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    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    More Vegas Pictures

    Mr. Sign and I were walking around Mandalay Bay which is pretty swanky. At least that's what we thought until we ran across this:

    There was never a shortage of Elvis

    Mr. Sign and I went to the Shark Reef and saw jellyfish

    and of course, sharks

    We found sugar free desserts in New York, New York. Yummy!

    The last night that we were there, we decided to go to the Ghost Bar. It's called that because the entire thing is glass. It was very ritzy and a little pricey. We got there early and got the best seats on the balcony. The bar actually hangs over the side of the Palms hotel. There is a glass floor that looks down over 55 stories. It was so hard to make myself walk on it. It's just not natural.

    We had the most awesome view I've ever witnessed. You could see on 3 sides of the patio. Here are a few pictures (taken with my cell phone):

    I was just sitting on the patio taking in the experience when I noticed a guy who looked familiar. He ended up literally rubbing elbows with me. I instantly realized that he was a Gotti boy (John Gotti's grandson). This made sense since security was hawking around him. People were not even paying attention to the Gotti. He seemed pretty docile. Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera with the flash (who knew you would need one at the bar? Leave no evidence) so this is the best shot I got. You can see how close he was to me though.

    Hugh Hefner was downstairs with the playmates having a huge party ($250 just to get in the door) and was supposed to come up to the bar. We left at 2 am PST (remember, we are from the Eastern time zone and had to get on a plane at 9 am) and they still hadn't arrived. The guys were bummed.

    I will leave you with another Dick picture from after the Ghost Bar. The waiter gave me the balloon. Can you read what it says? The other side said, "I blow more than just balloons." I attached it to my earring and wore it around the casino. That way, my friends knew where I was at all times, LMAO.

    We had a great time and there's way too much to tell. We did get to Fremont Street and the Hoover Dam. We didn't win any money, but I played lots of Black Jack every day. I lost a pound, which brings me to a total of 150 pounds lost!! I can't wait to go back!


    gab said...

    woot you sexy looking mama! Love the pics and sure glad you had loads of fun.

    SeaRabbit said...

    That should have been an HNT! You are just glowing!!! Beautiful!

    kimmyk said...

    very cool pictures!
    i love how the light sparkles in each one of them.

    a gotti? whoa. pretty cool.
    glad you had a good time! welcome home you were missed!

    Top cat said...

    I don't think they were paying attention to Gotti because they were all staring at the beautiful blonde standing next to him.:)

    lime said...

    i'll tell ya them tits on the wall are unnatural too. ain't no normal woman who is that perky!

    and i agree with the others, you look stunning in that picture!

    snowelf said...

    I am lmao about the balloon!!
    I need to get me one of those!!
    I think I'll pass on the boob art though, but I've got some guy friend who would LOVE them. hehehe!

    Have a great weekend!


    Crabby said...

    GASP! Boob art! How cool is that?

    Jelly fish are kinda pretty, huh?

    And you look mahvelous, dahling.

    Stealth said...

    I CAN'T WAIT to go to Vegas..thank you so much for this preview :)

    Rebicmel said...

    wow great pics and I love your blog set up!!!!! I bet you had loads of fun.

    Pauline said...

    Looks like you had a great time.

    The Savage said...

    Smokin' hot!

    G-Man said...

    Hey Jenn,
    Great pics!!
    I'd love to spit from the 55th story...
    You sure look Marvelous, and 150#'s?

    barman said...

    Oh man, I sat on this on Friday I think forever when I tried to see Gottie using Photoshop. I guess I forgot to leave a comment.

    I could do without the boob art. We had a broken windshield on the wall one place I worked. I am not into the bizarre I guess. now the jellie fish however look cool.

    Man I hardly eat anything today. Those deserts looks to good. I do not think I could do that glass thing unless I closed my eyes. Then what would be the point.

    Staying up to like 5:00 am ... It would have been fun to see the heff and his following but I would have had to give it up too.

    Interesting earing adornment. I could have wore something like that too except that I do not have earrings. I mean I blow cash at casino's so ...

    Looking marvelous Jenn, especially the 1,000,000 watt smile.

    MilkMaid said...

    FUN times and congrats on the weightloss milestone!! You look great!

    No One In Particular said...

    Man, I want to go to Vegas so bad! Thanks for sharing the pics with us. Lookin' good :)

    'Just Me' said...

    That is awesome. You go on vacation and lose another pound? I usually gain 15. LOL

    Looks like a great time. Last time I was there with hubby we went to Hoover Dam. Pretty impressive. And Fremont Street is our fave place in Vegas:-)

    barman said...

    You know I was just struck with something. I looked at the first picture again and it just sunk in. Mr Sign, and you too, look younger than before. It is amazing the difference that has made in you two. Anyway, I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...

    Dirk_Star said...

    Wow. You are looking so good.

    I'm so proud of what you are doing.

    MONA said...

    Wow! Now I see what that palm place is about. My sister went there last month for the Celin Dion show & she was talking about that transparent floor too.

    & you are getting more & more beautiful by each passing day!!!! :D