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    Friday, January 26, 2007

    My Poor Car!

    Yesterday, I had the job of dropping daughter #1 off early at school. (Mr. Sign usually drops her off on his way to the gym.) It was bitter cold and the pavement was slippery. #1 scooted out the door and I turned the curve to turn around in the midst of 100's of other bleary eyed parents. As I made the curve, the van started to skid. I felt the distinctive blow of metal hitting metal. I knew immediately that I had hit another vehicle.

    As the sick feeling crept up in my throat I noticed the guy driving the car I had hit was yelling at me (with his window rolled up) but didn't stop to check things out. I got out and looked for damage.

    Luckily for me, the dent was small and I think the scratch can be buffed out. I say I'm lucky because Mr. Sign treats cars better sometimes than he treats people. He got over it quickly when I told him but he still hasn't seen it.


    The weather has been affecting my head again. I've been plagued with migranes this entire week. The medicine makes me loopy and lethargic. I hope the barametric pressure rights itself so my head doesn't explode.

    I will check in sometime this weekend with my 3 month surgical checkup results. Mr. Sign is 4 weeks out and will be seen also (this will be an all day process). Wish us luck!


    Sal said...

    OMG, I am glad it wasn’t a bad accident. Sorry to hear about the migraines. We get weather out here that affect me similar.

    GOOD LUCK, to both of you.XO

    *S* said...

    I'm glad that you are safe and only a bit shaken. That should be the worst thing that happens to you this year!
    Good luck with your 4 mo check up and for your DH's 1 mo. I hope you get lots of support and praise from your surgeon's office - you are doing a great job!

    ell said...

    good luck with the checkup and hope your headaches go away.

    Anonymous said...

    Sweetie, let Dr.G give you a therapeutic massage. Sorry bout the fender bender...x

    jillie said...

    I SOOOOOOOO feel your pain with the barametric migraines! They the worst and the only thing that works for me is demerol if I don't get to them fast enough...

    Funny picture....looks like the driving school that taught me how to drive. To this day my mom STILL uses the Fred Flintstone breaks...I can't imagine why??

    Good luck to you both at the Dr.'s office and I'll try to send you some warmer weather when I get back to Cali

    barman said...

    Hope all goes well on the checkups for you two.

    It has been a bit slick the last little while. No one is clearing the snow because that ice storm we had messed up everyone driveways, etc. Only the main streets seem to be in good shape. Sorry 'bout the fender bender.

    I have a sinus problems and it just creeped into my chest I think. I will have a fun weekend I fear. Oh well. Hopefully the weather will break and stop messing with your head and my sinus. No fun I tell you, no fun.

    crabcake said...

    OH man! Isn't that the worst sound in the whole world? If ya wanted to make an alarm clock that'd be sure to get folks outa bed, that's the sound you'd have it play.

    Least your car isn't too messed up. That's a relief. We had ice here yesterday too. thin sheet. I hate that stuff.

    Looking forward to hearing about your check up.

    Manny said...

    Car's can be replaced, but we only have 1 sign!

    I'm glad you're ok. You want me to go have a word with that guy?! I will! It was an accident for crying out loud!

    What? Does that jerk think you did it on purpose? Like you wanted to get his number or something?

    Breathing deeply...OK, I feel better now.

    jillie said...

    Ok...my bad...are you ok? Cars can be fixed...people are differnt...have a good wknd ;o)

    Dirk_Star said...

    The other day my wife and I were out and about in the P.T. cruiser.

    A car died in our lane and all of us behind the kid were pulling out into the right lane to go around him.

    As I waited for the light to change a Korean kid drove right into me. No damage was done to my car and it should have ended right there.

    Instead, he pointed to the front driver's side quarter panel and informed me of how mangled his vehicle was.

    Judging from the rust on the damage and the temp tags on the vehicle the car had been purchased with the damage on it.

    I told him we should call the police and he said I should just give him a little money.

    My wife handed him one of her business cards. She is an insurance agent.

    He go tin his car and drove away...