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    Monday, January 23, 2006


    Barman pointed out that I should have had something to blog about yesterday since we have received some snow finally. The truth is, I don't like to put a lot of time into weekend posts because honestly there's just not that many people reading. It's not that I blog for all the fame and the glory (I'm still waiting for that) but I do like to try to entertain the masses and since most of us are busy on the weekends, I save it for the weekday.

    Most of my regular readers (I think there's two of you now, yay!) know that I love snow. No, really,
    I LOVE SNOW!!! I know, I'm a freak of nature. I just think that moping around and complaining about something that I have no control over is a waste of my energy. So, I choose to like the stuff and find fun things to do in it.
    I enjoy shoveling it and don't mind driving in it. (I can hear you grumbling.)

    We have been having mild weather here in Michigan and the temperature has been in the mid to upper 30's for several weeks. It has also rained which makes ugly brown mud. Now I love mud too but only in the spring when it's warm and you can squish it between your toes. The snow keeps things looking pristine and beautiful covering up all the uglyness that is Michigan without greenery or new snow (ha, I just typed snot instead of snow).

    I took these pictures last Wednesday in the morning. It was breathtaking since the rain had turned to snow and made the snow stick to the trees.

    This tree is in my back yard. I took a picture with the flash.......

    and one without.
    This is a view of my street (don't you love the neighbor's garbage can?). It's almost surreal how the pictures look blue. Unfortunately this is all the brighter it got that day.

    We did get about 4 more inches (I prefer somewhere in the 8 inch range in more ways than one, heh!) on Friday night but it's still pretty mild so a lot of it has melted.

    Next time you scowl at the snow try to think of how excited you were as a child during the first snow and try to keep those happy thoughts with you.

    My therapy session is now finished. I tried to make you see the snow as I do. Now go out there and have a snowball fight just don't hit me!

    Note~I can't seem to get the text to be uniform. Once you have made it large, it won't go back to normal it just goes back to large. I've tried several times. Can anyone help me?


    Madame X said...

    We got it last night which means SNOW DAY today.

    I need to start drinking.

    Thwar said...

    I love snow, even though im in the UK and its meant to be bloody freezing here it hasnt snowed to a satisfactory extent for ages!

    I too would like to drink but that never leads anywhere good for me.

    MamaKBear said...

    I do like the way snow makes everything look all pristine and pretty. Unfortunately that doesn't last very long here and we're left with mud and slush. Bleh.

    I'd look forward to snow every year if I could go skiing! But since there's no real mountains in OK, there's nowhere to ski. Bummer.

    Your pictures look great though! I really like the old-fashioned street lights in the top pic.

    Suze said...

    Jenn, still no snow over in the UK. Can you send us some over and then Alex and I can have a snowball fight.

    terry said...

    such pretty pictures!
    i love snow too.
    then again, i haven't had to try to live in it since i was a kid. i only visit it occasionally, so i don't know what it's like to try to get to work, etc, with snow and ice on the ground...

    Billy said...

    You can keep all the snow signgurl and if we get any here (god forbid) I'll send it to you too.

    Yes it sure is pretty but this pirate doesn't do cold.

    ~Deb said...

    I love these shots that you took! Winter always has a 'blue' affect to them. Some people thought I literally enhanced my pictures to give it a blue glow. You should frame these! Seriously.

    As far as your text goes...whenever you want to change your text---go to "normal" and then back to what you want it to be. I was having problems with that myself, and I learned that if you just click it normal------and back to large or whatever you want it to be---that should do the trick.

    Anonymous said...

    I agree with Deb, these pictures are awesome.
    Thanks Jenn. We didn't get much snow here, they kept talking about 3-4 inches but just about half an inch I reckon.

    Big Pissy said...

    Love, love, love the pics!!! :)ecially since we NEVER get snow!

    I'm glad to hear someone else has that problem with the text...that was happening to me the other night~ arghhhhhhh!

    SignGurl said...

    Madame~I'll start drinking with you.

    Thwar~I wish you would get some over there.

    MamaK~You know, you can cross country ski.

    Suze~Should I use Federal Express or UPS? Do either of those come to the UK?

    Terry~You're missing out. I'll send you some right away.

    Billy~Send it right away!

    Deb~I love how these look blue and yes they are unretouched. Otherwise I would have taken out the neighbor's garbage can. As far as the text thing goes, I've tried everything. I don't know if it's Blogger or what. I even tried a different computer. Hmmm...

    TC~Thanks for the compliment. We got a considerable amount on Friday night but most of it is gone. There's only about and inch left on the ground now. :-(

    DZER said...

    some great pics ... I miss snow now and then ... but I always find I like the idea and look of snow a lot more than I like actually being in it ... LOL

    Bill the Apostle said...

    Great..snow...Maybe you should be thinking more about the fact that you are going to Hell

    MamaKBear said...

    Cross country ski?!? Are you nuts?? LOL I did that once in Maine and hated it. Too much work!

    Downhill skiing is much more fun!

    TequilaGirl said...

    Great pics! I just love the snow! If it's going to be cold then I better have something to play with... that can be taken a few ways... Hehe!

    The Seeker said...

    The only thing snow is good for is making naked snow angels.

    tami said...

    You know, I remember runnin' outside in a tshirt and underwear when it was snowing and trying to catch the flakes on my tongue... of course, it was just a couple of months ago, but it's been a tradition that I've carried for over 30 years now.

    Beautiful pics, dear. I'm jealous. I miss snow!

    Laurie said...

    You almost make me like the snow with those pretty pictures. But not quite ;-)

    riley said...

    hey baby, how about I show you my eight inches?