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    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    I'm Going To Take A Beating For This...

    Here's the thing with me, I have always been attracted to the less obvious guy. For me it's just not about what a guy looks like. It' all about his brain and how it works. I love to laugh and enjoy anyone who can make me laugh.

    In high school, my biggest crush (after Prince, of course) was Pee Wee Herman a.k.a Paul Ruebens.

    Look how cute he is here.

    Even though I was in high school I enjoyed watching his Saturday morning show, Pee Wee's Playhouse. (Check this link out and click on the characters, it's awesome!) Pee Wee had a secret word for each show. We all know what to do when we hear the secret word, SCREAM REAL LOUD!

    I'm still amazed at the sexual innuendo in the show. There is an episode where Miss Yvonne complained to Cowboy Curtis (Larry Fishburne) that her pipes were "backed up". Curtis' reply was, "I know what you need fixed, Miss Yvonne... And I'VE got the TOOL to fix it." He then reaches down toward his crotch (winking at the camera) and pulls out a monkey wrench.

    Here are the giant underpants that he would put on his head and pull the rest down around his ass. Funny stuff I'm telling ya!

    Paul Reubens made two Pee Wee movies. The first and best was Pee Wee's Big Adventure. My favorite scene was when Pee Wee's in the Mexican bar and he realizes he is in trouble. He grabs a pair of huge white platform shoes and dances to the song Tequila on the bar. I can imitate him perfectly in this scene. Does anyone have any platforms I can borrow?

    The second movie was Big Top Pee Wee and since I love the circus (I hate the clowns though) thought it was pretty fun. It wasn't as great as the first but I'll give him credit for trying. This movie starred Valeria Golino (Tom Cruise's love interest in Rain Man), Penelpope Ann Miller and Kris Kristofferson. Not bad for a Pee Wee Herman movie.

    Then tragedy struck! Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman was caught with his pants down and his wang in his hand. Where was he caught playin five against one you ask? In a Cub Scout meeting? No! In a rest area bathroom? No! On 5th Avenue in New York City? No! He was caught in an adult theater. What's that you ask? "Isn't that what you are supposed to do in those kinds of places?" Well that's what I thought anyway. The whole world freaked out and shamed the poor man. (He's hot in his mug shot *giggle*) People made their children stop watching him for fear that he would somehow encourage them into fits of masterbation.

    The police have continued to pester poor Pee Wee as recent as two years ago. They sieged his home looking for child pornography and seized his computer. Nothing was found on the computer so they delved deeper and found some magazines from the 1940's with men with bare chests on them. The police confiscated them saying that it was borderline pornography. Paul Reuben's claims that they are considered collector's items in the art world. Now personally, I hope the police don't go checking in my drawers because I could be in trouble here. The world now has to suffer Pee Weeless (laughing) because some dumb asses didn't like his routine.

    I'll leave you with my favorite Pee Wee memory.



    Madame X said...

    I LOVE Pee Wee AKA Paul Reubens aka Paul Ruebenfled!

    "I'm a rebel Dottie, a loner!"

    He kicked ass in an otherwise hoohum movie that was transfered into a KICK ASS TV serious!

    Do you know the name of this movie Miss "I Love Pee Wee Fan Club"? hmmm?

    huh,huh,huh, do ya know?

    I Loved when Pee Wee made his come back apperance on MTV.

    Pee Wee ROCKS!

    Madame X said...

    Ya know what I think the line is,

    "I'm a loner Dottie, a rebel."

    I haven't seen that movie in FOREVER!

    DZER said...

    peewee rocks the hizzy!

    I can do his laugh ... heh.

    Quazirob said...

    True confession: I used to watch it with the kids. It was funny.
    "Mecca Lecca Hi Mecca Hiney Ho' ... long live Jombi"

    Gary said...

    I always liked Pee Wee. I think that people who have made a sucessful living acting stupid are almost always very intelligent in real life, and he's no exception. His biggest mistake was spending time in a redneck area.

    Oswald Croll said...

    We've all thought of doing it, he just had the balls to do it (pardon the pun). I applaud him. That's what porn is for!


    Horny Old Guy said...

