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    Thursday, March 29, 2007

    Kitty HNT

    This is one of our kitties. I'm not doing such a great job of showing you how huge he is since I'm enormous myself. Claude weighs 25 pounds of solid cat. (It's killing me to hold him because he weighs so much.)

    His sister, Bella, is from the same litter and is only 8 pounds. She's very fluffy with long hair.

    Please excuse my sick looking eyes. I've looked like hell for the last couple of weeks.

    ****No kitties were harmed during filming for this post.****


    gab said...

    Awww they are very cute! I love cats! My two are linked at the top of my blog list. You really dont look that bad hun.

    lime said...

    stop running yourself down. you're lovely. the cats are cute too. sounds liek you could use that first one in weightlifting. OOF!


    barman said...

    Oh don't be silly Jenn. You are looking better every day. Now if you could only feel better, hopefully real soon.

    You know the way you hold the two cats differently it is a lot harder to tell the one is three times the weight of the other.

    I hope they gave their OK to be posted. :)

    Happy HNT, happy day Jenn.

    Danyele said...

    Sweet kitties.. how can you not love a post about kitties?

    Hey - I heard you have new pics at OH (OK, so I read it on Donna's blog). What's your profile name so that I can friend you?

    buddha_girl said...

    I love kitties when they're fat and happy!

    I had one that weighed around 25lbs as well. His name was Mister, and he was a gay cat if there ever was one.

    Take care of YOU! You need to be healthy for the slice and dice, sister!

    Monkey said...

    Claude and Bella are ADORABLE. Oh my word. And you look great!

    Have you ever seen this video? You have to wait until one minute 24 seconds to see why I suggest it. The cat in the video has nothing on Claude. :)

    Susan said...

    These are gorgeous cats, Jenn. They both have lovely coats. Our miss Tess has bulked up quite a bit - she's an Oriental Shorthair who was sent to a shelter when she couldn't have enough kittens :(. She has a small frame, but is now comfortably 10 lbs, and still active despite her approx. 15 years.

    I would never have noticed that your eyes looked sick had you not mentioned it - you are looking good. Sorry that you are still feeling punk.


    MilkMaid said...

    Beautiful Kitties!!

    jillie said...

    WOW...a chick with two pussies! Impressive...lol!

    Yeah, what Lime said...quit running yourself ragged.

    Love the kitties...nice and fluffy fuzz balls ;o)

    Felicia said...

    Cute cats (ok and you to *grin*) I love cats to outside and belonging to someone else LOLOL. Ok so I am a dog person. As for how you look. I wish I looked that "bad" when I was looking GOOD! LOLOL. Better days are a coming!!

    Anonymous said...

    I like your kitties and I think you look GREAT!

    Malnurtured Snay said...

    He looks like he must be nice company when it's cold out!

    SignGurl said...

    Gab~ Your kitties are so adorable.

    Lime~ Thank you, I wish I felt lovely. I thought about using Claude as a weight but he's squiggly.

    Barman~ I tried to hold them the same but I was lucky to be able to pick the big one up. He's dead weight.

    Danyele~ I'll be over to give you the details.

    Monkey~ That video is hilarious! I should try this with Claude.

    *S*~ You have a kitty? How sweet! I love my kitties. My eyes look dark and droopy. Stupid gall stones.

    Milky~ Thanks!

    Jillie~ I knew you would catch that, you smarty pants!

    Felicia~ You crazy chick! You do look awesome!

    TC~ Thank you so much! I thought of you when I posted this.

    Malnurtured Snay~ He's a furnace.

    jillie said...

    neener neener neener! LMAO

    Kristen said...

    You're beautiful.........and the cats are cute.

    Happy HNT

    wmy said...

    Ha!! It is so weird that you wrote about it being hard to carry claude around...I just posted about this kind of thing...and, you know what?? Before you lost your weight, you were carrying four claudes around every day...all day...when you think about it like that, you realize just how far you have come...you rock!!

    SIMPLY ME said...

    Hey, Jillie stole my line, LOL! HHNT, and you look great!

    *S* said...

    Evil, evil gallstones! I hope they will soon be out of your world. Yep, go and see a pic of Miss Tess in my avatar on duodenalswitch.com


    terry said...

    this is you, looking like hell??

    i don't think so!

    The Savage said...

    If this is looking like hell.... hell must be a pretty nice looking place....

    Susan said...

    Jenn - check out the following link:


    G-Man said...

    Your cats rock baby!!
    All 3 of them!!

    Dirk_Star said...

    Hey , nice ---!

    No, i just can't bring myself to say it...

    Its there begging to be said but I'll be a gentleman.

    Hey, nice furry cat...

    kimmyk said...

    pretty kitties!

    you look great signgurl! keep up the good work!!!