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    Monday, September 17, 2007

    Who Are You?

    Yesterday was a family birthday party at my grandparents pond. We gather often as an extended family with my great aunt's family always attending.

    I've become accustomed to having the spotlight on Mr. Sign. Since his weight loss, he's changed very dramatically and people really notice. I'm happy to see him gain positive feedback but am usually pushed into the shadows.

    Apparently, my 9 pound loss in the last week is really showing. My uncle grabbed me and hugged me and said, "My little niece is wasting away to nothing!" He's never mentioned my weight either way so this was a surprise. His in-laws were in shock over the change in me.

    Later, a friend of my cousin who used to sell clothing at home parties showed up. I hadn't seen her since I attended a clothing party at a friend's house about 4 years ago. I was memorable at that party because none of the clothes fit me, no matter how hard I tried. It was horribly embarrassing.

    I said hello to her and she spoke back. About an hour later, I was sitting near her and she had a look of confusion on her face. My mother was sitting with us and said, "Jenn, she doesn't recognize you because of all the weight you have lost!". Immediately, the woman remembered who I was. She said she had no idea of who I was, even though she is my cousin's best friend. That was weird.

    I also got a lot of, "When are you going to stop losing?" comments. People, I still weigh 223 pounds! I'll stop when my body stops losing. That is a ridiculous thing to say in my opinion when someone weighs as much as I still do. I guess people aren't used to seeing me at this weight. Me neither. The last time I weighed this was about a year after I got married, 17 years ago.

    I was riding high all weekend as I lost another pound for a total of 9 pounds in a week and a grand total of 161 pounds. I was able to really feel good about my accomplishments and held my head high.


    lime said...

    that must be a really starnge feeling for sure to have people not even recognize you1

    jillie said...

    I can't even imagine what a great feeling that must feel like when you have made such an accomplishment like that. Yeah, us humans are FULL of dumb questions...me in particular!


    Yippeeskip said...

    It's so heady to see someone who hasn't seen my new body. I love it. What's really cool is having others who didn't know you before say how beautiful you are. Wow-You're beautiful!

    ell said...

    jenn, you are truly an inspiration!

    terry said...

    you have every reason to be proud. and just ignore the stupid things people say. we always think we have to comment on everything, i think, and often, it just comes out wrong.

    Top cat said...

    I'm so happy for you jenn, you are always doing for others, it's time for you.:)

    gab said...

    Im so very glad you are doing so good.

    BTExpress said...

    I'm so very proud of you and Mr Sign too. Great job guys!

    kimmyk said...

    Good for you and good for Mr Sign!

    It is sort of fun to watch people's faces when they finally figure it all out. I wish I was still losing. Makes me sad I've been stuck now for 9 months.

    Big Pissy said...

    That is SO AWESOME!!!!

    Congrats on the weight loss! :)

    barman said...

    I feel bad and almost did not reply to this. I made a comment kidding around recently that this so applies too.

    I experienced that too when I lost a lot of weight. People kept saying you are losing to much weight. Why is that, who knows. It could be they do not want you to look so good cause it makes them look bad. It could be that they are used to and comfortable with the person you were. At any rate I had the same thing happen. People would be talking with me but just generically as you could tell they had no idea who I was. Then someone would tell them and you could tell a light bulb went off in their head. You will get even more of that as you go.

    I am so proud of how well you have done and how much difference it has made in your health already. It was a brave thing to do and the payoff has been wonderful.

    SignGurl said...

    Lime~ It IS so weird. You are talking to someone you knew and realize they have no idea who you are. I was at the girls' old school and two of the teachers, who are very good friends of mine, walked right by me.

    Jillie~ You would never ask a dumb question.

    Yippeeskip~ You have done so amazingly well. You must be so proud.

    Ell~ I'm so glad to see you again!

    Terry~ Sometimes it's hard to ignore ignorance, lol!

    TC~ You are so right about it being time to do something for me. I never realized how I had put myself on the back burner.

    Gab~ Thanks!

    BTE~ Thank you!

    Kimmy~ You are super hot just like you are! You have done so well.

    Pissy~ Merci beacoup!

    Bryan~ I knew that you of all people would understand this. I think people were comfortable with how we looked before, but I do know that when you are losing weight, it makes people feel bad about themselves.

    Michele in Michigan said...

    So happy for you, Jenn! Keep up the good work!!!

    'Just Me' said...

    Isn't it odd how people learn to accept you at a certain weight. For them to ask 'when are you doing to stop' when you weigh 223 is kinda funny. (I can say that since I weigh more than that!). It's like they were so use to you being larger and now its just odd to them...even though you can lose a lot more.

    I love reading all your success stories. Inspiring!!!

    *S* said...

    Good on you about the 160! I'm with you in lost poundage, but about 15 above you on the scale. I get the "when are you going to stop losing weight?" fairly often now, which is pretty funny, given how much I actually weigh. The non-recognition thing comes handy sometimes; DH and I were at a lecture last night and someone I don't particularly care to talk to walked by me and had NO clue as to who I was. You, however, are just plain unforgettable!