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    Thursday, February 28, 2008

    Cool Tool

    Here is a way for you to call me (or anyone). It's free for you to call from your computer. It will dial to the phone number you put in the box and then you can talk to me. You can keep your number anonymous so that I won't be tempted to drunk dial you at 3 am.

    I have mine set up to go directly into my voice mail. You can have the calls sent to any phone using a phone number that you get to choose. It's not your "real" number so no one can track you down. You can get your messages through email or texts directly to your cell phone, or choose to answer your calls directly. There is also a way to post calls to your blog. I used to do this a few years ago before that server died.

    This is all new and you can read about it here.

    Give it a try! What have you got to lose?

    What do you think of this new blog template?


    SoCal Sal said...

    What’s your number Sweetie?

    BTW, you can drunk dial me anytime!

    SignGurl said...

    Click on the box in the post and it will dial me.

    Big Pissy said...

    that's so cool!

    I'll have to give it a try. :)

    Donna said...

    Hey thanks for your note and well wishes! No worries -- you don't need money to be a supporter/cheerleader. :)

    BTExpress said...

    I'll give you my real number if you promise to drunk dial me and be naughty.

    Evening said...

    Your new blog template looks like spring!!!!

    That is so cool about the phone calls. I have never heard of that.

    SIMPLY ME said...

    I'm confused, but sure Tony can help me. Love your polka dots. I did new template this week too, my fav shoes....flip flops!

    Lori said...

    You know, I saw this advertised on blogger's dashboard but if I'm gonna call someone...I'm gonna do it directly...hehehehhee.

    I LOVE your new template. Can you tell me where I can do that? I mean, I'm not sure how to put my own background on the page. I've tried figuring out the html but...I'm sorta a hands on girl.

    Lara said...

    I tend to prefer more subtle templates for myself, but the bright colors are definitely you! It's a great way to feel more cheerful with the winter blah, isn't it! LOL