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    Sunday, March 02, 2008

    Little Kids Are Wicked

    Mr. Sign, the girls, my sister and BIL and many more played laser tag last night at Zap Zone. Let me first say that it was our family's first attempt at playing this game. They put you in this tiny room with 29 other people and try to explain in 2/4 time what you are supposed to do. I couldn't tell you my name after trying to figure out what these people were telling me.

    I strapped on a vest that looked like this (although not as nice): My code name was Ranger. Immediately upon entering the dark maze, I was shot by some 9 year old kid which renders your gun impotent for 5 seconds. As soon as my vest came back on, another freaking little bastard came around a corner and shot me again. I hadn't even got one shot off. I wandered around trying to find a hiding place so I didn't get obliterated any more, not really knowing what the hell I was doing. Because it's dark, the only way you can tell if someone is on your team is to look for the flashing lights on the front and back of their vests. I'm sure I shot some people on my own team.

    The maze had three levels but it seemed that everyone always seems to be in the area that I was.

    I really sucked pretty bad at my first game, placing 24th out of 29 people. I decided to try a new approach for the second game. I hid in an area that was near two of the ramps. As people came up the ramp, I would jump out and shoot them and then retreat. I was sure I was killing at this game. My accuracy had to be pretty awesome since I wasn't wasting any shots.

    I was ready to get my score, knowing that I had to be number 4 at least because of my new tactic. Imagine my disappointment when I got my score and I placed 28th out of 29. How the hell did that happen? My accuracy improved, but my overall score sucked!

    The third game I was out for blood. I didn't care that there were little, and I mean little kids in there. I was a war machine trained to down anyone who posed a threat. This also included Mr. Sign and daughter #2. They were easy targets as I jumped out and obliterated them, rendering their lasers useless against my stealth like abilities. I rocked it, people!

    Final scores came back and I had done slightly better, earning 20th place out of 29. I'm sure that the only people that did worse than me were the few other loser parents that were in there with their sweaty, smelly teen aged boys. Did I mention that the whole place smelled like sweat socks in the boys locker room (yes, I've been in a few locker rooms)? I can only attribute this to all of the testosterone that flows through that place.

    I think this is something that we as a family will do again. I need to hone my skills so I can beat those snotty nosed little devils.

    I got to cross off another activity that I've always wanted to do but was held back by my weight. I could have never fit on the vest that is required for play. I'm so happy that I'm able to participate on a physical level with my kids instead of hearing it second hand because I wasn't there.


    Lori said...

    Girl, I need to take a page from your book. Although I am overweight, it's more my age and laziness that keeps me from doing stuff like this. Since I have a young boy I sorta feel sorry for him at times.
    Glad you had fun and good luck on honing the skills so you can kick some SNK's! LOL

    Big Pissy said...

    Good for you! another thing to check off our list. :)

    barman said...

    Ah you did about as good as me. Should you go again, espcially to that place since I know where it is, I would love an invite. Keep it in mind. Hey maybe you get stack the deck so there are not so many snot nose kids there to begin with.

    I only played two games but I knew more in the second game and I felt I was doing worse even before the equipment really messed up.

    So that place smells? I guess I am not surprised. I do not remember that where I went but you know, I bet it did too.

    Oh and my foot... I fell down my stairs at home and landed on my left foot. It hurt like crazy but about day 3 it started to get better. Now it still hurts but it is getting much better. So yep, I think I have Jillie tendencies. I am worried.

    SignGurl said...

    Lori~ I hear ya! It is fun to get out there and act young once in a while.

    Pissy~ Next on the list is sky diving, unless I chicken out.

    Barman~ I thought about calling you last night, but it was so last minute that I didn't think you would make it. For sure I'll give you a call next time. I hope your foot is feeling better.

    lime said...

    the sweaty smell in the dark must have been quite the experience. i must say there is a very special pungence to a sweaty teen boy.

    still, sounds like a good time.

    gab said...

    lol sounds like you had a blast either way. But you go practice and go back and try again and tell us you hit at least # 2 in ratings! lol Im afraid I'd never be able to play that game

    Susy said...

    great story, great blog...Great moment even if it did smell. LOL :)

    Yippeeskip said...

    I love laser tag. I went with a group of housewives once and we had a blast without the kids and busting caps.

    jillie said...

    I have ALWAYS wanted to do lazer tag. It looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!


    snowelf said...

    Whoo! Go Jenn!!

    You know the danger of reading REALLY great blogs at work is that when they are funny, I laugh out loud and then everyone asks me why.
    So if you suddenly get an influx of blog readers from WI, I'll take the blame. ;)