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    Saturday, February 17, 2007


    When do you start to worry about being audited? I completed and filed our taxes a couple of weeks ago. We were supposed to already have our money back. We received our state money earier this week. *sigh*

    I am an independent contractor for my parents' sign business. It makes things easier for me (since I do the accounting too) since we don't have to do all the employee paperwork (I used to do it when we had employees. Headache city). This means I pay my own social security and taxes.

    In the past some crazy crap has happened regarding my income. Somehow, the IRS was including all of the income that my parents business had made on my Schedule C. It took me 4 months both times to straighten this out.

    We still don't really know how this happened but think it had something to do with the business tax preparer for the business filing incorrectly.

    Let me tell you, don't ever mess with the IRS!


    Manny said...

    It's early, there's more snow coming down, and I owe this year. Please oh please don't me think about them yet.

    I have a peanut cartoon somewhere at work. I used to have it hanging, but since my office was moved twice, I didn't bother unpacking everything. Snoopy is sitting on his dog house typing a letter. it reads something like this:

    Dear IRS,

    I wish to cancel my subscription. Please remove my name from your mailing list.

    You don't know how bad I want to send them a copy of that along with my check. Do ya think they'd get all pissed and shit?

    Manny said...

    #*%&$#% &*%$&#&$ !!!!!!!!

    Ahhhhh ah ah ah ah a

    waaaaaa u u uaaaaa(tears)

    Strumpet said...

    Thanks for the reminder. I still have to do my taxes. I'm usually frantically filling out forms late on the fifteenth, (or whatever that deadline is,) of April. I suck at tax shit. I only suck at it, cos I hate it so. I guess we all do.


    Holy shit, dude.


    Well, fuck me!

    That's so great, Ms. Sign.

    Sparkle rocked and is missed.

    Oh yeah...and GREAT family pics down there.

    G-Man said...



    Manny said...

    hey feds, the check will be in the mail 2 month's from today. I believe I have until the 17th of April this year.

    Sign, yes the state here always get's my money to me within a week and a half.

    Where are you? You can't just post something that'll get me all freaked and just leave.

    barman said...

    I think you are still in good shape. I have only had possibly 2 run ins but they were just me filling stuff out wrong once and me with a math error another time. Both were simple write them back with what they needed and done.

    Hey they would not go right to an audit with you, I am sure you will hear from them first. Just in case you do get audited, you don't know me!!!

    Good luck but I bet your return will be here next week.

    buddha_girl said...

    Ouch. I worked for a woman years ago who was a sole proprietor. She was audited one time and likened it to being gang raped. Not good times.

    cadbury_vw said...

    my business partner and i were independent contractors to our own business.

    as our work increased we dropped our independent contracts and worked more for our company.

    it seems we crossed a line established by revenue canada that says if you earn over 80% of your income from one source that source has to consider you an employee and do source deductions.

    we were internet guys - not accountants. and we filed out own taxes - thought it was simple.

    then we got audited. 3 years of penalties and interest in one fell swoop - even though we had paid independently at tax time.

    it was a serious mess.

    it is still being sorted out some 10 years later

    *S* said...

    We've been audited. It sucks. It was one of many awful things that happened in 2001. The IRS actually owed us money, but we had to spend $750 on a tax lawyer. That was the best money we spent though and IMHO definitely the way to go.

    Oh, and you are tagged!


    The Savage said...

    well bugger... I still need to do my taxes... what I am getting back in federal will probably be going to state..... Bastiches!

    Manny said...

    Are you out shopping without me?