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    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    Busy Week

    Check Out Blinkyou.com for thousands of custom glitters and layoutsHappy Mother's Day!!! I got breakfast in bed that consisted of fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. It was delish!

    I didn't get lost or forget about the blog world. I decided to take a little breather. This week coming up is going to be a douzy (sp?) for me. If you don't see a lot of me, don't hold it against me. I'm just busy in the outside world.

    We got two huge jobs at work that will take me the better part of the summer to complete. I'm happy for the work but wondering how I will ever get them done. I know I can do it.

    This Friday is the annual Spring Carnival at #2's school. Another woman and I head up the whole thing and every year after it's over we swear we will never do it again. We are 40 volunteers short right now. We have never been that short before. We are reworking everything tomorrow to decide what to cut out. This carnival is one of the highest attended and the most profitable in the entire area. It's funny to get calls from other schools asking what we do different. Of course they are asking in May and we begin planning in September of the year before. Anywho, it's fun for everyone but also one of the most exhausting weeks of my life.

    Now, about my last post. Apparently some of you took that as depressing. I don't know, maybe it was. I didnt' intend for it to be. I have really been soul searching and have found some answers. I am thankful every day for the great family and the many talents that have been bestowed upon me. I wouldn't change who I am for anything. I've worked hard to be me and even when I'm raw and wrong, I'm still happy to be me.

    Tomorrow (Monday) I have an appointment with the behaviorist. I'm a little apprehensive as I know it will be all about how I see myself. I've written post after post in my head about my self confidence and have never been able to get it out. Maybe I'll keep working on that.

    Next week we have appointments with the internist. After that, our information will be turned into the insurance company for them to accept or deny us for gastric bypass surgery. I'm not sure how I will handle it if I am rejected.

    Hope you all had a great weekend. Remember, if you don't see me around, know I'll be back as soon as I get a chance.


    Chrissie said...

    Such a busy lil bee you are! ;)

    I'll cross my fingers for you on the surgery...

    Take care!

    Manny said...

    Damn, i wish that i would have rememebered that it was tomorrow, i could have asked my friend what she said.
    either way, they will approve you and it will be ok.
    luvya babe. good luck.

    ell said...

    happy mother's day sweetie. and good luck tomorrow.

    barman said...

    I am sure your Mothers Day went super with a food start like that.

    You are going to do just fine. You are taking this very serious and have thought it out. I think you are what they are looking for. Good luck today (it is after midnight). Good luck on the Carnival. Get some sleep and the Carnival will go great. You are a pro!

    DZER said...

    happy belated mother's day darlin' ... and don't get too busy!!


    Suze said...

    Jenn, belated Mothers Day wishes. I hope everything goes well today and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for next week.

    You always seem to be so busy it makes me feel really guilty not having a job at the moment. Don't over do it though. :)

    Sal said...

    Well, if you need to get rid of any misbehaving, drop me a line. LOL

    cadbury_vw said...

    you deserve tremendous commendation for taking on that kind of volunteer role. i'm really proud of you and the effort you put into the school and your community

    if others are phoning for tips on how to make their functions better, you must be doing the right things

    take a moment to be proud of your own accomplishment, too!

    Jodes said...

    hope you have a good week. if you have a chance check out my new blog look.

    Big Pissy said...

    I'm so glad you had a great MD! :)

    Hope things went well for you today and that you don't wear yourself out this week!

    Kudos to you for running that Carnival~I know how much work that type of thing is... :)