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    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Stupid Stuff

    I'm a crispy critter. I got sunburned on my back today while the girls and I assembled the pool. That was a lot of work. I'll have to get pictures of it. It's awesome!

    This weekend is going to be crazy. My first cousin is getting married on Saturday and Mr. Sign and I are the cake cutters. Too funny that neither of us will be able to get a taste, of the cake, that is *insert evil grin*.

    Sunday we have a family reunion. Blech! Our family puts it on since my grandparents have a huge pavilion and pond. I'll have to deal with all the people I'd rather not see for 10 more years. All the old people want to have it every year in case someone dies. Whatever!

    Great Aunt Betty will be there. I saw her this week at a restaurant. She wanted to know if I was only losing weight in my face. I said, "Yes, I've lost 135 pounds in my face. Can you tell?"

    Speaking of stupid things people say to me, I was walking last night when I came upon a group of my neighbors. One of them is a 55 year old guy who wouldn't look me in the eye when he talked to me when I was fatter. He yelled, "You must be having lots of fun!" I asked why that would be. He said, "Because you are a blonde now." Two of my other neighbors let him know I'd always been blonde. Dumb ass!!! I guess it's ok to look at me now that I'm not going to give him the fat curse. Actually, I did give him the curse because he's gained about 25 pounds, hehe!


    G-Man said...

    Yeah, and you should have proved to him that you were a natural blonde!
    Give the old geezer a stroke...Hahahahaha!!

    (Geezer? he's 2 years younger than me.)

    SIMPLY ME said...

    you made me laugh, yea those are some stupid comments.
    try and have a good time this weekend, maybe take pics of people stuffing their mouths with the cake!

    MONA said...

    this is a new colorful look to your blog! I love this!

    & pink suits you!

    Big Pissy said...

    I can't wait to hear how this weekend goes for you.

    ...and that guy?

    He's just an asshat! ;-)

    terry said...

    omigod.... are you only losing weight in your face?? NOW you're a blonde???

    i guess this goes to show that people are not as aware of how we look as we think.

    or it means that these two are morons.

    congrats on hitting the 135 pound mark! that's just amazing. you're amazing.

    SignGurl said...

    g-man~ If I had proved my natural blondness, I may have been arrested for indecent exposure:)

    simply me~ I plan on taking lots of "stupid" pictures that I can blog about. Thanks for visiting!

    mona~ Thank you so much!! I like it too, if I do say so myself.

    big pissy~ This weekend will be interesting to say the least since the last time my extended family saw me, I was a blimp. I'm sure I'll have many more asshat comments to blog about.

    terry~ What these comments say to me is most people don't want to look at things that make them uncomfortable. Thanks for the congrats!

    barman said...

    You could look on the positive side of things. Your Aunt asked if you lost all of your weight in your face. That would be because it really has made a difference there Sign. You were always pretty but mow you are even more so. People are so weird around people that are loosing weight. I have seen it happen so many times I tend to just say what eva.

    As to the gezzer, maybe before this point he has spent all his time looking at your girls and never looking at you head. Now this is a mixed bag here, great because he is paying more attention to you and not parts of you (although who needs him anyway) but not so great because ... (well who needs him anyway).

    Have fun at the reunion.

    barman said...

    Oh, by the way sorry. I try to look on the positive side of things. I guess that is just an extention of not wanting to rock the boat.

    cadbury_vw said...

    "I got sunburned on my back today while the girls and I assembled the pool."

    good thing you didn't get sunburned on your girls while you assembled to pool...

    your neighbour's comment made me mad.

    it's nice to know you are being recognised as the gorgeous woman you are, but...

    cadbury_vw said...

    i sure hope your family will be positive. my extended family was quite supportive and complimentary after i lost weight, but women get held to a different standard

    Anonymous said...

    there ya go bein busy again.
    Oh man, I bet you're dreading the family thing.
    good luck to ya sweetie.

    SignGurl said...

    barman~ You do always try to look at the bright side. That's why we love you.

    cadbury~ You are hilarious! The girls were covered. Both of them, er, all of them.

    tc~ Busy keeps the mind active, or so I hear :)

    Suze said...

    Jenn, have a great time at the wedding.

    All I can say is aren't people so obsevant sometimes. *tutt* :)

    kimmyk said...

    OMG @ your Aunt Betty!!! LOL @ your repsonse though. Good for you!

    Sounds like a weekend of food...good luck. I recently ate cake-yeah, no. Won't do that again.

    Have a great weekend..sounds like it's gonna be busy!

    lime said...

    LOL @ cursing the neighbor. bwahahahaha

    Anonymous said...

    LMAO@fat curse...

    that sounds much worse than garden varity cooties! Does circle circle dot dot work for that??

    People are stupid...

    MilkMaid said...

    You are blonde?? Hee hee....

    gab said...

    Some people are so mean I mean stupid lol.
    Have a good weekend

    ~~R~~ said...

    I love your comment to your Aunt Betty..I hate family reunions too with a passion a bunch of people you don't want to deal with I hope you can find some place t hide until its over

    Fridaysweb said...

    A few months ago, my husband's aunt & uncle were down for a bit. These were the ones we lived with in MI. His Aunt said, "Oh my God! You have curves!" Duh. I had curves THEN, these are just a bit more flattering. ;)
    I think many times, people say snide things without really thinking before they speak. Lots of time, it's because of their own insecurities. "Older" people tend to be more vocal, but less tactful, I've learned, too. (by older, it actually ends up being the over 65 generations). Keep smiling and mention their new chin and ear hairs. Offer the services of a great barber or salon. I think you're quite fab, my dear.

    buddha_girl said...

    I have a question for Aunt Betty:
    Are you always going to be a fucktard, or is it merely your goal in life to attempt to cut down my happiness in life?

    G'head and print that on an index card. Next time she and any other fuck makes a comment like that, read it to them with a straight face. Asses.

    As for the neighboy fool: I'm offering my two year old for your services. He will throw a tantrum or kick on command. He's also really good at riding his tricycle down a driveway while dragging it against a parked vehicle. Nothing says love like a fucking scratch on a new paint job.