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    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    MySpace Is Evil!

    I was at a family gathering this weekend and talked to some of my younger cousins (in their 20's) and my sister. All of them confessed their addiction to MySpace. Even though I have always thought of it as a place for pedophiles, I decided to get hooked up with an account so I could view their stuff.

    I set up a quick page profile and made sure that I had checked all the appropriate boxes about being happily married with children. Within five minutes, this message was sent to me: (my responses [in my head]to him in black)

    Hi Sweetie,
    How you are today and how is your health? (I never said anywhere here that I was anything but healthy) which is most important to me, My name is Faith Lawrence I am 45,Male single and looking for a long term relationship (Um, hello? Did you read that I've told you several times here that I'm happily married?) I am 5'7 feet tall,. Full (of what?) with a lot of ambition (So ambitious that you aren't out looking for love on the streets?). I just read through your profile which has really attracted me (Again, my profile is empty). To say the fact, I felt great and emotional (Did it make you cry?) with your profile. cause if I must say, I am pretty sure you were born on a rainy day (I was born in December in Michigan so I'm pretty sure that if there was precipitation in the air, it was snowing), Sweetie its not really rainy, the fact is that the angels in heaven were crying when you were leaving . cause they knew they will be missing someone very precious .however, I will make an announcement to the angels in heaven not to worry that I am the lucky one to have found you... (I can't stop laughing at this crap)
    Hit me up on my yahoo messanger (sic) ID (I'm a loser (changed for identity purposes))....So that we can talk more (sure you wouldn't like to talk to my husband?)

    This is an example of why I won't allow my 14 year old to have her own.

    I know, I'm a bitch but come on. This guy is just creepy.


    G-Man said...

    I didn....er they didn't say their name did they?

    G-Man said...

    My Space Is Evil!!

    But My Gurl is HOT!!!

    Thanks for the heads up Baby...G

    The Savage said...

    You aren't being a bitch.. you are being a mom.... sometimes they seem to be the same thing.. but there is a big difference...

    Top cat said...

    You messin with me, this is Monday right? Your post says Tuesday, please I've had a rough blogger day, where am I?
    g-man your post is different, oh wait I'm here at signgurl's.

    Actually, that read like some automated response or could be software translation from another language.
    I think I'll stick with blogger thank you.:)

    thethinker said...

    And that is an example of why my MySpace is set to private.

    Manny said...

    Myspace is evil. That being said...some blogger's are evil as well.

    Hey! it's dark, let's just dress all in black and roll up on the perv. I have friends! We could do it! Just say the word.

    Manny said...

    Sick ass son of a bitch! I'm right there with you sign. We can kick his ass and then spit on him.

    Sorry, I don't like online predators!

    Sick ass son of a bitch!

    Kristen said...

    My kids are too young to know about MySpace but there is no way I would let them on it if they were older.

    Good mom.......keep being that bitch

    BTExpress said...

    I agree that you need to be careful about where your daughter goes on the Internet. There are a lot of places she can come into contact with people you don't want her to "talk" too.

    But sicko's are everywhere and not just on MySpace. I met Lori there, so it's not all bad. MySpace is a fun place if your careful.

    Question? Have you ever had a sicko comment on your blog? I've read about a lot of people that have had problems with posters. If you do, does that mean you'll stop blogging?

    IMO, the Internet is a great place, but you just have to careful and keep an eye on the more innocent.

    buddha_girl said...

    That is completely fucked up. I have told SO MANY parents of the kids I teach:

    MONITORING your child's use of the internet is paramount to your child's safety. It's not about being your child's FRIEND - it's about being your child's PARENT.

    Fucking MySpace.

    barman said...

    Like Tony said blogger is not perfect either but for the most part I have not heard people make the comments about blogger like they do about myspace. That was a classic example what happened to you sign.

    I think that people, especially parents need to be careful of all online contact including blogger, IM, MySpace, and more. It is hard. People do not realize what they are saying when they do. It is just to easy to give away to much information and you know kids are not thinking about that when they type things.

    uninvitedliketheclouds said...

    Myspace is totally creepy, so I tried here...guess what?


    gab said...

    I got a myspace so that I could converse with a friend in FL but wish I hadnt you cant believe the number of morons that have tried to contact me with almost the same crap as you got. What do they do look for new people and then attack like they are your best friends? Ummm yeah NO! I rarely go to mine any more for fear they will find me again. BTW I too said I was happily married and not looking but it didnt stop them from emailing me and tring to set up a date with me.

    lime said...

    that is seriously creepy!

    Dana said...

    I love my Myspace!

    I get my share of the occasional "hitting on me" messages, but not all that often. If the message isn't from someone I know, I usually delete it without reading it.

    Hubby gets them on his ALL the time though. LOL

    My stepdaughters both have Myspace accounts and theirs are set to be "private", and so are most of the ones of their friends.

    Suze said...

    And he is one of the good ones. You are right there are all sorts out there but the bad ones are easily tossed to the side of the road. :)

    I'm on MySpace and I'm ok. lol

    Craig D said...

    I had a MySPace account. Even ruling out the predator issue, I say, "BIG WHOOP!"

    Slow-loading pages full of idiot wallpaper designs, music I don't want to hear, dumbass shout-outs. I cancelled my account after a few months.

    Maybe as a 49 year old dumpy guy I'm outside of the intended demographic. Just one more thing I dont "get!"

    Lara said...

    This is why I deleted it within 10 minutes of making one!

    Hey... email me, I don't have your address... can't add you to the new blog. comelywnch@yahoo.com

    TooFatToFly said...

    Ewwww! Seriously creepy :-(

    Jodes said...

    no way!!!! I got it too to keep in touch with a friend in IN, I too wish I had never set it up.

    Sal said...

    Wow, I have never been there. I guess it's for the best.

    BTW, how dare he hit on my #1 sweetie! *wink* ... have a great day dear.

    *S* said...

    Oh, the fun of random chats. And those who can't be bothered to check their spelling at that. I wouldn't want my kids anywhere near that shite and I'm glad you experienced it for yourself, SG, so you can say "no" with knowlege and authority. Can folks have fun there? I'm sure they can and do. But there are lots of more appropriate places for kids to hang out and talk with their friends.

    cadbury_vw said...

    you are so dead on in this post!!!


    i have put substantive limits on my son's use of chat and instant messaging (15 yrs old). he is only allowed to have people he knows in the real world in his contact list.

    he is aware that i will (and have - just not often) sat down at any time to read some of his stuff and checking who is in his lists

    he is aware that if he is discussing something particularly private he can just say "this one is private" and i will then make a decision as to whether to violate his privacy at that time

    so far it has worked ok. he knows the rules, i respect his own thing and give him space

    myspace is banned


    daughter (11) isn't allowed on messenger or chat or myspace

    DZER said...

    they're all mostly creepy, aren't they? lol

    Sicilian said...

    Gurl. . . I have had the same experiences on my space. I finally made it so you could only look at my stuff if you were my friend.
    It is a different world isn't it.
    If it wasn't that I communicate with my kids through it (watch them) I would ditch it out.

    kimmyk said...

    My daughter has one and I read that sucker daily. Myspace breeds weirdos and pervs.