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    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Would You Like To Touch My Monkey?

    I have no idea why I named this post that. Does anyone remember Dieter on SNL? (Touch him, love him.)

    Things are pretty boring around here. I've been doing the most tedious jobs at work. Ugh! It makes the day so much longer. My boss gave me the job of dealing with these two young women who are trying to start a beauty salon. He basically couldn't deal with their indecisiveness. They had someone design the ugliest sign I have ever seen. I decided to tell them gently that I thought it sucked. I designed a new one that is quite gaudy but I knew they would love it. It's pink with butterflies. Can I call 'em or what?

    Thanks to everyone who played along with my experiment. Both things really did happen. Someone said they were sure that my mother never would have let me walk home alone. Remember this was the 70's and a much more gentle time. It was also Spring and I had been walking the route every day since Fall.

    I've spent the better part of the week trying to track down all of my medical records which I need for my weight loss surgery appeal. They are in 3 different places. The first place was really nice. The lady told me I had to sign a form but that I could do it when I picked up my copies. They had to be found in storage which took 7 days.

    The second place was incredibly ridiculous. The lady told me that she couldn't fax me the form and I wasn't allowed to pick it up. It had to be mailed to my home and once I mailed (she wouldn't allow me to drop it off) back, she would then begin the process of tracking down my files. Once she finds them, you guessed it, she has to mail them back. She claims it has to do with the HIPPA laws. I call bullshit!

    The rest of my records are with my primary care physician and I have to pick them up tomorrow.

    It's weird to read the actual notes of your physician. I felt very sad when I read some of mine. It seemed that every time I saw a doctor I was asked to visit a dietician. I always declined because it's not like I don't know what to eat. My mother was a Weight Watcher lecturer for 10 years when I was growing up. She taught me well. It's my brain that can't get the idea of when to stop.

    People that haven't had a weight problem have no clue what the obese deal with. It's like telling an alcoholic you have to have one drink, and one drink only to survive. The behaviors are the same. Addiction sucks!


    Sal said...

    All except for one. I am addicted to you! XO

    Sal said...

    I need a fix, I'm jonsen for you bad sweetie!

    Manny said...

    Points points points! Your momma would understand.

    It is wierd to read what your docotr writes about you. Everytime they put me in the little room I start reading my chart. My doc always catches me. She doesn't seem to mind, but I never have to wait very long. LOL

    Good luck sweetie! I am in your corner.

    barman said...

    Yes it is hard to explain being obese to someone. They are always trying to stuff something in your face. Come on, one will not hurt. Just a small one. I just do not have enough sense to quit. Of course I seem to have a need to hide behind the weight I think because when I did lose it all, I put it all back on. I was happy losing it but could not seen to be happy once I lost it.

    The two customers of your reminds me of a current commercial for a pizza place, maybe Hungry Howies. Basically you can get any combination of I believe three items for $10 or so. This lady just can not make up her mind. She quickly says I want this. Then no, I want this instead. Or maybe this. Then the announcer comes in and after a little you here the phone ring and it is her again asking if it is OK to change her order. What an anoying commericial. See what your customers reminded me of.

    I lost my childhood records. Good luck gathering your records.

    The Savage said...

    I'm a smoker.. and somewhat overweight... Growing up on Guam did that to me... loads of wonderful high caloried yummies (though most out here would disagree... it's a cultural thing) But every time we went to visit relatives we'd hear three words.. Maila yan (pronounced jan) boka.. Which literally means... come and eat...
    A light meal out there was two helpings... lol
    I am on the weightloss track too.. I'm in yer corner, Hotstuff

    Big Pissy said...

    I didn't know you were having to go through an appeal process.

    I must have missed that when I was in Georgia with no internet!

    I'm sorry about that~sucks!

    I'm still rooting for ya! :)

    buddha_girl said...

    Do the Sprocket dance, Jenn! C'mon! Shake it!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I recently went to my surgeon to discuss the tummy tuck and hernia repair. Ugh. I'm not doing it until next summer.

    DZER said...

    I love Dieter! And now I am as happy as a little girl!


    Nonny said...

    That's total bullshit about your records. I work in the medical field and we do not make our patients jump threw hoops to get their own records. People read waaay to much into those stupid HIPAA laws.

    But keep at it, your almost there :)

    Kristen said...

    I use to work in an Ob/gyn office and the medical records department was a bitch........everyone hated dealing with those people.......

    You called Bullshit correctly

    Suze said...

    Jenn, I can't believe the amount of time it is taking for them to sort this out.

    What a load of crap. They need to get their act together and assist rather than hinder.

    MilkMaid said...

    People that haven't had a weight problem have no clue what the obese deal with.

    I can't TELL you how many times I've said that exact phase..until you walk in another's shoes.....

    Good luck Jenn, I just know this is going to work out for you!

    American Navel said...

    now is the time on sprockets when we dance!

    Not that I want to dance in regards to your BS file tracking down predicament. I just wanted to communicate that I do remember dieter from sprockets.