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    Sunday, April 06, 2008


    Mr. Sign and I have been lucky enough to have my parents around to take the girls off our hands a couple of weekends a month. I cannot tell you how much this makes me a better mother. I often feel like a lackluster mother when both of my girls need my attention. It's so tiring to have everyone want a piece of you and I'm not always as attentive as I should be with my children.

    My youngest talks non stop from the second her eyes open in the morning until she finally crashes in bed at night. Sometimes she talks in her sleep. This would all be great if she talked about important things. Most of the time she wants to tell me about some dream she had, a book she's reading or a TV show she watched. I finally had to tell her to learn to condense her versions. This kid gives every little unnecessary detail about everything including what color underwear she has on. Argh! I love her to death, but my brain is on overload already.

    Because of this incessant flapping of the lips, I sometimes miss important things she's telling me. This makes me a bad mother.

    Anywho, I feel rejuvenated when I get at least a 12 hour break from "Talk Talk" (her nickname). I'm much nicer to Mr. Sign who also always seems to need every moment of my attention as well.

    So I say, "Thank you, God, for making Grandparents," and allowing me time to rejuvenate to be a better mother.


    SWIZZLE STICK said...

    I hear you! I wish we had grandparents that live closer, our only "sanity provider" costs $10 an hour!

    PS: Our youngest is a talker too!He spent over 40 minutes last week explaining how the cotton got attached to the q-tip...

    Lara said...

    Three things.

    1) Can I adopt your parents?

    2) No wonder you didn't blog for a couple of days!

    3) You forgot to write about the marathon sex. :P

    Glad you had a great weekend!

    G-Man said...

    Marathon Sex Again???

    I'm suprised this post got typed!!

    Have a good one Signgurl!
    (or 2 or 3)


    kimmyk said...

    LOL! Abbie is the same way. She didn't start talking til she was 4 years old and ever since she hasn't shut up. There are times when she's rambling on about something and I'm left trying to figure out if it's real life or tv. Most of the time she's rehashing something she saw on tv and I have to tell her to give me the cliff note version cause i'm fading fast. So I get ya!!!!

    God bless grandparents!

    snowelf said...

    Oh I HEAR YOU!!
    Woobie talks and talks and talks! And Talks!

    He's almost four, and I once saw a sign in a children's museum that read how many questions a four year old asks in a day and I swear, he has to exceed that number... Getting away is always refreshing--even just going to work has made me a better mother!! :)


    ...And you DID have marathon sex, didn't you?! ;)

    barman said...

    Glad you are able to get away from time to time. It really is important. I am looking at scheduling sanity breaks at work with me partner in crime at work going away. I once had something similar happen before and in the I had more than I could handle and ended up getting fired (the only time other than from a when I once worked at a party store). Anyway it is so important. Yea you.

    I can so see #2 being a talker. Cute for a while but then a little hard to take. My Mom go on and on and on about things and tosses in that color of the underwear too. I end up tuning out. Not good.

    Lori said...

    OMG Jenn! I can SO relate! My second oldest, Mandy, is EXACTLY like that! She had to tell us every detail of every dream every day. And she had some doozies. Now that she's grown, with a family of her own, living over a thousand miles away from home, I get the condensed version. However, it's mixed with everything else the family is doing...in a conversation on the phone every weekend that lasts at LEAST an hour! lol

    Susy said...

    My son does that too. The minute his foot hits the floor his mouth starts moving. I find sometimes I'm not hearing him when I should be.

    Time alone... Aww BETTER YOU FOR TODAY! I liked Lara comments too. :)

    Yippeeskip said...

    As long as Mr. Sign doesn't talk during marathon sex you should be fine and have a nice break.
    Taylor's a talker too.

    Donna said...

    I totally understand. I always say, the fact that I work full-time, makes me a better Mom. LOL My "talk-talk" is in the "why?" stage. Last night she laid down in bed, we shut out the light and she asked, "Why is the Sun so hot?" Then stated that "space men are the only ones who can go to the sun 'cause of their helmets" She wanted more explanation on space travel and the heat of the sun before she'd go to sleep. And here we thought a Dora book would wind her down for sleep. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, how i agree with the sentiment that grandparents are the greatest! I thank God for them, indeed, sign gurl. :)

    Have a great day!

    Anonymous said...

    Why is it that most of our younger (or youngest) kids are the big talkers? I am constantly asking my daughters "Do I really need to know what you're telling me?" I miss living closer to the grandmas!

    lalepro said...

    I have to ask my husband for topic sentences. He sees the world in so much more detail than I do, that I, too, tend to lose the red thread in what he's trying to tell.


    Strumpet said...


    You are an awesome mom. I just have to say that.

    You have a daughter who feels comfortable and confident talking openly about EVERYTHING.

    This is a GOOD thing.

    Trust me.

    Even if you are too busy to be able to pick-up on EVERY detail, it's okay. It happens.

    I'm glad you have grandparents around who are taking a part in your children's lives as well.

    That's so awesome for so many reasons.

    And I think you are really awesome too.

    You and your marathon sex.