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    Monday, February 26, 2007

    New Notes From The Noggin

    • Just when you feel sorry for yourself, you find out someone you know was dead for 2 days before anyone found him.
    • Once you are gone, nothing else in this world that you tried to do matters, except your kids.
    • A friend trying to hold back tears will always make me sob.
    • I've made peace with my ass. I kind of like the way it's looking (at least in jeans).
    • The Oscars bored me beyond belief.
    • I've had some strange pets including a racoon, 9.5 foot boa constrictor and a white rat.
    • Why do I still miss my grandma who has been gone for 8 years?
    • Every day I wonder what concequences my body will endure because of weight loss surgery.
    • Why did I only lose 8 pounds total last month?
    • Bras do not fit me correctly no matter how much they cost.
    • I need to laugh today.
    • I look pretty good with a mohawk.


    g-man said...

    Hi Jenn!
    I've made peace with your ass too!

    SignGurl said...

    G-Man~ It figures that you would scan that and only see my ass in that post.

    terry said...

    you look AWESOME with a mohawk!

    as for last month's weight loss, i'm guessing that's normal. and that it's a plateau. your body's been through a lot, and it has to adjust.

    and yay, for your ass!

    Manny said...

    I love Micheal Douglas. He wouldn't even have to say please or anything.

    Get fitted for your bra's. If that doesn't work, don't wear one.

    If it were not for Squirrel, i could lie here forever and not be missed. Oh work would send an investigator, but he would just leave when i didn't answer the door.

    I like my ass in jeans, it's the ring around the middle I hate.

    I look awful with wet hair and can't even think about what I'd look like sporting a mohawk.

    g is an ass man.

    Manny said...

    I'm up 2 lbs. for February.

    tkkerouac said...

    When did you have the gastric. Way to go, you are brave. I still miss my grandfather 8 years later.

    tkkerouac said...

    you posted a comment on my brothers fish photo, asking for help scratching his nuts
    Well I also posted a photo of a look a like siter above him. My sister is huge. I have mixed feelings about posting it, and you might even think I'm cruel once you see it.
    She will never see it
    But my sisters wieght has always made me very sad. If you have any opinion about what I have done , one way or another, you can let me know.

    ~~Rae~~ said...

    Jenn, You always miss the one you love no matter how long they are gone..Mike Rowe is a cutie I love Dirty Jobs..Don't think of the concequences think of the years you added on to your life to be able to spend time with your family.I know you only lost 8 pounds but thats 8 pounds less then before and yes you do look kick ass with a mohawk

    SignGurl said...

    Terry~ Thanks on the mohawk. It cracks me up! *sigh* I know the slow weightloss is normal. I just wish it would all fall off now.

    Manny~ I scare myself with wet hair. Lucky for me, I was too trashed to care in that picture. I would come and find you before 2 days.

    TK Kerouac~ I had surgery on October 25th. Sorry about your grandfather.

    SignGurl said...

    Rae~ You snuck in there. Thanks for your valid points! I have to remind myself sometimes :)

    Arcturus said...

    That idea of dying and no one knowing for upwards of a week bothers me since I live alone ...

    But what if you don't ever have kids? And your family is rather limited? What is the best thing then? Not having kids doesn't preclude not having existed in some meaningful way to others in the world.

    Mike Rowe does look kinda hot in that picture.

    The Savage said...

    With me going bald the best I can do right now is a mosparrow.....

    SignGurl said...

    Arcturus~ When I wrote this, I was thinking about myself and what I will have left behind. I think we all leave something different. I wanted to say that nothing will matter after death and my kids popped into my head. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with this comment.

    Savage! You made me almost pee my pants with that comment!

    Arcturus said...

    Oh, heaven's no, you didn't offend me. I apologize to you if I made it sound that I was.

    I suppose to some extent that can be a sore subject for folks (like me) who are not likely to have any progeny. The world is pretty much geared toward children as being a person's legacy and nothing more.

    But, no, no offense was taken. And, yes, you look good in a mohawk!

    SignGurl said...

    Arcturus~ Whew! I'm so glad that I didn't offend you. I truly didn't mean harm. I'm glad we share a thing for Mike Rowe.

    Signe said...

    I still miss my mamere 30 years on. It gets different, not better, I think. I don't worry about what's behind me - including my ass. It's the horrors of monoboob that haunt me. 8 lbs a month is still great - your body has to play catch up, whether we like it or (most definitely) do not.


    (Signe is my 16 yo sister whose computer I am borrowing. She rocks.)

    buddha_girl said...

    1. I have a thing for Mike Rowe too. HE'S got a thing for pooh. Watch several animal job episodes. He LOVES pooh!

    2. Your body slows down after the first few months. That's just how it is. Don't you dare start obsessing about the poundage. I threw away EVERY scale after my surgery. Otherwise, I'd walk around with one. Fuck that.

    3. I know this from experience: even getting fitted by a professional will not make your bras fit anymore. You're losing weight too quickly and will have (ack) loose skin. That's just the way it is.

    Lady Roxanne said...

    hell fucking yeah you look pretty good with a mowhawk.. I vote that you do your hair like that for the blogger meetup..

    the oscars bored me too

    I was drinking during them.. thats the best way to watch them.. drink it away..

    barman said...

    You know I have worried about several things. Living alone I figure that some day someone will come along and find me dead. Who knows how long it will be before someone misses me. I worry about becoming to ill to deal with my health. Lots of little things. But the thing that I have struggles with is what will I leave behind. At this point I do not see much.

    I did however have something happen to me at my 30th class reunion that amazed me. A friend from school whom I was really looking forward to see again came up to me and thanked me. I guess I helped him in math in high school. You know I do not even remember that because I would do what ever I can for anyone I know. It is not something that is all that important to me, it is just something I do. And here was someone whose life I touched in some small way that I did not even realize that I did.

    Anyway it was on that day that I learned that I have touched other peoples lives even if it is in some small way. It gave me a very warm feeling inside. It made me want to be a better person.

    Top cat said...

    I think once you die things you did do matter, we often don't hear about how someone has touched other's lives until they've passed.

    You do look cute as a punk mom but I like blonde jenn better.:)

    wmy said...

    Yep, you can definately rock the hawk...and, it has been 15 years, and I still miss my grandma.
    I am sending happy thoughts your way!

    BKS said...

    Very nice mohawk. I was out on a blogging stroll this morning and came to your place via Jillie's door....so blame her for leaving it open haha

    Sal said...

    She said ass … GAWD!

    Mike Rowe is way cool!

    I’ll help support the girls *wink* (VC has these sheer ones …Mmmmm)

    That is a way cool punk look!

    cadbury_vw said...

    you'll miss your grandma always


    from the article cited below:

    "There are things we can do to face down the dreaded plateau. The first is to avoid beating up on ourselves or regretting the decision for WLS. Simply accept that a plateau is part of the natural course of weight loss and this too shall pass. Plateaus can last two to four weeks. Try to be patient and consider your body is simply taking a rest from the hard work of losing weight."

    article on weight loss plateaus

    Chrissie said...

    wow, How about people who die with pets? That scares me... another few years my kids will be gone and i'll be all alone with the dogs n cats... what if i die THEN and no one notices??... Well... at least i'll be missed on WoW *L* Maybe someone will send the police to my door...

    Like the mohawk! *lol@savage*... You could hang out with my middle child n her buddies! lol