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    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Nothin' But This Meme

    This meme is courtesy of the Mighty DZER. Since I want to be one of the cool kids, I'm giving in to peer presure.

    1.The phone rings. Who do you want it to be?

    My grandma who died 7 years ago. No, wait, that might freak me out too much.

    2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart?
    Most of the time.

    3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener?

    4. Do you take compliments well?
    Not well at all. I always find a way to change the subject or cut myself down.

    5. Are you an active person?
    Active with the TV remote.

    6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, do you survive?
    I'm a survivor, I'm not gonna give up.

    7. Do you like to ride horses?
    I love to ride. I had horses when I was growing up. The last time I rode was 4 years ago and I could hardly walk the next day. I wasn't used to having my legs that far apart for so long ;)

    8. Did you ever go to camp as a kid?
    Every summer.

    9. What was your favorite game as a kid?
    Outdoor hide and seek in the cemetary (I lived across from one as a kid).

    10. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was married would you?

    11. Are you judgmental?
    Sometimes I question people's motives which leads me to judgements.

    12. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you?
    Um, sure.

    13. Do you like to pursue or be pursued?
    Be pursued.

    14. Use three words to describe yourself:
    Fat, Funny, Fabulous!

    15. If you had to choose, would you rather be deaf or blind?
    Deaf because there's always sign language.

    16. Are you continuing your education?
    Eventually I may go back to get that nursing degree.

    17. Do you know how to shoot a gun?
    You know it! Watch yourself if you happen upon my home in the middle of the night unexpectedly.

    18. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you tried to save?
    My children

    19. How often do you read books?
    Less than before I became an internet junkie.

    20. Do you think more about the past, present or future?
    Present. There's nothing I can do about the past and the future can only be changed through the present.

    21. What is your favorite children's book?
    "Where the Wild Things Are" I have Wild Things checks and read it every year at the elementary school to all classes.

    22. Have you kissed any of your MySpace friends?
    I thought it was for teens looking to be molested by 50 something pervs.

    23. How tall are you?

    24. Where is your ideal house located?
    On Lake Michigan.

    25. Boxers, briefs, thongs, panties, or grannies?

    26. Last person you talked to?
    Mr. Sign on the phone and daughter #1 in person.

    27. Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth?

    28. When was the last time you were at Olive Garden?
    Dec. '05 for a holiday party.

    29. What are your keys on your key chain for?
    Van and house.

    30. Where was the furthest place you traveled today?
    36 miles round trip to work.

    31. Where is your current pain at?
    My head.

    32. Do you like mustard?

    33. Do you prefer to sleep or eat?
    Have you seen me?

    34. Do you look like your mom or dad?
    As a kid I looked like my dad. Now I look just like my mom.

    35. How long does it take you to shower?
    Less than 5 minutes.

    36. Can you do a split?
    I can split wood.

    37. What movie do you want to see right now?
    "The Grudge II"

    38. Do you put lotion on your dog or cats?
    No and why would you?

    39. What did you do for New Year's?
    Stayed home with the worst stomach virus I've ever had.

    40. Do you think "The Grudge" was scary?
    Not scary, but entertaining.

    41. What was the cause of your last accident?
    An X-Acto knife.

    42. How much money do you have on you right now?

    43. What are you drinking?
    Water, that's all I get anymore.

    44. Was your mom a cheerleader?
    No, she was more popular.

    45. What's the last letter of your middle name?

    46. Who did you vote for on American Idol?
    Definately not Taylor Hicks.

    47. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

    48. Do you like Carebears?

    49. What do you buy at the movies?
    A ticket to get in.

    50. Do you know how to play poker?
    You know it!

    51. Do you wear your seat belt?

    52. What do you wear to sleep?
    Nothing, nada, zilch.

    53. Anything big ever happen in your hometown?
    The black guy that was on the Aunt Jemima pancake box is buried there. Does that count? I didn't think so.

    54. How many meals do you eat a day?
    With the new diet I have to eat at least every 3 hours or I will combust.

    55. Is your tongue pierced?

    56. Do you always read MySpace bulletins?
    I think this meme is a ploy to get Bloggers over to MySpace.

    57. What's you favorite NFL team?
    Green Bay Packers

    58. Do you like funny or serious people better?

    59. Ever been to Vegas?
    Yes and it was surreal.

    60. Did you eat a cookie today?
    Hell no! I would love one though.

    61. Do you use cuss words in other languages?
    Not usually.

    62. Do you steal or pay for your music downloads?
    A little of both.

    63. Do you hate chocolate?
    I have been on a kick for months where I can't stand it. Weird, I know.

    64. What do you and your parents fight about the most?
    We don't fight.

    65. Is anyone mad at or irritated with you right now?
    Probably several, if not many.

    66. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

    67. What's your favorite preparation for eggs?

    68. If you could have any job (assuming you have the skills) what would it be?
    Surgeon or doctor.

    69. Are you easy to get along with?
    I try to be but don't ask my husband.

    70. What is your favorite time of day?
    That's a tough one. I pretty much like whatever time of day it is.

    71. Who was your best girlfriend/boyfriend?
    Best girlfriend was Barbie (not the doll) and best boyfriend was Spencer.

    72. Who do you hate?
    People who always think they are right and won't give you a chance to state your case.

    73. Would ever date your first love again?
    I doube it.

    74. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
    Boys and girls, I'm married!

    75. Current mood?


    Kristen said...

    Ya' know, the Myspace questions were a little pushy.

    Nonny said...

    You're hilarious.

    Great answers. That was a long meme. Loved your answer to #56.

    Sal said...

    No boyfriend … *sniffle*

    You’re still my sweetie!