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    Friday, February 24, 2006

    Bowling With The Kiddos

    The kids didn't have school on Monday on account of Presidents Day. Mr. Sign and I decided to take them and some friends bowling. I hadn't bowled in years and I've never been good at it. Mr. Sign decided not to bowl since he injured his knee somehow ( I think it was a dance accident. Maybe a dance off, ha ha!)

    This is #1. Her form is not really there and after three games she was not really into it anymore.

    Here's #2. Notice that both girls seem to drop the ball onto the lane. They didnt' learn this from me!

    Her's my attractive shoes. No, really, I liked them. They even kinda matched the carpet. Hmm...

    Highlights included a film crew in the next lane. I think they were making a commercial. Do they need written permission to put your ass in a commercial? They didn't get it from me and if I see my backside on TV I'm sueing. The crew was really annoying. The camera guy was actually straddling the lane facing the bowler. It's pretty hard to concentrate when someone is standing in the lane next to you.

    The next set of bowlers were actually Pro Bowlers. I've never seen them in real life. Three of them bowled perfect games including a twelve year old boy. Kinda hard to live up to that.

    I won't post my scores here. Let's just say that I did beat the kids (most of the time). I made them put the bumpers down so it was all legit.


    Suze said...

    Jenn, they have to be the snazziest shoes I have seen. Ours are half navy and half red. We're obviously not as trendy as you.

    I usually find my bowling improves with the number of beers I have. Then it all goes shit again. LOL.

    George Larson said...

    "Let's just say that I did beat the kids (most of the time)."

    Well then I'm sure that you fit right in.

    I trust that you beat them with an object. No good beating can come from a hand, they hurt too easily.

    Did you slur your profanities and spill beer while beating them?

    Sal said...

    Sign Gurl … backside …TV… “Go TIVO”

    Danny said...

    I've never been a huge bowler. But I'd kill to have those shoes.

    Oh, and I'll be your Professor Dumblewhore whenever you want.

    SignGurl said...

    Suze~Aren't the shoes just lovely? They are quite comfy too.

    George~I was wondering if anyone would catch that. I usually just beat them using the beer pitcher after it's empty of course.

    Sal~I've gotta find out where they are gonna air my ass.

    Danny~The shoes rock! You be Dumblewhore and I'll be HerWhiney Licksalot.

    Fridaysweb said...

    Adorable. I LOVE to bowl, but can't. Okay, can't now because of a shoulder & neck injury. Never could bowl WELL. I'm usually happy if I bowl my age. I'd be even more thrilled if I could putt-putt my age! Ha. Post your scores. Please. If it makes you feel better, the last time I bowled, my BEST game was like 103.


    DZER said...

    I like bowling and I can never find anyone to go with ... and bowling alone sucks more than going to the movies alone ... feh.

    Laurie said...

    I love bowling, and I really miss being on a league. Those shoes rock - and I thought the same thing, that they match the carpet, LOL...

    Madame X said...

    When I was a kid my Parents both belong to men's and women's leagues and mixed doubles.
    If I wasn't freezing my tiny heinney off at a skating rink I was coughing up a lung in the child care area of the local alley.

    I still love rinks but Alley's make break out in a rash.

    Big Pissy said...

    I love those bowling shoes!!! Cute!

    Bowling with a bunch of people who don't take it seriously is fun! Those pros~yeah, they're good, but wayyyyy to serious for me! =)

    Spinning Girl said...

    Those shoes are bitchin'! I admire that you even CAN bowl ... I have zero skills!

    I still think you look like me.

    Barney said...

    Damn!...cant see any of the pics, Jenn :-(

    Anonymous said...

    cute pictures..there is something about the sounds of a bowling alley that bring a smile to my face everytime..

    Barney said...

    Hey!..I see em now!...musta been a glitch?

    Wow!,,,those are some multi colored bowlin' shoes huh?

    Kinda makes ya wonder that if you vomited after a skinful on those shoes...would you notice? ;-)

    sugarpunk said...

    LMAO??? omg the shoesss the shoesssss

    LOVE it..

    that was a nice thing for you and the hub to do.. i suck at being a fun mom..

    i cant imagine taking my teens much less more.. anywhere.. they let me drive still.. cuz i have the truck and the insurance and the license.. but im sure that will go soon...