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    Monday, July 17, 2006

    Things I've Noticed

    • It always takes longer to get there than to get home unless you are on your way to work.
    • I'm taller in the morning. I know this because I have to adjust the rear view mirror after work when it was fine in the morning.
    • The temperature is 98 degrees F with 100% humidity making it feel like 105 degrees.
    • My kids are fighting more than pimps and 'ho's.
    • I'm in love with Johnny Depp. Brad Pitt, not so much.
    • My garden is being poisioned by the Black Walnut tree roots that are creepy under it.
    • I'm sweating in places I didn't know I had.
    • Central air is next to godliness.
    • I'm really bitchy when I'm hot or hungry.
    • I've been a bad summertime blogger. I can't make any promises to change until the weather becomes cold and crappy.


    Kristen said...

    Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have totally lost all sex appeal......at least for me

    SignGurl said...

    I've totally over done it with green!!! Somebody help me!

    Chrissie said...

    Brad Pitt *bleh*
    Johnny Depp.. MMmmm baby!
    Hugh Jackman... oh GOD yes please!!

    humidity SUCKS... I visited some friggin armpits last week (otherwise called Iowa and Missouri) You could not pay me to live there with that kinda humid crap!! It really IS 106 here but at least its dry!

    Manny said...

    LOL I love it.

    I like Johnny Depp, but not brad Pitt. I have never liked him.
    Michael Douglas on the other hand would'nt even have to say please.

    OK OK I am being bad.

    After work my car said it was 95 degrees, thank gawd for AC.

    I don't even want to talk about my yard. SIGH!!!

    sassinak said...

    brad pitt is icky

    and i'm a bad blogger this summer too

    ell said...

    totally with you on the bad summertime blogger thing. hope all is well with you.

    Big Pissy said...

    The humidity here in Hell is practically unbearable....

    Lets just put it this way: it's too hot and humid to go to the pool.

    Now that's pretty damn hot! :(

    I'm blogging about the same amount b/c it's too freakin' hot to do anything else! :)

    terry said...

    brad's lost all his appeal to me, too. and he used to be at the top of my list. *sigh...

    and i thought i was the only person who got shorter during the day! i always have to readjust the rear-view mirror...!

    Suze said...

    It's too hot over here too Jenn. We are getting 30 degree heat today.

    It is putting me off sex :( Even if the lovely Johnny Depp walked up to my door and grabbed me I don't think I could be bothered. LOL

    Byron said...

    I agre with all especially Depp....It s hot here too Jenn



    tina said...

    I especially agree about the heat, AIR CONDITIONING and sweat! LOL

    Barney said...

    Know what you mean about the weather Jen...Its bloody sweltering here!..LOL!

    Nonny said...

    I like the new look Jenn. It's not too much.

    Johnny Depp is awesome. He makes every other male star look like Dustin Diamond. Brad is sooo pussy whipped on Angelina that I've lost all respect for him. Tom Cruise must die.

    DZER said...

    what a coincidence ... I don't find brad pitt to be sexy either lol

    and if you want humidity, come visit Guam sometime ;)

    MilkMaid said...

    I HATE HATE HATE cold weather....so I try not to bitch about the heat. It is hot tho...I just ride a little faster in the wind. ;)

    Mathew McConaughey is my melt factor. LOL! I never ever saw the appeal in Brad..

    crabcake said...

    Crap on a cracker if Milky isn't tryin to steal my man again. Matthew is mine all mine. I GAVE her Tommy Lee Jones for cryin out loud!

    I'm down on Brad and Cruise too. They do absolutely nuttin for me honey.

    Jen, you're still a good blogger baby. You're just having fun out there too. The more fun, the better. You go!

    PS. I'm sweatin in unusual places too. Some stuff I didn't even know could make sweat. LOL!