    As an old fart who fondly remembers the golden age of the adult movie theater (before video!) I can vouch for the fact that Pee Wee was just doing what we all were doing in those darkened movie houses. The floors were sticky and it wasn't from Coke (I can hear the "Ewwwwww!"s right now! LOL). On the hottest day of the year you would see guys going in with jackets to put over their laps. Pee Wee must have forgotten his jacket that day! You da man Pee Wee!

    Horny Old Guy said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    kellywalters said...

    wow.. I didnt realize he was as normal as he is.. I always thought he was weird cause people told me so..

    hmm.. perhaps I shouldnt follow the herd so much..

    btw.. you've been tagged

    Suze said...

    Jenn, I can't say that I am familiar with him. Perhaps he didn't get the coverage over in the UK.

    How the hell can they arrest someone for fiddling with himself in an adult theatre?

    Christ if we had that kind of thing around here, I would be over there all the time. LOL.

    Alex said...

    News Flash: Adolescent boys don't need any encouragement to masturbate.

    And how true is Roximoon's comment? I thought he'd been jailed for sexual assault on a child not spanking the monkey in a blue movie theatre. Don't believe anything you hear.

    MamaKBear said...

    Oooooo, Jenn! I've got a picture I bet you'd recognize!!

    I'll post it later, I promise!

    Mike said...

    lol....I haven't given a thought to Pee Wee in years....and pretty sure it'll be years before I do again....

    SignGurl said...

    Madame~How about this one from the same movie, "Everyone has a big BUT, Simone."

    DZER~I once dated a guy only because he could laugh like Pee Wee.

    Rob~I always wanted to know what Jambi's body looked like.

    Gary~He HAS to be smart ;-)

    Os~You can call me for bail money.

    Horny~Ewwww....sounds like my kind of place.

    Roxi~Never believe what you hear, dear!

    Suze~They arrested him for indecent exposure! Mind you this was a dark adult theater and the word was that he was followed by the police in.

    Alex~He had absolutely nothing to do with a child! He was arrested in a theater.

    MamaK~Wha? Who? When? Where? How?

    Mike~I hope you dream about him tonight. *giggle*

    Anonymous said...

    count me in as a big Pee Wee Herman fan.
    Big Adventure is soo cool.
    I have 14 VHS tapes with a couple of shows on each one, thinking of upgrading to the DVD collection.

    thanks jenn

    barman said...

    Pee Wee Herman was so entertaining. Even as an adult I enjoyed him. I thought he got a raw deal. I am sorry but the people that hung him up to dry should try looking in their own bedrooms and guess what about the neighbors.

    I saw him on an episode of Muphy Brown after that.

    Light Strikes A Deal said...

    Hell yeah. I eventulally gained respect for Paul Reubens after his theater mishap. Of course I was pretty young when it all when down. But after I got older Pee Wee was a lot cooler because of it some strange way.

    He was also good in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mystery Men. Laurence Fishburn was hysterical in the cowboy outfit. I always crack up watching him as Morphious in the Matrix. I still see him as the cowboy.

    When he asks "How far does the Rabbit hole go?" I always think all the way to Pee Wee's Play House.

    ShyRocket said...

    That house is a little too bright for me.

    Natalia said...

    Awww...it's equal parts creepy and adorable that you like this man so much :)

    I didn't grow up watching him...he wasn't imported into Argentina. That might be why the most prevalent memory I have of him is the whole wanking in the theatre thing.

    :( Oh well.


    ~Deb said...

    Can you just imagine what they found on PeeWee's Google search?

    Thwar said...

    PeeWee's google search? i guess a trans-dimensional housemaid to help him clean up that kooky house! Never really seen him over here in England tho.

    Horsn said...

    No, PeeWee took the beatin'! lol He was a funny guy. The two movies are classics.

    Captain Carl said...

    PEE WEEs the Best! RIP...Phil Hartman

    tami said...

    I've always thought Paul Reubens was a hot man... I've had a crush on him for years! (I can not only do the tequila dance, but I can one up you by doin' the laugh!)

    There's a Y2K version of Pee Wee... it's Steve Burns from the original Blue's Clues. In real life, he's a booger... but he's really nice to look at.