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    Saturday, September 15, 2007

    Drumroll Please......

    I sure as heck have no idea what's going on, but I lost 3 pounds in one day for a total of 160 pounds!!! That's 8 pounds in a week!! I hope I don't stall now for months or something.

    I spent the entire morning going through the girls' clothes and mine. I decided to get my old clothes out. My size 36 jeans and my 5x shirt. I was amazed at how heavy they felt. I put them on and couldn't believe it. The pants wouldn't even remotely stay up and I was swimming in the shirt.

    I put both legs into one pant leg. It was a tight squeeze, but I did it. Mr. Sign thinks I should wait to take pictures in them until my 1 year anniversary.

    What I was amazed by was how I felt emotionally in those clothes. I looked in the mirror and felt like I still weighed 384 pounds. I felt very sad for the person who wore those clothes. I felt angry for letting myself get that enormous.


    lime said...

    oh i agree with mr sign, wait until your anniversary but wow!!! that is already some serious progress. put the anger away and celebrate the gal who made the choice to change!

    snowelf said...

    That is so awesome!!!!!
    I have no words for how awesome that is...so I'll use awesome again.

    You're so awesome! When is your one year again, in October?


    snowelf said...

    okay, yea, I went back and read. Oct 25 it is. :)

    SignGurl said...

    Lime~ I'm trying to focus on the positives, but the negatives sometimes creep back.

    Snowelf~ Thank you so much for the encouragement. And yes, my 1 year anniversary is, in fact October 25th.

    kimmyk said...

    crazy isn't it?
    it's hard to believe the person you were and knowing the person you are now...again, crazy isn't it?

    congrats SG!

    barman said...

    Taaaa Daaaa!!!

    Wow, simply amazing. You have lost a whole person already. You are so close to your anniversary, I would wait until then as well for those pictures.

    Even if you hit a plateau, as long as you are doing the right things, you will still be losing weight. If I were you I would start worrying about how you are going to stop losing weight in a while before you waste away to nothing.


    Strumpet said...

    Congratulations, Ms. Sign-babe!

    That is....as the lovely Snow said...AWESOME!!

    I just caught up on some of the previous posts and I LOVE your list of why you're not the typical woman!!!

    I want to make one! Though, mine would be COMPLETELY different, but I have a lot of masculine traits too.

    However, I'm WAY too girly for my own good. I love to cuddle, even if it's just with stuffed animals, and I LOVE to shop WAY too much. Make-up, clothes, toiletries, food, liquor, toys, music, movies, books...oh God, I could shop for just about anything.

    I am a complete loser when it comes to home improvements. If you ever are in Chi, I will hire you to work on my humble abode.

    I don't have much money, but I'm sure we could work something out, sexy. ^_~

    Yippeeskip said...

    Every once in a while a donation will come in to the shelter w/ a size 28-my previous size. It always awes me that I used to be that big-many times I still see myself that big so I have a picture collage in my bathroom of then and now photo's to remind me.

    What the Chuck said...

    Hi Jenn,

    What else can I say except "Go, Go, GO!!"

    And that smile on your new photo is awesome!



    Lady Roxanne said...

    I am soooooooooooooooooooo proud of you.