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    Friday, April 27, 2007

    Pure Joy Of Exhaustion

    Yesterday I worked a nine hour day. To some, that may not seem like a lot. I normally only work six hours a day. Given that it's only been two weeks since I had abdominal surgery, this was a very long day.

    Our first job of the day was putting lettering on a window in a downtown cafe. There were four huge windows. We had to work around those old cafeteria style booths. I had to sit on my knees backward to do it. 115 pounds ago, I could have never done what I did. The job took us five hours.

    One of the restaurant customers looked and sounded exactly like Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade. Remember the "Mmm hmm...I like biscuits with mustard" guy with the deep gravely voice? Anywho, this guy was seriously mentally ill. He talked loudly non stop whether anyone was there or not. At one point he threatened to break out the window I was working on when his case worker pointed out the job I was doing. He was told that that was unacceptable talk and that he may be thrown out. Sling Blade guy babbled about how he wasn't going back to prison because people steal from you there and that he wanted kids but not a wife. Wives were a bad thing. I learned a lot about this guy in the short time he was there.

    The next job was putting the lettering on a fire truck. We use 22 kt. gold which is hard to work with because of the soft nature of the material. All the guys in the fire barn decided to watch the process. I don't really enjoy an audience when I work because it makes me nervous.

    One of the guys stayed very close. I dropped a piece of paper and he quickly bent over and picked it up. When he handed it to me, he made a point of touching my hand. I'm one of those people who doesn't like to be touched by strangers so I was taken aback.

    Another guy brought his alligator head out to show me. What a strange experience to get so much attention while working.

    At the end of the day, I was absolutely exhausted, but happy to have had the ability to physically do the day's work I did.


    barman said...

    To bad it was not warmer, you could have requested that the fire house guys wash the fire truck and you get to watch. :)

    That is great to hear. Sounds like you have done well after the surgery and isn't it wonderful what losing a few pounds can do for you. Yea Sign.

    Anonymous said...

    These characters sound like something out of a David Lynch movie.
    Please be careful and pace yourself sweetie.:)

    *S* said...

    My I wish I was talented like you are, SG. And you have great powers of observation as well. I'm happy to hear you are feeling so much better, but want to echo top cat in saying that slow and steady wins the race. Don't overdo!


    cadbury_vw said...

    "115 pounds ago, I could have never done what I did."



    you know - i'm really happy people are noticing you.

    i think that you will have to get used to it, because you are a beautiful woman, and as you move toward your goals this will only happen more and more

    jillie said...

    That's because you are "ONE HOT SIGN GIRL"

    Yeah, that guy would have freaked me out as well...the "mentally challenged" one. The scary thing about them when they get upset or angry...they don't realize how strong they are.

    Where the firemen cute? lol

    Happy Friday to ya! ;o))

    cathy said...

    Firemen! I'm so jealous, I'd have been asking to see their hoses. LOL
    Well done with your battle to lose weight. Just remember though it's your health that matters. YOU are beautiful no matter what you look like. We all are.

    lime said...

    wow, i have not had gastric bypass or a gallbladder removed but i have had 3 csecss and i just cannot imagine a 9 hour day that soon after surgery. kudos for making it through!

    i stil lwanna second what tc said, don;t push too hard, you want to heal properly.

    as for the attention, i know it made you a lil jittery but it makes me smile to know people apreciate your work and you.

    The Savage said...

    The firemen think yer sexy.... the firemen think yer sexy....

    G-Man said...

    Signgurl, are you from Krypton?
    Hot Jenn!!

    Cazzie!!! said...

    What a cool job you have, and no wonder you were exhausted. Being on our feet at work all day tires every bit of our body.

    DZER said...

    I reckon I ain't go no reason to kill nobody ... heh

    Danyele said...

    Where exactly were you working, the Twilight Zone? My goodness. Well actually, that's any day on Haight Street. Anyway, it's great to hear that you're much more physically able to do your job - that's awesome news!

    Suze said...

    Your day sounded far more interesting than my average day at work.

    Now, tell me about those firemen... ;)

    Manny said...

    I hope you gave the fireman my number, but don't give it to the sling blade guy. LOL

    I work 10 hours a day and not once have I ever had a group of firemen watching me. Nope, not once. I usually always end up on the phone with the sling blade type. LMAO

    Mmmmm firemen.

    Glad you feeling better sweetie.

    Kristen said...

    Hope you had a great weekend, I just wanted to let you know that I had to change my blog address.

    I'm now at


    Lady Roxanne said...



    thats fucking hot..

    new post up for the blogger meet up..

    lets get on that shit.. I've got to see you babe

    Big Pissy said...

    The firemen knew a pretty lady when they saw one! ;-)

    ~~R~~ said...

    Yea I know what you mean I am the same way I honestly don't like when people I don't know touch me especially when they talk to me it drives me crazy lol...I am glad you are finally back to work and not bored at home anymore