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    Monday, November 05, 2007


    Mr. Sign and I went to a game party last night and played the most hilarious game. It was called Loaded Questions. The gist is that that person whose turn it is reads a question and the other players write down their answer. The papers are handed to a designated player who reads the answers and the player whose turn it is has to guess who said what. You would think it would be easy to guess what your friends might answer, but when you add in alcohol and lying, it's a rip roaring game. As the night went on, people were trying to answer to sound like other players.

    One of the questions was, if you authored a book, what would the topic be. All six of us had exactly the same answer...SEX. There were several times that my sister and I answered with the same answer.

    This game is only fun when you play with people who aren't laced up really tight. If someone was being sincere with their answers and the rest of the players weren't, the game would get old quickly.

    Even though I went into the night thinking that I wasn't going to drink (I've only drunk alcohol twice since surgery), my brother in law made me a drink anyway. I found out very fast how easy it is to get drunk after weight loss surgery. The drinks kept on flowing and I maintained a major buzz for most of the night. <-------Here is a most unflattering picture of me, drunker than a skunk. (Never accuse me of putting only flattering pictures of myself here, LMAO.) I look like I needed to go to bed. Maybe that's why I have a blanket wrapped around me? I dunno.

    After jumping into the hot tub an hour after my last drink, I was immediately sobered up. I don't know if it was the hot water or that the alcohol dumped out of my system that quickly. Luckily for me, I had my designated driver, Mr. Sign there. I have always been cautious about drinking and driving. Even if I've only had one drink, I will not drive. I have issues with the thought of living with myself after killing someone with my car.

    The alcohol seemed to revisit me later in the night in the form of dizziness on one of many trips to the bathroom in the night. My butt wobbled to and fro like a drunken monkey. I'm happy to report that I didn't have too much of a hangover despite getting home after 3 am and getting 2 hours of fitful sleep.

    A great blog and real life friend of mine, G-Man is having his first blog anniversary this week. I made him a video. Check it out over at Mr. KnowItAll's Place.


    jillie said...


    Drunk or not, you still look great. And yes, you do look you need to go to bed.

    I hate those drunken sleepless nights. ugh!


    You are awesome to make the tribute to g-man 1st blogiversary


    Manny said...

    Looks like you had a great time last night Sign.

    Sounds like a fun game. And no, you wouldn't want to be serious. LOL

    Great job on the video!

    Anonymous said...

    oh, man! I have got to play that game! I would be ripped too.

    sounds like a fun time!!

    hope you have a great Monday! :)

    video is very good. :)

    *S* said...

    Good lord, if that's bad, you don't even need to get close to good. You are just too photogenic for your own good, chica!


    kimmyk said...

    lol, how much did you drink? what do they say an ounce an hour? lol. funny.

    glad you guys had a good time though. the game sounds like it would be fun.

    snowelf said...

    Hehehe! I don't mean to laugh, but the way you said you were stumbling around like a drunken monkey was just hilarious!! And now I want to play that game!! :)

    I have only been drunk twice in my life and some day I will post the story about the first time because it's a good one and you can laugh at me. ;)

    I commented at Galen's already, but again, I wanted to tell you I thought it was so cool how you made that tribute to him.

    And YAY! No hangover! :)


    Queenie said...

    Sounds a great game, I understand how you felt though, its like a hairy ape messed your room up and then peed in your mouth whilst you were sleeping.

    Left a comment on G-mans, but wanted to say what a fantastic tribute you did for his blogiversary, you are a great friend to have.

    G-Man said...

    You are the most beautiful person that I know personally!!!
    Thats the truth...Galen

    bdenied said...

    be carefull with the booze.....your far too pretty to need it.....the pants photo is an amazing reminder of what life was and what it is now....congratulations.......amazing

    lime said...

    LOL, that picture is a hott. you wouldn't have needed to tell us you were skunked, it weould have been my first guess, hehehehe.

    sounds like an interesting evening to say the l least, lol. glad you had fun and even gladder there wasd a DD

    btw, that video is absolutely awesome.

    'Just Me' said...

    Oh that sounds like a fun game. I think I will get it. And your evening sounds fun! Although I am sure you would have liked to have done without the dizzies:-)

    ell said...

    "drunken monkey" - i love it, i have to remember that one. and great job on the video. you are a good friend.

    SoCal Sal said...

    hEy sWEe ..SwEE …SWeetiE!. WasSss uP! *hickup*

    gab said...

    That game sounds fun. I can remember when we had parties like that. Only thing is one time the guys spiked our drinks with ever clear and one of the girls was alreigic to ever clear and she wanted to walk from So Mpls all the way up to Duluth, in the middle of Feb!

    jillie said...

    HEY JENN....HOW'S THAT HEAD OF YOURS TODAY????? oh, am i talking too loud?


    Manny said...

    Come on out!

    barman said...

    You done good withe the tribute. I know how he feels because CrabCake did something for me last week and I was ever so touched. You are such a great friend to G.

    Oh my the eyes have it. You are waisted. Funny, I did not get waisted on Saturday but that is the first time I had anything in a long time. It felt good. glad you had a fun time and that game sounds great. I wonder if I am to straight laced to play... I hope not!

    You know I bet we could do that game online sometime. One blog posts the question and everyone posts an answer. Yep could be fun.

    buddha_girl said...

    Ooooh I would totally love that game!

    Yippeeskip said...

    That looks like a totally fun game. I might get it for our river trip over Thanksgiving.