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    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    OCD or Obsessions?

    I have some major issues with things. I'm going to list them here:

    • Money must be put in my wallet (or pocket) facing the same direction with the denominations going from smallest to largest. I can't handle backward upside down money all willy nilly in my presence.
    • The transfer tape at work must be arranged in order of size from smallest to largest.

    • The vinyl must be organized by color families at work.

    • Clothes must all hang on hangers facing the same direction (left) arranged by color and sleeve length.
    • Folded clothes must also be folded in the same direction.
    • The toilet seat must always be down. I don't care if the lid isn't closed. I'm not a total freak.
    • I have to eat cheese popcorn with a spoon so that my fingers don't turn orange.
    • White clothes must always have bleach added to the laundry.
    • I weigh myself at least 4 times a day.
    • The first thing I have to do when I come home is wash my hands and I use anti bacterial gel in my car after every place I go. I can't handle the thought of other peoples' germs crawling around on me. My germs are ok though.
    • I touch nothing with my hands in bathrooms. I open doors and turn off the water using paper towels and flush with my foot.
    • Documenting what I eat has become an obsession.
    These are just a few that I can think of. Do you have any "crazy" things that make you insane?


    lime said...

    i am so glad to see yo uhave your vinyl properly organized. i'm quite serious. every since i was small i had to put my crayons away in their box according to rainbow order. i had a hard time with the kids how put their crayons in any old order and god help the classmates who put the crayons in the box point down. oh the horror!

    i'm kinda neurotic about how my sheets and towels are folded to. i even did a post demonstrating proper technique a long time ago.

    oh and dishwasher packing too. there's a particular method to that as well.

    Anonymous said...

    I eat cheese popcorn with a spoon too, sign gurl!! oh, we were meant to be blog buddies, my dear! it is very practical to do so though. all that cheesiness on the fingers-i hate that. so us using spoons is damn intelligent i say!

    hope you had a great weekend, g-friend. :)

    G-Man said...

    How about the toilet paper...?
    OVER the top I hope!!
    Don't get weird on me!!

    cadbury_vw said...

    i got trained to handle cash and to put all the heads in the same direction and such. i'm pretty freaky about it - i've always wanted my money to be flat (a single fold in the middle in my pocket is ok). i have been known to iron money...

    cd's/tapes/albums should be alphabetically organised

    clothes on hangers - check
    clothes in drawers, direction - check

    the antibacterial gel thing... not so much. My girlfriend is pretty much an antibacterial gel freak, though

    you're not so strange ;-P

    gab said...

    Oh hun my whole life is insane! lol
    But I do have to ask one question? Your in a graocery store and you have just been handed money back..do stand there and fix it and put in your wallet while everyone else is waiting behind you? Or do you leave and do it out in your car or once you get home? Me? I just drop it to the bottom of my purse and fix it when I get home.

    gab said...

    Oh and I love my fingers getting orange I then can stick them into my mouth for that last little flavor lol

    Lara said...

    LOL I am SO gonna blog something similar. I've thought for a long time about it, but haven't had the time to actually take the photos I needed to use to illustrate it. (either that or I've been too lazy... or too embarrassed. Not sure which one.)

    Kim H. said...

    WOW! I really feel like I don't have any obsessions at this point... :-)

    Donna said...

    I'm with "gab". What fun is a spoon? :)

    Yippeeskip said...

    I used to have alot of OCD issues, my CD's alphabetically organized, but I don't use CD's anymore, my clothes color coordinated on their hangers.
    Ok, here's one. books from tallest to smallest left to right.

    Lori said...

    LOL I absolutely LOVE your lists Jenn. I'm thinking you just might have a touch of OCD...lol

    HUGS girlie

    Flyinfox_SATX said...

    I have an obsession with paper...Don't know why but I just do. I am always writing on something.


    kimmyk said...

    Do you have any "crazy" things that make you insane?
    Yeah. My family.

    jillie said...

    LOL....you sound a lot like me!!! My closet is the same way. Robert's on the other hand...well, he can put his side of the closet any way he wants. My money too. I can't leave the counter UNTIL it's organized. Otherwise I'm a mess and I feel mixed up...hahahahahaha!

    Toilet paper MUST hang over the roll. Even if I am someone's house or at work and the tp is hanging the wrong way, I'll change it on them....lol!!!

    Strumpet said...

    I used to be OCD WAY more than I am now.

    But, I am still slightly.

    There are things I cannot partake in because I KNOW how OCD I am about them and it drives me insane.

    Like cleaning.

    I am now OCD about NOT cleaning, because when I make the decision to do one little cleaning task it will take me the entire day instead of twenty minutes because I am SO OCD about it.

    So, I'd rather not do it and save myself the mental hardship.

    I've been a happier person since I've decided this.

    But, little things, I still do them incessantly.

    Money facing the same way, smallest bills on top, folded once and put into my wallet.

    My closet is organized by the clothes facing the same way, but is currently divided into two sections.

    One half is all shirts that I have already worn to school this semester so that I do not wear the same thing to school twice.

    The jeans I don't care about, but the t-shirts....I simply have too many to wear the same one twice in a single semester.

    This is how anal I am.

    There are many, many, MANY things I could list. Things that are absolutely insane.

    I commend you for talking about yours.

    It makes me feel slightly better about my own OCD issues.

    However, I always try to tell myself that I could be heaps worse.

    I don't have numbered routines or anything.

    So, I know it is more analness than it it OCD.

    I've just always been stuck somewhere in that stage in my development.

    Yippeeskip said...

    I thought of another one-I try on at least 3 different outfits before I decide on what to wear. It is so fun having clothes choices now.