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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    I've Got A Date

    What kind of date, you might be asking yourself. I have a date with my gorgeous blue eyed surgeon. Is he taking me to a fancy expensive restaurant? Uhh, no. Is he taking me to see an off Broadway show? Again, no.

    I have a date with my surgeon to have my gall bladder removed. I've been having right sided flank pain for over a week. I've still been fighting this ridiculous virus so I thought maybe it was associated with that.

    Mr. Sign was going for his 3 month follow up so I called the day before to see if they could see me too. They take these kinds of things very seriously and I received 6 phone calls within the hour.

    I had to have an immediate blood test, ultrasound and a visit to the physician's assistant. Because the ultrasound tech was teaching someone, I knew immediately that I had gallstones.

    I saw the surgeon in the hallway . He almost seemed eccstatic to see me. Apparently, I had been the topic of conversation. I asked him if he would do the surgery and he giddily replied, "Of course!"

    I had to have an X-Ray due to my cough to rule out pneumonia. You can't be operated on if you have pneumonia.

    My date is on April 13th. Friday the 13th (I'm not superstitious. The whole day was open. I wonder why, lol?). I have no other options since the surgeon is booked up. I have to suffer in pain until then. They did give me drugs, but I haven't used them.

    Some of you Michigan Bloggers may be wondering about the meeting on the 14th. Obviously I won't be able to be there. This whole thing couldn't have come at a worse time. Mr. Sign is leaving town the Sunday after my surgery.

    On a happy note, the physician's assistant did all of my pre-op tests so I don't have to come back until surgery. He was very excited about my 105 pound (in 5 months) weight loss. Mr. Sign is doing great as well, but will also have to keep an eye on his gall bladder. Let's just hope his can wait until mine is gone.


    Top cat said...

    jenn I can't believe you have to have surgery so soon after going through your other one.
    Please take care, you will be in my thoughts and lots of HUGS!

    Dirk_Star said...

    My poor gurl...

    I will of course be adding you to my prayers.

    tkkerouac said...

    tkkerouac said...

    jillie said...

    Oh no! Well...if your hubby can't be there I am sure g-man, TC and barman will ALL be more than willing to be your surrogate hubby ;o)

    Good luck Jenn. April 13th? That's a good day...my dad's birthday ;o)

    barman said...

    Advice until then. Assuming things are normal with you after your surgery, here is something that may help. Gull Bladder pretty much does nothing unless there is some fat that needs to be processed. At that time it will constrict and send along some of the stored bile and I am guessing that is the time at which you would have your pain. As much as possible try and keep things low fat and you will probably be OK. Of course I assume you are already doing this as it is.

    It does puzzle me that the pain would be in the side as the gull bladder, as far as I know, is located just to the right side of center more or less at or just under the rib cage. Of course maybe this is causing the bile to back up in the liver and throwing that way out of wack. That happened to me and led them to find out what was wrong.

    Hay last I knew this is either the most commen or, actially I believe second most commen surgery. 95 percent of everyone is able to do the easy surgery which means out patient and you should be able to do some things the very next day. They probably will restrict lifting a little and may restrict driving but other than thet you should be not to bad off.

    Hey good luck. I am sure you will be well cared for but if not, you have my number.

    barman said...

    Oh and I forgot, spice can trigger it too sometimes.

    cadbury_vw said...

    yeah - radical weight loss causes gallstones

    it sucks you will miss the blogger get together

    gab said...

    Oh hun Im so sorry. I had the surgery in 04 so I know what the pain is like. I went into the hospital on father's day! My poor dad I was there to take care of him after his heart attack and now he was caring for me. Miss the blogger get-to-gether? Oh no I was so hoping to meet you. Oh well I'd rather have you better than suffering.

    Suze said...

    Jenn congratulations on the weight loss that's fanatastic.

    Not so good the gall bladder flaring up though. Will you need to adjust your diet after the operation?

    I hope the pain subsides and I'll be thinking of you on the 13th. If I live close by I would pop in with some grapes.

    You take care of yourself.

    gentle *hugs*

    SignGurl said...

    TC~ You and me both! *sigh* Thanks.

    Dirk~ Thank you~

    TK~ Ok.

    Jillie~ You think the boys will come and wait on me? That would be a hoot!

    Barman~ I'm eating less than 20 grams of fat right now and I don't think I can get it down much more. Food doesn't seem to trigger it. It's a constant dull pain with twinges of sharpness every now and then. The gall bladder can actually be on your left side. It's different in everyone. The technician could clearly see my gall bladder and the stones inside it. It was on my right side under my rib cage. I'll keep your number handy.

    Cadbury~ I can't believe I'm going to miss it. I'm secretly hoping we can postpone it. Maybe not so secretly now.

    Gab~ That's too bad that you were both incapacited at the same time. I'll miss you too.

    Suze~ I shouldn't need to do anything differently than I'm doing now with my diet. I'd love some of your grapes ;)

    Danyele said...

    Oh goodness.. it makes me wonder why they don't just take those damn things out during the bypass. I'm glad they figured it out though.. feel better sweetie ((hugs))

    Manny said...

    I had to take a break since you threw your bra off over on my blog.

    Eeek! Try not to worry. I know you will be fine.

    "Takes panties off and runs back to kitchen'


    buddha_girl said...

    Oh shit. That's bad mojo.

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyy didn't they just yank that fucker out when you had the surgery? I know of surgeons who take it when they do the gastric bypassso that this shit can be avoided! Ack!

    *crossing my fingers for you*

    Who's gonna take care of you while your hub's out of town?

    Susan said...

    Oy, I'm so sorry to hear about this Jenn. This is why most DS surgeons take out the gall bladder at the time of the surgery, exactly to prevent this problem and to avoid having to do another surgery. I've been told about 80% of WLS patients have gallbladder problems if they don't take medication to prevent gallstones. *Big HUGS*


    Big Pissy said...

    Good grief, Jenn!

    Surgery so soon?

    I'm sorry. :(

    Good luck with it all. :)

    G-Man said...

    I never wear panties or a bra..

    And SignGurl...


    Please be careful until the surgery xoxoxoxoxox

    terry said...

    oh no!! this sucks! especially since you'll be missing the blogger gathering.

    although if this makes you feel better, then it's a good thing.

    sending healing thoughts your way...

    Dana said...

    Ewwwww!! SO sorry you have to have another surgery already! I hope everything goes smoothly!

    You'll be having your surgery on Meghan's 2nd birthday! So you can think of her to keep you from stressing too much! Not to mention, she will have her forever Mommy by then! :)

    lime said...

    oh ouch. i'm so sorry you have to wait so long for relief and that you're going to miss a get together. i hope all goes well and yo uheal up quickly.

    Monkey said...

    Wow. You have so much going on and now this. I'm glad they figured it out quickly though.

    What is up with the cough? We've had bronchitis here and the boy's father (not Calzone), has walking pneumonia. Mild flu season my furry ass!

    I'll keep you in my thoughts.

    Monkey and Heather

    TG said...

    Good luck! I hope you have a speedy recovery!!!