen looks fanfuckingtastic Jenn!

    Nice job on the blue swirl (I can imagine that it looks absolutely wonderful), i love impressionism!

    And Happy Happy Birthday, wanna spanking?

    Suze said...

    Jenn, I wanna come and cook in your kitchen.

    Happy Birthday girl.

    Anonymous said...

    Jenn, the kitchen looks great, all your hard work paid off, now the idea is to stay out of it...ha ha

    Horsn said...

    I love green. Looks wonderful. My great aunt had a built in booth like that and I've always wanted one.

    So, sex on the counter top yet? ;-)

    Mike said...

    Wow, can you come over here when you're done??

    SignGurl said...

    Gigi~Shut up, you are gorgeous!

    Pissy~Yes, hubby and I did all the work. I'm taking your advice and going on a cruise next year for my birthday.

    Kathi~Thanks and I love the architecture too. I hope to someday take some more pictures and post them of the rest of the house.

    Wendy~Come on over, just don't bring your kids. Maybe my kids and hubby can go live with yours and we can be party girls.

    MamaK~Thank you and I did enjoy the day even though I worked so hard.

    Dzer~Call me anytime, just not for home improvements.

    Cutie~Happy Birthday to you!

    Barman~We did everything except the countertops. I measured everything but hubby and my brother in law did them.

    Jay~The serenade was lovely, thanks!

    Lara~good idea with the squirt bottle. I'll use it next year.

    Barman~The heat was incredible!

    EN~I'll take a spanking from you any day!

    Suze~I'm sure the two of us could cook something up in that kitchen.

    TC~Thanks, I'm glad someone is on the same page as me.

    Hors'n~Not the counter tops, but that's what the rolling table is for. Meals on wheels, heh.

    Mike~I'll come over but not for home improvements. ;-)

    Calzone said...

    I wish I could eat your biscuits.

    Calzone said...

    is it wrong to say that?

    SignGurl said...

    Calzone, I got your biscuits right here. ;-0

    SignGurl said...

    Did you bring my shoes?

    georgiabelle said...

    I love your kitchen! It's beautiful! It feels calming and peaceful and kind of vintagey/cottagey.... love it!

    PS> Happy Birthday! :)

    Natalia said...

    Happy B-Day... and WOW on the kitchen!!!


    kellywalters said...

    I want a kitchen remodeling.. hell.. I want a kitchen..

    damn I suck

    pantylines said...

    You have been tagged!

    Chrissie said...

    Your kitchen looks awesome! Come do mine!

    And Happy late Birthday! I know exactly how much heat that is and im adding a whole candle to it in a few days!
    I should uhh.. work on my uhhh... blowing technique ;)

    Laurie said...

    Happy (belated) birthday!

    The kitchen looks great, I love that color!

    And since I am 40, you ain't getting any age sympathy from me.. hahaha...

    ell said...

    a big happy birthday to you and congrats on that bee-you-tiful kitchen.

    a work of art!

    now start cooking baby!

    tami said...

    Happy belated birthday to you!

    I want your kitchen, by the way.

    You don't look a day over 24.



    Sheets said...

    I hear that home renovation blues you are a-singin', girl....

    Happy belated Birthday.... did the gift get there?