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    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Notes From The Noggin

    ♣ I really missed eating Packzi this year. *S*, it's a Polish donut like pastry filled with fruit made for pre Lent. The idea behind making them was to get rid of all the fruit and lard before Lent.

    ♣ I have way too much work to do at work. The boss is out of town until next week.

    ♣ I'm so glad that WMY is back. She makes me snort!

    ♣ I miss Nonny. Please come back and entertain us with your Sith-like ways.

    ♣ I really hate American Idol this season.

    ♣ I've logged way too many hours on my laptop lately.

    ♣ Sawyer from Lost is someone who could make me forget I'm married.

    ♣ I have formed many great friendships with fellow weight loss surgery patients as of late.

    ♣ Most people have no idea how to address someone who has lost weight without being derogatory.

    ♣ I need to get rid of the rest of my big clothes. Nothing fits anymore.

    ♣ I can't find a bra that fits and supports that doesn't cost too much.

    ♣ Yesterday was a really slow comment day for me. Must be you don't like meme's.

    ♣ I'm thinking of taking some graphic design classes.

    ♣ My high school classmates want me to arrange our 20 year reunion this year. I told them I'm too busy blogging.

    ♣ The snow is melting quickly.

    ♣ Top web searches that bring people here: quick weight loss, Boones Farm wine, Love-O-Matic, big boobs, weightloss surgery pics, willpower, and U.S. official.

    ♣ I think I'm feeling a template change coming on. Oh dear Lord, please help me!

    ♣ Blogging is on my mind way more than I care to admit (except to you guys).


    G-Man said...

    Big Boobs?
    How about beautiful women that are unselfish, and will help any poor pathetic bastard that needs her help on a daily basis?

    That be you Jenn...G

    Craig D said...

    Oh! So it's spelled "Packzi!" My (East-Side Buffalo Polish) wife would always talk about punchskis, which must be these donut-like things! Next come the Faschnact Kookle. I have no idea how this stuff is spelled!

    ♣ Most people have no idea how to address someone who has lost weight without being derogatory.

    I had lost a lot of weight right around the time I started to go bald. Folks who hadn't seen me in a while would greet me this way: "WOW! You've lost a lot of hair... I mean, weight! YOU'VE LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT!!!"

    Q: How would you like to be greeted?

    Anonymous said...

    I think yesterday was slow comment day for everyone, maybe it was because the MC g-man was out of action.
    It was a weird day all around.
    You did look scrumptious in your beads tho.:)

    tina said...

    Invest in the bra - it's worth it. And - YOU DESERVE IT!!!

    The classes sound like a good idea!

    I often read and don't comment - sorry!!!


    Jodes said...

    hey girl, work has been crazy for me, that is why I was not over here. yeah sawyer can do things to me too. I also like Jack - I was in love with him when he was on Party of Five. I lived in a very polish city for 6 years, I know all about that stuff and perogi's.....mmmmmmmm

    sassinak said...

    ♣ Most people have no idea how to address someone who has lost weight without being derogatory.

    oh man i know, i really noticed that and i only lost 60 pounds... i can't imagine what it's like when you lose triple digits.

    for the bra you could get fitted at the expensive store and note all the brands and then discount shop for the same ones?

    [re your blog? i am in denial of some of the places or activities where i'm actually thinking about blogging]

    jillie said...

    Well thank you for letting me know what Packzi is. That sounds so yummy right now.

    I hear you on the blog...I do too much of it myself. Well, except for the previous two weeks when I was in la la land. Wait...isn't blogging la la land?

    I want to change or up date my blog but I don't know how...UGH!! I am a real derlict when it comes to computers. Things don't always work the same on a mac.

    Well, that's it for my ranting and raving :o)

    Aren't you glad you asked? HAHAHAHA

    barman said...

    I snuck my Packzi in despite there were none at work in the area I work.

    Wonderful to see WMY, missing Nonny.

    Despite being over weight most of my life I don't know how to address someone who has lost weight. I do not want to say bad about the past but don't know how to say something good about now without implying about the past.

    You have to get rid of the clothes with the exception of one outfit from you at your heaviest if you still have it. It will do your soul good.

    Design class ... very interesting.

    The Noggin post should do well with comments. I enjoy it as do I enjoy the memes. Remember G-man, the comment whore, was fairly busy yesterday. That could explain a lot of missing comments.

    ~~Rae~~ said...

    The Design Class sounds like a great idea...I know what you mean about the template change but blogger has nothing that I like lol I guess I need to broaden my horizons lol hopefully its not to hard to change a template lol...

    *S* said...

    Thanks for the packzi update. None of the local Poles here in MN knew what they were or had ever heard of the custom. I hadn't heard of it in Chicago either, but didn't spend a lot of time on Milwaukee Ave.

    How about "You look even more marvelous than before!"?

    I'm singing those droopy boob blues, sister. And I am so NOT into buying an expensive "transitional" bra. How about getting one of the jockey or danskin sports bras for the time being? Ok, it is the monotit look, which isn't the most flattering. They get the job done, are mostly cotton and if you have 2-3 you can always have a clean one.

    I'm off to FLA tomorrow to see the family - not a vacation - and will be back on Tues.



    cadbury_vw said...

    unless there is something really radical or weird in a meme post i don't often respond.

    i read them with tremendous interest as another snapshot into the life of an online friend, but not much to do for comments...

    yeah - ditching perfectly good clothes, however joyous, still rankles a bit - hey?

    blogging. yeah. where is it one will think of blogging...? and how to explain it to a partner or spouse - that "OH!!! i need to blog that!" moment

    Suze said...

    Jenn, the reunion sounds like a good idea. You need to stop blogging and get out and enjoy yourself. :)

    Anonymous said...

    I’ll help support the girls.

    Graphic design classes. You go my little school girl! Woo Hoo

    Blog on sweetie!

    Manny said...

    There is no such thing of a bra that costs too much. Your girls deserve the best money can buy.

    Oh, and your other girl deserves to match the twins upstairs.

    Tee Hee

    Sicilian said...

    Gurl. . . . the bra thing. . . I can hook you up. . . literally. . . I don't know if you have or can get to a Ross store, but it wasn't until a store came to town that I have ever been able to find a bra big enough and cheap enough. They get leftovers from high dollar places. You will find a bra that cost 25.00 or more there for no more than 6.00.

    terry said...

    i was gonna say the same thing tina said -- you deserve a good bra. i can see why you'd not want to spend loads of money on stuff like this while you're still losing, but you should get some clothing items you really like and feel good in. you've earned it!

    Anonymous said...

    at first reading I thought manny wrote..'your girls deserve the bust money can buy'..