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    Sunday, February 25, 2007

    A Great Day Overall

    I was hardly thrilled when my sister called and wanted me to go to the casino with my her, our mother and grandma. I decided that it was a rarity for all of us to do something together so away we went yesterday. We started out early as the casino fills up fast on a Saturday.

    I blew through almost all the money I had in a couple of hours. I couldn't win on a slot machine to save my life. I called my sister so we could people watch since I was pacing myself to endure a long day at the casino without money.

    A while later we decided to go and eat. This always poses problems for me since we usually eat at a buffet. Remember that I can only eat about 1/2 cup of food at each meal. It seemed a waste of $20 for me to eat there. My grandma and mom get comped because they spend so much there. They get free food and lodging. The meal then was free for me so I went for it. I had the perfect amount of food and for the first time in my life, I didn't feel like I was going to explode from eating too much at a buffet (better known as the hog trough).

    After lunch, I continued on my losing streak. I was down to my final $20 and was circling the Blackjack tables looking for a $5 one. They were mostly full so I decided to watch.

    My grandma met up with me and told me she was out of money too. I told her I was going to try and play Blackjack. She followed me around until we found a table.

    The dealer was hilarious and very flirty. The other people at the table were chatty and accomodating. The guy next to me was so nice. When you play Blackjack, the tables are small and the chairs are close together. Normally I avoid anything that forces me to be close to someone I don't know. Things went very well and I was able to turn my $20 into $70 before we left. That put me in a much better mood.

    Losing weight has boosted my self esteem and confidence so much. I was able to walk around all day meeting the glances of total strangers with my head held high. It was also a great way to spend time with my family.


    barman said...

    Hit me ... I'm good ... bust again.

    Glad you had a nice day with the three generations yesterday. I still have never set foot in a casino, maybe some day. I just do not do well with betting my own money. Then again the people watching would be priceless. That is part of why I am thinking about doing Common Ground this year.

    Good morning beautiful.

    G-Man said...

    My money's safer in my pocket. But you have given me a great idea for a future post.

    Glad you had a fun family day...Galen

    Anonymous said...

    I've never been to a casino but it's great for folks who know when to stop.
    I'm glad you are starting to see the benefits of having your surgery such as raising your self esteem.

    ~~Rae~~ said...

    When I lived in Las Vegas I had the worst freakin luck at casinos lol maybe when I go back as a tourist I will win big I can only hope lol

    SignGurl said...

    Barman~ At this casino, the dealer must see your hand motion. If you speak, he will ask you to make the appropriate hand movement. Don't get too excited, or you will make the wrong hand movement.

    G-Man~ It's only money, honey. Give it up! I'm scared about giving you an idea.

    TC~ The casinos aren't that evil if you know your limits. I only take so much and when it's gone, it's gone. I will put my winnings away and not touch them. That is if I ever win *grumble*

    Rae~ Maybe there is some unwritten rule that if you live there, you can't win. I want to go back to Vegas *sigh*

    wmy said...

    My parents are casino freaks too,,,they are like your grandma and mom, they spend so much damn money that they have all these "points" on their casino cards...they turh in the points for meals and hotel rooms. I was really impressed with the free food and stuff...until I found out you have to spend like a thousand fucking dollars to get one damn point (SLIGHT exaggeration..sp?)

    Hey...there is no "new sign" thingy by my name, and I posted dammit...this is all being said with a very whiny voice k?? hahahahah
    glad you had fun at the casino

    MamaKBear said...

    I love casino trips! So nice to have them pretty closeby around here. (Being Oklahoma, they're all Indian casinos of course.)

    I have my good days, and I have bad days. MrKB and I sometimes get carried away, spend too much money and regret it later...so we've got into the habit of when we are going, to leave money behind at home so we don't end up totally broke.

    Since we have the girls, we don't get to go as often as we'd like...that's probably a good thing! Last time we went was the weekend after our anniversary, and we did well enough to play until like 3am, but still lost.

    My best win? $1,900 the first time I ever went to my now favorite casino. :)

    MrKB is always trying to get me to try the Blackjack tables, but I just can't seem to work up the nerve!

    Kristen said...

    That's wonderful.....sounds like a perfect day with the family and I'm so happy for you that you were able to feel good about yourself

    buddha_girl said...

    Lord in heaven. I love to gamble. When I was on my honeymoon, I caught the bug BADDDDDDDDDDD and, while crying in public, begged HG to take my money, bank card, everything!

    I would have lived in that fucking casino, floating on the seas forever!

    kimmyk said...

    Glad to hear you had a good time!
    It's been a while since we've gone up there to Greek Town and Windsor. I hate spending money but I love people watching!

    I love the sounds of the slots!

    Big Pissy said...

    I've never been to a casino, but everyone makes it sound like so much fun. Even if it's just people watching.

    I'm so happy for you that you're getting out and seeing the benefits of your weight loss.

    Good for you! :)

    ~~Rae~~ said...

    I lived in Las Vegas for 4 years I loved being there I so miss the 24/7-ness(I know not a real word lol)..I can't wait to move back there hopefully within the next 2-3 years

    Anonymous said...

    Awwww, glad you had a good time. And walked away with money. Woo Hoo

    Manny said...

    If I went to a casino, I'd be in big trouble.

    Good for you sign.

    Anonymous said...

    When we were in IN at Thanksgiving Danny n I went into the one my daughter works at... She paid for dinner one night.. a buffet.. really nice but like you I couldnt eat much so I felt like it was a waste even at the childs rate! But it was good...

    The casino part... LOL I am so damn unlucky there! I dont like them... We walked in with our hundred bucks each and I think mine was gone in oohh 30 minutes *L* Danny took a bit longer to run through his.

    CuteBeachGirl said...

    omg, I want to a casino just to people watch.
    and I'm glad you overcame your fear of close sitting next to a stranger....you go with your skinny ass.

    BTExpress said...

    I stopped gambling in the late 60's. Seven of us were play seven card stud. That means that each hand, 49 cards out of the 52 are dealt each hand. I had four 2's and bet everything. I lost to four queens. That was a lesson I never forgot. Gambling is for people that just want give their money away. Sure, it's fun. I went to a casino years later. I had fun, but lost it all like I knew I would.