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    Friday, June 23, 2006

    My Girls

    I'm still having a great time in St. Louis. I've been to another casino and have hung out by the pool some more. I feel so relaxed not having to worry about anything or anyone. It's so freeing to do whatever you want whenever you choose.

    I have decided to post a couple of pictures of my girls even though Nonny said she doesn't because some weirdo could be jerking off to pictures of her kids. Thanks for that thought. I only hope that it isn't the case with my girls. Is everyone on their best behavior?

    #2 is on the left and #1 is on the right. It was #2's 10th birthday. Do you remember when you didn't care who thought you looked like a dork? Me neither. Here are my dorks.
    This is #1after a performance at her 8th grade graduation. I wish I had taken a closeup picture of her hair. It took 2 stylists 2 hours to do it. It had braids and chains and over 175 bobby pins. The kid's got some hair. Like more than 3 adults worth on top of her little head.

    Mr. Sign and I are going to a huge outlet mall later. I really hate to shop but I'll put up with it this once. I need some sandals. I hope you are all behaving in my absence. What am I talking about absence for. I've been around more this week than the whole last month! I'm living the good life!


    buddha_girl said...

    I love your dorks! I understand about the whole "jerking off to the pics" and try to put that out of my mind when I post pics of Buddha. I'm thinking the same freaks likely see our kids in public and jerk off at home as well. *shrugging*

    On to better things....sandals! I love buying them! Don't ask me why. I've bought three pairs in the last week and should be shot for it!

    barman said...

    I needs me a pair of sandles. Thanks for reminding me.

    Hey there are always going to be freaks out there. I guess all you can do is your best to keep them safe. I bet I know a couple of dorks that are missng their Mom right about now.

    crabcake said...

    Your girls are so darn cute. I'd post them too. But don't go by me. I post pics of everything.

    SignGurl said...

    Buddha Girl~ I hadn't thought about the weirdos doing their thing after seeing them in real life. Good point! Oh, I'm a sandal whore, too.

    Barman~Get you some sandals. I think the girls are missing us right about now. We won't get to see them until Sunday.

    Crabby~ Thanks. They really are adorable girls, at least I think so. I've got to post some that are better.

    SignGurl said...

    Arrgh!!! Blogger ate my comment.

    Buddha Girl~ I hadn't thought about the weirdos doing the same thing after seeing them in person. Good point! High five on the sandals. I'm a sandal slut myself.

    Barman~ Get yourself some sandals! The girls should be missing us right about now.

    Crabby~ Thanks. I've got to post some that are better 'cause they are adorable (at least I think so).

    Manny said...

    You have the sweetest looking girls.

    I wish you had a close up of the hair too.

    Hope you're having fun Girlfriend. *wink* LOL

    Big Pissy said...

    Your girls are so cute!

    Wish you'd had a close up of the hair too!

    Glad you're having fun~yea! :)

    gab said...

    WAAAAAA I want a vacation! Ah well. Your "dorks" look cute. And your right about the weirdos we had someone steal a friend of ours pictures of my grandkids calling them their own. so who know what is going on for sure. you dont like to shop? are you crazy? you have no kids and you can pretty much take your time and dont have to break up a fight between the kids. Oh man! I could only dream of getting that lucky

    Suze said...

    Jenn, your girls look delightful. It would have been nice to see 1's hair, I bet it looked beautiful.

    If you see any sandals in a size 8 bring them back for me. ;)

    cutie said...

    What cute dorks!!!!

    Holla when you get home...would love to drive out and have lunch one weekend!


    Roxi said...

    dude.. I wish I was as talented as your kids.. seriously...

    fucking shit man..

    and dont worry.. I'm not jerking off to your kids.. and If I caatch anyone doing that I'll bobbit them.

    Love ya!

    wmy said...

    HEY, hey..... here that banging and tapping??? its me, STILL STUCK IN YOUR SUITCASE!!! Why haven't you let me out yet to join in all the fun?? Seriously, the air is getting kinda scarce in here!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!

    Fridaysweb said...

    I bet you wanna shop after your surgery. In fact, I'd give my right arm to TAKE YOU shopping when you're ready! Sandals... they're like black shoes and black pants: you can never have too many. Seriously. Oh, yeah, how many pairs of black sandals are too many? I'll let you know when I start having to give some away. Imelda has nothing on me! Your girls are adorable! To be so carefree and happy with one's self. That's what being 10 and 11 and even 12 is all about. I think it's about 13 when girls all of a sudden realize they actually have to "make appearances" and such. Hopefully, your girls will stay so self-confident all their lives. I get the feeling that you and Mr. Sign do a great job of giving them all the reassurance they need to not really give a damn what others say - usually the "others" that say stupid stuff are insecure about themselves, anyway. Ummm, btw, I'm SOOOO happy for you to be having your surgery. I'm sending lots of good vibes your way. *hugs and kisses*

    RennyBA said...

    I came to your blog from a comments at Madam X's and your blog is great. Thanks for sharing your cute looking girls. As I love to share pics on my blog as well, I don't think there is any harm to that. Hello from Norway and have a great Sunday and week to come:-)

    tami said...

    Your dorkettes are ADORABLE!!!

    You're on vacation? A real, honest to God vacation? Wow! I'm jealous... please let me live vicariously through you and just shudder with giddiness as you buy more shoes at the super mall - I've forgotten what that's like, lol!

    Anonymous said...

    you're girls are beautiful, thank you for posting them for us.
    Glad to hear you are having a good time, now hurry home, we all miss you.

    American Navel said...

    congrats to dork #1 for gradumacating!

    hope both your vacation and your new sandals are marvelous.