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    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Empathic ME

    The girls and I got up about 8 am and decided to go to a festival in my hometown where my parents still live and I work. Mr. Sign had to work.

    It was a beautiful 80 degree day without a cloud in the sky and a gentle breeze.

    There were over 150 restored cars and a few rows of crafts. Several area bands performed on a small stage. Some weren't too bad.

    As soon as we got there, I was asked to help sell raffle tickets with my mother. I sent the girls on their way to have fun. It was safe since I could see them wherever they were. Mom and I always have fun together. Here's a sampling of a conversation we had.

    Me: I like that swing. It's got springs on the chains.

    Mom: Boing!

    Me: Mom! That would be too bouncy.

    Mom: Not for me.

    Me: I am not having this conversation with my mother.

    Mom: What? Like you didn't already think about it.

    Me: You know, there is a place to put your lube on the side table.

    Score 2 points for SignGurl.

    The girls had fun. This is #2 driving a team of mules. We know the owner. #1 was asked to go on two wagon train trips. This group takes a group of 60 middle school kids and travels by covered wagon for 3 days. They camp at night. The kids have to take care of the animals. I got to go with them for part of the trip both times. What an experience! City kids in the country. Anyway, this guy is one of the drivers. He claims that some of his mule teams were in the Dances With Wolves movie. #2 is in the pink in the middle.

    Here she is a little closer. Check out that proud smile.

    #1 had a huge ice cream cone.
    She was super happy to pose for this as you can see.

    The whole day was so fun and relaxing. I saw several people I graduated from high school with. One told me that she is going to be a grandmother. WTF! Her son is 18 as was she when she had him. I don't want to even go there.

    The event was held at the high school which is next to a major freeway. At about 4 o'clock we were getting ready to have the drawing when I saw a cloud of dust over by the highway and just caught a glimpse of a truck (going south) as it rolled about five times into the median. When the truck stopped flipping I could see that there was a body in the middle of the freeway on the northbound side. That guy must have been thrown 100 feet. A small red car swerved and jerked trying to miss him. I don't know if he did. Thank God some kid jumped out of another car and ran to stop traffic before it hit the guy in the road.

    There were several amulances and emergency personel on hand at the event so they deployed within seconds.

    I immediately felt like throwing up. I have this crazy ability to feel others pain and even feel what they are feeling. I know, I'm a freak. I've had this ability since I can remember. I can be in a group having a great time but still feel like something is wrong. I can usually zero in on the person giving off the vibes .

    I don't know if the guy lived or not. It's still bothering me. I have a pit in my stomach. I'm sure he was gawking at the festival instead of paying attention to his driving. Obviously he didn't have on a seat belt. I took that as a teaching lesson for the girls. That's why we wear our seat belts!


    Manny said...

    Boing! I sure could use some Boing right now. I won't need the lube cause I am all ready. LMAO

    If you think your conversation was ackward you should have heard some that my mom and I had. Egaaads! I guess mom felt it was her duty to break it all down for me. I just sat there playing dumb.

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ah

    buddha_girl said...

    Gotta love the swing/lube convo with your mom! I love doing that to my Lil Sis. It makes her sit there with her mouth wide open. The other day she and I were on the phone yapping. We were both pissed at someone. I said "pussy" about five times in a row. She responded, "If you say that word again, I'll HAVE to hang up." Poor Lil Sis.

    As for the seatbelt, lesson...lesson learned...hard for that guy in the truck. I always wear mine.

    You should show #1 the pic of Buddha with his icecream cone! Ha! They're twins!

    Kristen said...

    Sounds like a great day.........

    Your girls are beautiful and now I want an icecream cone!!!

    Big Pissy said...

    Sounds like a great day....except for the accident, of course. :(

    Your girls are so pretty! :)

    Nonny said...

    Your story starts off as this uplifting fun filled family day and then suddenly dissolves into a Stephen King story.

    Your sweet to be empathetic. I had an empathectomy about 10 years ago.

    SignGurl said...

    Manny~ We seriously need to get you a man.

    BG~ Did she hang up? I showed #1 Buddha. She loved it.

    Kristen~ Mmmm...ice cream.

    Pissy~ The accident put a damper on the whole weekend. I'm sure you can relate to having 2 cute girls :)

    Nonny~ It was a Stephen Kingish day. Can you teach me how to lose the empath?

    barman said...

    That is to bad about the person in the accident. Usually getting thrown from the car is pretty bad. If they did not close down the road than they probably survived. Hopefully so.

    Hey that Empathy thing... does it go both ways. If the person is having a great time, link in the middle of an orgasm... Hey, I just felt it needed to be asked. LOL

    cadbury_vw said...

    your daughters look like they were having such fun

    the truck thing would ruin my week, that's for sure

    i'm a big seat belt proponent

    DZER said...

    yikes on the car crash ... always unreal when you see that sort of thing in person ...

    buddha_girl said...

    Jenn, she didn't hang up...I was careful to curtail my use of the P word. Instead, I moved on to my fav...the F bomb. How nice am I?

    Sal said...

    What an awful way to ruin a good time. XO

    Suze said...

    Jenn, I can now see where you get your diryt mind from!

    I would have been completely thrown witnessing that accident. Like you I get emotionally involved but not quite as deeply as you.

    I hope it didn't spoil your weekend.