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    Monday, January 28, 2008

    15 Month Weight Loss Pictures

    Weight 198 (Total loss of 186 pounds)

    I apologize in advance for SignGurl overload in pictures. I post these mainly for myself, so that I can try and see that I have made some progress. Thank you for bearing with me.

    My starting weight at a height of 5'6" was 384 pounds.
    My weight on 1-22-08 was 199.
    Starting BMI of 62 and a BMI of 32.
    I've lost 77% of my excess body weight
    and 49% of my entire body weight.

    Here are my 15 month post op weight loss pictures.


    Beginning, last month and present:









    G-Man said...

    First of all...
    There is NEVER too many SignGurl pix...xox

    G-Man said...

    I'm First!!!!!!
    Beautiful as always!!!

    terry said...

    never apologize for posting these pictures. they're simply wondrous.

    SWIZZLE STICK said...

    I was getting a pedicure last week and the girl in the chair next to me had just had the surgery. She had some complications and was a little discouraged. I told her about your site and explained that you offer such wonderful insight into GBP weight loss and all that it entails. Keep the pictures coming! You are an inspiration!

    kimmyk said...

    i love these photos!
    such encouragement....dont ever feel bad about posting your pictures...you're doing a great job.

    how do you feel when you look at the before photos and yourself now? amazing journey isn't it?

    lime said...

    way to go, jenn! very well done. :)

    katie said...

    god, your beautiful! and i agree with g-man...there are never too many pics of our sign gurl! love'em all!

    barman said...

    I can not believe how much younger you look. The change in the last few months are unbelievable. And keep on posting those pictures. You inspire people.

    buddha_girl said...

    Seeing this post makes me wish that I TOOK before pics and KEPT them. *sigh*

    Well done, woman!

    SignGurl said...

    Galen~ Back in the saddle again!

    Terry~ It seems so narcissistic to post so many pictures of myself. I've spent so many years hiding from the camera that this all seems strange.

    Swizzle Stick~ That is pretty cool to think that I have inadvertently helped someone who is having a rough time. Thank you for sharing that story!

    Kimmy~ I feel sad when I look at the before pictures. I remember how horrible I felt about myself. I also feel extreme remorse for allowing myself to let my weight get that out of control.

    Lime~ Thank you!

    Katie~ Again, I think I'm getting sick of seeing so many pictures of myself. Ok, maybe not.

    Barman~ I think if you saw me without makeup in real life you might not say I look so much younger. I have the dreaded dark circles that almost all post op gastric bypass patients get as they lose weight.

    Buddha Girl~ I am sad that you don't have before pictures too. You have inspired so many people without having to post your ass all over the internet :)

    Yippeeskip said...

    Love the pics, I wish I took ones like you did.

    Yippeeskip said...

    Love the pics, I wish I took ones like you did.

    Lori said...

    My gawd the difference is SO drastic. You are doing awesome and I LOVE seeing the pictures of you. :) You, my new friend, are absolutely gorgeous!

    SignGurl said...

    Yippeeskip~ I'm so glad I did it even though I hated every minute of it. You hiccupped!

    Lori~ Thank you!

    cadbury_vw said...

    no signgurl overload

    you've been given the gift of a new body (given yourself the gift) and you are exploring it, and marveling at how you arrived here from where you came from

    it must be so new, and so strange

    i look in the mirror myself many days - and i only lost 50 some lbs

    wayne4441 said...

    great pictures
    keep that weight comming off
    you are doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gab said...

    You always knew that you were in there somewhere and now you can see it!

    snowelf said...

    Jenn, want to know a secret?
    The weight you are at right now is only ten pounds more than I used to weigh when I was at my heaviest.
    I'm SOOO happy for you sweetie!! WTG!!


    p.s. Don't forget posting the pics encourages those of us around you, too. You're so inspiring!! :)

    Queenie said...

    These are fantastic,ringing my sister to get over here and have a look. Keep posting these pics, they inspire us all.

    Strumpet said...

    Holy shit, Sign-babe!

    Your progress is simply amazing and your dedication is truly inspiring.

    And, man do you look HAWT.

    Also, I'm with G too.

    Pics of you are ALWAYS a pleasure to view.

    And insomniacs get dark circles too....you are not alone there.

    I just call it all a apart of my deep, dark mystique/rock 'n' roll look.


    Akelamalu said...

    You must be so proud of yourself and you have every right to be. Well done, I just hope I can do as well. :)

    jillie said...

    WOW!!! I can really see why people don't recognize you. You don't even look like the same person!

    AMAZING and keep up the work ;o)


    What the Chuck said...

    Hi SG,

    I come JUST for the pictures!

    And to shout out some encouragement!!!!!

    You are so cool-- confronting some of the biggest taboos in America, publicly, on your blog. And not being a victim, but just showing you can get on with it. You're one of my personal heroes.



    Rebicmel said...

    Jenn you are a stunning person not just because of the weight loss but because your natural beauty shines through. The weight loss is a product of your determination and will to live better!!! Way to go.

    Charlie said...

    wow...youve come so far. YOu continue to look great!

    MsBehavn said...

    These pics astound me! Well done on all the work you've done to get this so far.


    Evening said...

    I just was looking at your beautiful HNT above when I noticed these. I just wanted to tell you that you look fabulous. I admire how hard you must have worked to lose that much weight. You should be very proud.
    Again, You look great.

    Bunny said...

    Wonderful transformation!!

    Team Kitty said...

    You look marvelous! We're about the same loss in terms of lbs. You are doing fantastically - welcome to the world of the merely overweight! I'm at 205 - pre-stomach flu.