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    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Snow Day?

    Yesterday morning I hauled my tired butt out of bed not looking forward to the frigid temperatures. The wind chills had been in the -22 below range. That's -54 to you Europeans and Canadians. Chilly, to say the least.

    I traipsed into both girls' rooms and got them moving for the day.

    Five minutes before I had to take #1 to school, the phone rang and it was the school district. They have an automated system that emails and calls all parents in our large district when need be. The message said that school was being delayed for two hours. WTF? I mean, I know it's cold, but it's been colder.

    I should preface this by telling you that our school district, being urban, rarely, if ever closes school. It's infamous for sending kids to school, risking life and limb of both the students and hard working teachers.

    Can you see that temperature over there on the right side of the picture? That is the actual air temperature. Note the time. --------------->

    Needless to say, I was perturbed to think that we had all drug ourselves out of bed for nothing.

    We all sat around staring at each other, waiting for the two hours to pass. Forty minutes later, the phone rang again. The school district had now closed the district.

    I'm one of the lucky people whose work schedule is flexible since I work for family. My heart went out to the parents that had their daily routines disrupted not once, but twice causing them to have to scramble to make arrangements for child care.

    I decided to take the girls to work with me. Upon rushing out there, I realized that I didn't even have any work to do. So, now I had gotten up for no reason, drug my kids in sub zero temps only to find that I had driven many miles for nothing. *sigh*

    We decided to drive a little further and visit my dad who has recently had surgery so the day wasn't a total loss.

    While watching the news last night, it was reported that the reason the district closed was because more than 20 of the buses would not start due to the cold weather. Lucky for us, the district called this morning at 5:30 am to assure us that school would go on as planned. Grrr!!


    SoCal Sal said...

    Ben through it but I just can’t imagine it anymore. Jeez! I won’t go into how nice it is here.

    kimmyk said...

    we had a 2 hour delay yesterday and then today my phone rang at 6am telling me we were on a 2 hour delay then again 20 mins. later to tell me it closed and to have a nice day. i like the automated phone calls. that is when i get the call.

    apparently one of the schools close to us [small town school] their school levy didn't pass and all the students within a 2 mile radius must walk to school now because they can't afford the busing and it's that thinking [students walking in sub zero temps] that have schools closing now. which is good-i'd hate to think that my child had to walk 2 miles to school in this winter wonderland.

    sorry to hear about your dad-i hope he's feeling better!

    jillie said...

    Kids out here have NO clue what a snow day or weather like that. I loved it cos my friends would come over and we'd sled down our hills and my mom would let us play in the basement and make us hot chocolate. When your 8 or 9, it was never too cold because you were dressed like the mini michelin tire man....lol!!

    But all in all, sounds like you guys had a nice day after all ;o)

    Sicilian said...

    bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It kind of surprises me that they don't have heaters on the blocks of their buses, but then maybe that wasn't the problem.
    Oh well it gave everyone a great excuse to relax and enjoy the togetherness :)

    BTExpress said...

    Tired butt. Butt, that's hot. :-)

    barman said...

    Wow, that does not sound good. Glad you made something out of the day after all.

    I was watching (weather up here) from the Detroit area (which was several degrees warmer) and could not believe there was more than one day below zero. Looks like I picked a good time to skip town.

    Anonymous said...

    I really can't imagine that kinda cold! oh, sign gurl! i wanna Fed-ex some of our 70 degree weather we been havin' down in Hotlanta, baby. I'm sending it today!

    Have a good one! :)