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    Friday, January 20, 2006

    I'm In Love

    My Nissan Quest!

    I could
    live in this van if I needed too.
    I'm in love because I drove the same piece of crap (I say that lovingly) for 12 years and this is the very first brand new car I have ever owned. The back has a deep well perfect for carting things around and the back seat can flip back to fold flat. The middle two captains chairs fold down so it's almost like a truck inside. I've slept in the back several times. It's pretty comfy too. When you are laying in the back you can see the stars out the back window. It even has a power back gate. No more fumbling with the groceries trying to open the back door.

    It has a Star Trek looking dashboard which confuses the

    hell out of everyone who drives it. It never fails that someone will turn on the wipers instead of putting it into

    The newest feature added just this week, is XM Satellite Radio
    that my 13 year old daughter purchased for Christmas for me. She's the most thoughtful kid ever. I could have had it direct wired through the stereo system but it's an extra $450 dollars to have the dealer add some component. I'm sticking with the external receiver for now since it only cost $20. I never thought I would enjoy commercial free radio but it's the shizzle!

    Mr. Sign was out of town last night so I was too lazy to cook and took the girls out to dinner. We had a great time. It's funny that the kids are the ones telling me that I'm going to embarrass them. Heh, paybacks!

    I've grown accoustomed to having people stare at the van trying to figure out what it is since I live in General Motors hell. (Side note: Several people in our families work for GM including Mr. Sign's brother and father. My dad worked for a company that made parts for Ford, but we don't say the F word around here. I used to take a lot of crap for buying foreign but now even Mr. Sign's brother says that there is no comparison for the quality and price of foreign. That was a huge compliment coming from someone with 30+ years working for GM.)

    I have to admit my obsession with Electronica dance music. I know it's supposed to be for raves and teenagers on Extacy but this old momma loves it. So #1 and I are doing our best car dancing moves in the front while # 2 is slouching down in the back so as not to be embarrassed. This old couple in a Jeep is in the next lane is gawking at the van trying to get either behind us or in front to figure out what it is. So I played their game and sped up and slowed down accordingly all the while keeping the beat. #2 and I laughed like the freakshow that we are never noticing another car beside us. It was a Volkswagen Beetle with a mother and her two teenaged sons and they are also trying to figure out what the spacemobile is that we are driving. #2 notices that the boys are pretty hot so she starts waving and continues dancing. They sped up to catch us and I slowed down to meet them for about 2 miles down the busiest street at 5 o'clock. They were having just as good of a time as we were with the exception of #2 in the back. I'm not sure when she became such a party pooper.

    I've really got to stop having so much fun in my car. It could be dangerous.

    Edit~I have had this van for 1 1/2 years. It's not new anymore but I still love it, maybe even more than when I got it.


    MamaKBear said...

    Yay! A new car! I still have never had a brand new car. :(

    What kinda gas mileage does that get? I want to get a minivan next time we get a vehicle, and I like the looks of yours...besides the best car we ever owned was a used Nissan that lived for 5 more years with us, so I really like Nissans!

    I miss our XM...we had it on the truck, and I would always be listening to the 80s station or the comedy station. :)

    Laurie said...

    Cool wheels! Congrats :-)

    Gary said...

    New cars are great. Yours looks like it should be fun

    Big Pissy said...

    Isn't it just the best? Loving your new car? :)

    You sound like my kinda road trip gal! I always dance in the car!:) Sweet Man has finally gotten used to it!

    Tell #2 to stop being a party pooper and just dance! lol

    Quazirob said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Top cat said...

    Wow, that looks AWESOME...a Hot lookin Mom in a Hot lookin car..
    ya look great babe!

    Suze said...

    Jenn, you'll be burning teenagers off at the lights next. LOL.

    Like the idea of being able to sleep in the back of your Quest. It would make a great shag mobile. ;)

    Oswald Croll said...

    Personally, I'd move out of my apartment and into that thing. Does it have a hanging disco ball?


    Danny said...

    did you get it with the sweet sunroofs?

    SignGurl said...

    MamaK~With all the kids you should check into one. It's a great kid hauler.

    Laurie~I edited the post since the van's not really new.

    Gary~It's super fun! I sound like Marcia Brady now.

    Big P~We should do a road trip. I'm great at driving while dancing. You can navigate!

    Rob~Ok, you called shotgun! I'll keep you up front with me.

    TC~Yer so nice to me...I love that!

    Suze~It's a great shagmobile and great for those trips to the pub when you can't drive home.

    Os~That's a great idea! I'm SO hookin' one up today!

    Danny~I didn't get the sweet sunroofs 'cause they offered me this package at a great deal.

    Danny said...

    oh well, still cool. It has the 350's engine doesn't it?

    SignGurl said...

    It's only a 240-24 valve V6.

    But it still has pick up!

    Floyd's Lists said...

    Hmmm..grocery-getter. Difficult for Floyd to be excited, but whatever floats your boat...

    Quazirob said...

    Woo Hoo!

    Madame X said...

    Err ummm MINIVAN???!!!!

    Madame says no fucking way!
    It's hard enough getting laid driving a hundai!

    SignGurl said...

    Floyd~It's a SHAGMOBILE!

    Rob~I knew you would like that.

    X~I don't care what you say. I LOVE my van. Did I mention it's a SHAGMOBILE?

    Chrissie said...

    LMAO... The daughter I took out yesterday... while we were on the way home I was embarrassing her by car dancin... trying to get her to do it. I got the old hand by the side of the face "OMG! I TOTALLY dont even KNOW you!" heh. I LIVE to embarrass my children! My own amusement is WHY I had them in the first place...

    Shoulda really fucked with everyone and bought a town n country LOL

    Nice van :) I got away from my minivan last year... no year before :) 04 PT Cruiser weeeeeeeeee! I love my car.

    Mike said...

    Congrat! I just got a new car too!

    Elizabeth Dole said...

    Have you seen Bob Dole? Please send Bob Dole back to Elizabeth Dole.

    Barney said...

    Hehehe...whats the saying Jenn?..."Boys and thier toys?"..lol...enjoy your new ride!

    Side note: Electronica Musak...Blech! :P

    DZER said...

    vans are hot ... although, personally, I enjoy the full-size versions ... I have friends who have minivans and love them to death though ... and they are a fairly comfortable ride.

    SignGurl said...

    Chrissie~I could tell you were that kind of mom. I told the girls that someday they would look back fondly and laugh.


    ED~That's funny that your initials are ED like erectile disfunction, hmmm...

    Michael~Electonica music is fun.

    DZER~The mini vans are where it's at. They are easier to park, lol.

    cutie said...



    wmy said...

    Ahhhhh, a fellow freak!! My daughter and I car dance all the time...while my oldest son is just dying in the back...haaaaaa! BTW, while reading your post, for some reason I had the lyrics "I can't drive 55" playing over and over in my head...wonder what thats about hmmm??LOL

    Elizabeth Dole said...

    Bob Dole is chasing midgets who are making a clown porn. Have you seen him?

    Bitchet said...

    xm rocks!!!

    tami said...

    It looks like an airplane control panel... wow.

    XM?! Once again... I'M JEALOUS!