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    Monday, April 07, 2008

    Day At The Park

    This week is Spring Break for our girls. #1 has softball practice every day so I thought I would spend some quality time with #2 since I had a day off. It was 72 degrees and sunny. We walked to the park and we both got to play.

    I haven't climbed on the monkey bars in 25 years. It's a little harder than I remembered.

    I haven't had this much fun since, well, this past weekend ;)

    After we left the park, we walked another mile and a half. This was after I worked out this morning. I think I'm going to feel this in the morning.

    I can only remember driving to the park. We never walked and I rarely played with them. I usually sat on the bench observing. Weight loss surgery has really given me the opportunity to become a participant in my children's lives again and for that I am very thankful.


    The Savage said...

    That sooooooo rocks.... I want a set of monkey bars back behind the house.... 'twould be of awesomeness!

    BTExpress said...

    That's great!

    BTExpress said...

    Oh, I forgot. Tag, your it! You've been tagged!

    Big Pissy said...

    I've NEVER been any good on monkey bars....no upper body strength! lol

    glad you had fun! :)

    jillie said...

    What a fantastic day you had with your daughter!!!!

    Love the pictures!

    G-Man said...

    So thats where you were!!
    You and Monkey Bars...

    Donna said...

    Loving the outdoor fun! :)

    cadbury_vw said...

    i get a little misty eyed when i read about all the things you are able to do now

    all that living

    lime said...

    wheeeeeeee!!! good fun good fun! thanks for sharing. and as to your last post. thank god for grandparents like that!

    barman said...

    Weeeee.... Jump off the swing now.

    Those pictures look wonderful. How fantastic is that. I have not been on a swing in ages. Now you got me wanting to go to the park.

    Strumpet said...

    You are simply the coolest mom.

    You are also an inspiration for me to go and find a swingset.

    You look amazingly adorable and scrumptious on that swing, Sign-babe.

    You truly, truly do.