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    Saturday, September 01, 2007

    4 Ben Franklins Later

    By noon yesterday, I had already worked 39 hours and couldn't take one more minute of it. I decided to ride North with my mom and grandma to the casino. Yeah, I know I should learn my lesson since I got spanked in Las Vegas.

    I don't normally spend more than $40 when I go.

    When we got to the casino, I decided to play a progressive slot machine called Fort Knox. If you hit the bonus, you can win levels of cash. The first is bronze, then silver, gold and finally platinum. The bronze level usually only pays about $20, but it's a 2 cent machine, so really that's not bad.

    When I put my $20 in, I won $70 immediately. I took it and walked around for a bit. I decided to play Black Jack but only use my winnings to play. I played and was up about $50 more dollars but quickly lost most. I walked away another $15 up.

    I went to another Black Jack table where you can bet a side bet. You can bet $1 up. The object is that if your first two cards are the same suit, you are paid 2 to 1. If the first two cards are the King & Queen same suited, it's called a royal flush and it pays 50 to 1. I had been betting $1 right along and had been losing, but winning at Black Jack. I got brave and said, "It's my turn!" and bet $5 on the side bet. I got the Royal Flush!! I thought at first that I had won $15 and was so excited! Imagine my surprise when the dealer started handing me $100 chips! Duh! I had won $250, not $15. I let out a yelp and could hardly contain myself. I tipped the dealer and turned my chips in.

    I was fully ready to keep my cash and go home, but my mom wasn't ready to leave. She convinced me that I was on a roll and should keep playing. Against my better judgement, I put $20 more into the Fort Knox machine. Not long after, I hit the bonus level and hit Fort Knox's Silver level for $100!

    My money was tucked away and I drug my mom and grandma out. This is what I came home with (plus a little more):

    I more than made up for what I lost in Las Vegas. I'm still on cloud nine.


    buddha_girl said...

    Damn. I love to gamble! Way to go, sister!

    lime said...

    woohoo!!! i am no gambler but i am tickled for you.

    Crabby said...

    duhAMMM Sign! Next time I gamble I want you with me for luck. I'll buy your dinner, drinks, everything.

    I'm so proud!

    terry said...

    holy moly! nice work!

    cadbury_vw said...

    i don't get, or do, gambling

    but i am thrilled that you left up cash

    we went to our casino twice - it was kind of cool to watch the stbx at the blackjack table

    she was such a card shark - we left money ahead each time

    kimmyk said...

    atta girl!

    Big Pissy said...

    Wow! I have no idea what any of that meant except that you won lots of money! LOL


    MilkMaid said...


    barman said...

    You go girl. I am very happy for you and the fact that you did not let winning like that go to your head.

    I had a lucky weekend myself. I played Bingo and won $5. Of course they raised the price to play bingo so much (4 times higher than last year and still cheap payouts except for the final pot) that I lost a buck in the end.

    I also won at the campfire 50/50 where we are raising prize money for camping next year. $50 baby! Of course, silly me, I gave most of it back to the cause. Still, not bad.

    I think I have to do the Casino with you sometime even though I am not a gambler.

    Strumpet said...

    Now, I know they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

    ...but I say fuck that shit.

    Rules were made to be broken, right?

    That's the fun part about rules.

    Now, I want to hear all about this:

    'I got spanked in Las Vegas.'

    Por favor.

    And I just caught up on your blog and read all 61 Sign Gurl Tidbits and each and every one of them was very beautiful indeed.

    61 tidbits about your spanking story will be almost as nice...almost...

    t_cole said...

    shut up!
    too much fun

    MONA said...

    Jenn, In Vegas I took a shot at roulette & Put up $5 & do you know how much that turned into?
    $3500 !

    & the best part is that I do not know how to gamble. they just told me to say a number which I did & then Whoa! I won all that!. & then they kept trying to entice me back to the table, but I simply walked away with the coins without looking back!

    'Just Me' said...


    I love FREE money.