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    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Military Coup?

    I promised these pictures a couple of weeks ago. These were taken Labor Day weekend. My brother in law owns these vehicles .

    Mr. Sign drove this 1948 Jeep with me as a passenger. It's a standard 3 speed with no power anything. You forget how much power brakes mean to safety until you don't have them.
    We got almost all the way to the car show when my brother in law stopped us and asked if we wanted to put the windshield up (duh!). You've never lived until you have driven 45 mph with absolutely no face protection. It took me a couple of days to get my eyes rehydrated.

    #2 got to ride in my sister in law's brand new 2007 Saturn Sky.

    1961 Ferret tank. It's British and has bullet proof tires made of cement.
    It weighs over 8000 pounds and seats 4 men.

    The girls in the Ferret Tank.


    Anonymous said...

    omigod, i SO want that convertible!

    and i can't believe you didn't have to scrape dead bugs off your face, after riding in the tank with the windshield down!

    (hey, i'm first! yippee!!)

    Manny said...

    LMAO! Do you want the windshield up? Sorry sweetie, I just had to laugh.

    Cool pics. Do you think I could live your life for just a day? Mine has been so full of angst these past couple of weeks. I need a vacation big time. I'm going to take one too and I'm not telling anyone where I'm going. Nope, I'm just getting on a plane and running away. Do you want to come with?

    Kristen said...

    Holy Hell........I want that convertible!!!

    Very cool pics.....and beautiful kids

    barman said...

    Oh my gosh I can not believe what I have been missing these past 16 or so years. What great vehicles especially the saturn. I can not believe a saturn looks so hot.

    The kids looked super in the vehicles. I hope they had their princess wave down.

    Driving without a wind shield. I think he should have had to drive it home, WITHOUT A WINDSHIELD to kind of even things up. Do you want it up? Duh!

    cadbury_vw said...

    fabulous pictures

    thanks for sharing them

    that's sooooo cool!!!

    DZER said...

    very cool photos ... I think that tank would be great for rush-hour traffic ... heh

    Nonny said...

    I've never been in a parade! I'm actually quite jealous. My boys would lose their minds over that jeep and tank.

    Suze said...

    It looks like you all had a fun day.

    For a moment I thought there was a huge pair of boobs in front of the ferret tank. They were a pair of helmets. LOL

    Me and my dirty mind!

    gab said...

    Wow nice rides! LOL I just something that runs! The girls are very cute indee! your very lucky.

    The Savage said...

    I want the Jeep...

    SignGurl said...

    Terry~ That car is so fun! Mr. Sign was smacked by a big green bug on the cheek. It left a mark.

    Manny~ You need a break and I'm coming with you. I'll try to borrow the Saturn Sky.

    Kristen~ Thanks!

    Barman~ The car show was fun but probably not as fun as your camping trip.

    Cadbury~ Fun, huh?

    DZER~ We followed the Ferret in the Jeep. You can't imagine the looks on people's faces. We just say we are from Homeland Security.

    Nonny~ Boys were insane over these vehicles. I wish you lived closer. I could hook your boys up.

    Suze~ I have the same dirty mind as you. That's why I took the picture ;)

    Gab~ Thanks!

    Savage~ The Jeep was fun. I was concerned about falling out on the turns though. No seat belts.

    Chrissie said...

    LOL you made my eyes water a bit thinking of the ride!