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    Sunday, February 18, 2007

    Crisis Averted

    Every year when I file our taxes, I ask that our return be direct deposited to our checking account. Every year the federal government decides to put it into our savings account. Every year I freak out because I don't see the money in our checking and don't think to check the savings. Every year for the last 5 years. You would think I would eventually catch on to the errors of our federal government. Either that, or the gov't would put the money where I asked them to *sigh*

    Last night Mr. Sign and I went to a Euchre (pronounced, ykr) party. (See last year's party post. I have to say, I'm the proud biggest loser of the tournament. I won the boobie prize since I had the most loses. What did I win you ask? Some Hershey's dark chocolate that I gave to the girls.


    barman said...

    Aern't eucher parties fun? I have only done a few of them and I usually finish about middle of the pack. Well except for that one time when I have one thrown in honor of my birthday. I did very well on that one. I say it was rigged.

    I am no were as aggresive as you need to be to do well at eucher. Oh well, hey at least you won. See I gold in this one tournament every year. My team has taken last place something like 6 of the last 7 years. Here is the thing however... we get a trophy for last place. So last place is not so bad after all.

    I hope you had a fun time. Oh and congratulations on discovering the money. That is our goverment for work for you.

    kimmyk said...

    As long as ya got the money-that's all that matters.

    Have you tried any sugar free chocolates yet?

    SignGurl said...

    Barman~ We had a great time but it was a long night. 10 games (not hands) of Euchre takes forever to play.

    Kimmy~ I'm scared to death of anything with sugar alcohols in it. Those chocolates have tons. I'd have to wear a diaper, I'm sure.

    Manny said...

    I love eucher. My mom and I used to be in a eucher club. We were damn good and won alot. Since she passed, I haven't had a partner as good.

    I switched to canasta. My partner tell me, I'm pile obsessed. Whic of course, I am.

    Do you know the game?

    Manny said...

    Notice how I'm not commenting on...them? You know the ones.

    If they ask, you haven't even heard of me.

    G-Man said...

    JENN. Let me do this for you...They don't read well.

    OK people, it's..
    E U C H R E...Euchre!

    thank you very much..

    Manny said...

    g-shut up.

    OMG! sign, I just saw the M & M's with hair! Yucko They're not even cute!

    g-shut up.

    Big Pissy said...

    The government is always screwing up...now if WE were the ones who made the mistake, they wouldn't take it so well. :(

    *S* said...

    Gosh I haven't played eucher in years! At home we played 500. The only reason that I know anything about eucher is that we spent lots of summers in Wisconsin and I have cousins from there.

    I'm so relieved you found your money, Signgurl. That takes a load of worry off of your shoulders, I'm guessing.

    I like the no sugar added fudgecicles, but they do have some sugar alcohol in them. Doesn't affect me to my knowlege.

    I fixed the link on my blog so that you can see the swimsuit that I have and in a comment linked the current polkadot suit on offer.


    Kristen said...

    I don't like dark chocolate.

    I realize that wasn't what this post was about but I get distracted easily

    Manny said...

    Are you shopping without me?

    Manny said...

    Dark chocolate sucks. Must be cuz it's suppose to be good for you.

    g-man said...

    Jenn I posted!

    blog_surfer said...

    you might ask Cadbury if he has any clue about this whole internet thingy. he makes me laugh with his scientific reasoning... for the record I'm in the midwest and have a very nice life.

    here in the midwest we play euchre all the time. it is a fast pace game for those who know how to play and make trump. once the card is led, there's seldom any second thought how to play the hand.

    you ought to learn to really play the game fast and furious. it is life in the midwest and you seem to be missing some of it if you are finishing last and claiming it takes forever to play.

    SignGurl said...

    Blogsurfer/anonymous~ You cannot claim to know anything about me since you followed me here from Cadbury's.

    I was involved in a Euchre tournament so there are several tables playing "fast and furious" at once. I have no control over what other people are doing (unlike you, I don't try to control people).

    Euchre is a game that like Poker, if you don't have the cards, there's nothing you can do.

    I've won the tournament before with my "fast and furious" play before so I'm pretty sure I have a handle on the game.

    But thanks for taking time out of your lonely boring life to come and visit my little space on the web.

    blog_surfer said...

    what you said, "10 games (not hands) of Euchre takes forever to play."

    now you are saying you play fast and furious?

    whichever way you want it. I replied to your first version of play, but ten games to ten points does not take all that long to play with experienced players.

    and while you have to get some cards, a good partner usually gets some cards when you don't. knowing when to take the risk and when to let someone else is all part of the game.