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    Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    Is It Friday Yet?

    I had to comment about the God-Parent post. Mr. Sign and I agreed to be the God-parents and the christening will take place this Sunday. Also, Emma's mom and I are good friends, it's just that we know each other through our children and are not best friends from high school or anything like that.

    I'm tired as hell and I've got nothin' except one super tired body. I've been working 9-10 hours a day standing on my feet.

    The humidity level has reached tropical levels and it's only going to get worse. Humidity affects the vinyl that we use. It makes wrinkles and air pockets and makes my job harder. Tomorrow we have a fire truck coming to be lettered and it's going to suck because of the heat and humidity. WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I feel better now.


    The Seeker said...

    Wow, this page is hard to read. Sorry.

    barman said...

    Glad you decided to be godparents. You can't be way beack friends with everyone. We moved around enough when I was growing up plus I was in Catholic school for a while than public school so I really did not have any long term friends. Now, my few long term friends have been around for 30 something years and those were people I did not meet until I was in my teens.

    Just think, in 9 years you will have known them for 10 years. This is just the start is all.

    I am being a whimp. I turned the air on because of the humidity and the temps that just will not go down at night. Good luck tomorrow with the fire truck. Hey don't fire trucks come with fireman? Could be interesting!!!

    buddha_girl said...

    My first thought was Barman's last:

    FIREMEN are damn hotties. Take some shots. Tell whoever's there that I've DEMANDED pics. I'll take responsibility for it! Wooo hoo!

    sassinak said...

    i second the motion


    also dude, that sucks lettering in the humidity, g'luck

    Suze said...

    Jenn, don't worry about the humidity just think of all the firemen. It will be fully manned when it arrives I hope!

    Manny said...

    I do not think I will agree to be godmother. I feel I am just to old. I am flattered and will certainly help in any way I can, but the thought of doing it makes my stomach hurt. Does that make me bad?

    It's humid here too. I don't like the humidity, it makes it hard to breath and my hair fluffs up. LOL Last week when it was real humid here one of the very young ladies (lil squirt)at work told me about a hair product called 'moisture block'. I forgot to pick some up this past weekend. Has anyone here used or heard of it?

    Mmmmm firemen. Mmmmm

    Nonny said...

    The humidity this year is unfucking believable. Remember when I had long hair the humidity made me look like Chaka Kahn? Now that it's short I look like Rosanne Rosanadana. Great.

    Sal said...

    Same out here too. Can't even ride my new bike.

    Kristen said...

    Feel free to whine all you want

    Roxi said...

    the humidity is also fucking with my shoulders and joints...

    Hopefully it gets better soon..

    have you read my post yet??

    are you gonna come??

    its ok if you dont.. you know I will be putting up all kinds of fabulous pictures..

    Love ya babe.

    Roxi said...

    p.s. I have 3 godchildren... * sigh *

    Chrissie said...

    Ooo firemen... ask if you can play with the buttons inside! This is my new goal at work... we service the PD cars... I've always teased the techs because one of them will play with the siren EVERY time one comes in... I watched the new service girl delivering it after service and I thought... *I* wanna do that! *I* wanna drive the cop car!! *I* wannnna play with the siren!! *L*

    At least you get to stare at a hunky fireman while you try to get the decals on straight!

    and I have 1 godchild, who is now an adult with 2 babies of her own. lol

    Manny said...

    I have been in the State Highway Patrol vehicles, but my all time favorite is the mobile crime lab. I just love that shit!

    Lara said...

    Hmmm... any chance you could ask the firemen to hose you down if you get too hot?

    Or might that be too suggestive? *wink*

    We're headed to a water park in a few hours... come along? ;)

    Sal said...

    Hey, it's Fridaaaaaay! LOL

    Have a great weekend #1 Sweetie!