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    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    100 Ways Wednesdays, Pt. 5

    This is the fourth installment of 100 Ways Wednesdays. I'm in the process of listing 100 ways my life has been changed by weight loss. I will have a new list of 10 every week until I reach one hundred.

    I'm encouraging people to list their own 100 ways. It could be 100 ways your life is better because of being a parent. Or, 100 ways your life is better because of your education.

    A few people are doing their own lists, including SnowElf, Pam, Evalinn, Susy, Donna and Yippeeskip. Please check them out as they are all kinds of awesomeness.

    On with my list. You can see Part 1 , part 2, part 3 ,part 4.

    41 ♣ I can cross my legs and feel quite comfortable that way.

    42 ♣ Tying my shoes no longer requires me to hold my breath while I struggle to get down there.

    43 ♣ Shaving my legs takes two minutes instead of 10 because they are much smaller.

    44 ♣ I can fit in my bathtub.

    45 ♣ Saying "no" is now in my vocabulary.

    46 ♣ Eating healthy is a way of life. I'm sad about all the fake food I fed my family.

    47 ♣ I am able to use leftovers, making them into completely different meals because I'm not too lazy.

    48 ♣ Keeping up with other people's pace doesn't leave me wheezing and gasping for breath.

    49 ♣ For the first time in my life, I feel like I am destined for great things.

    50 ♣ Being "normal" is becoming a reality. I don't immediately let my size deter me from doing something.

    (click to enlarge)
    Please let me know if you have started your own list so that I can link and visit you.


    jillie said...

    The incredible shrinking woman!! You never cease to amaze me. ((BIG HUGS)) to you Jenn!!!


    snowelf said...

    41. I remember that--my hips and thighs were gigantic and my knees always hurt. Then my feet would fall asleep--and I'd get stuck between my seat and my steering wheel when I tried to get my fat butt out of my car since I was so short I have to sit really close and there wasn't enough room--ugh!

    42. Whoo hoo!!!! :D

    43. This is DEFINITELY a plus!! I shave my legs everyday--which I just thought I'd mention since I didn't comment about your "things I am quirky about" list. ;)

    44. And there is NOTHING like a relaxing bubble bath!! :)

    45. So.Very.Important. In every area of life.

    46. Aw, don't feel bad. Cause you know better, you do better--and that's what makes life awesome--the ability to change. I have to say that the best thing I gained from eating healthy and eating more fruits and veggies, was that my whole family's attitudes seemed to change just because I know we all felt better. :)

    47. I'm still lazy. :P heheh! But actually I have to be so careful about portion sizes that I don't usually have leftovers. Do you have something that is your family's favorite?

    48. You must love to go out and do things now--how absolutely liberating.

    49. I can completely understand this--the "being destined" and "feeling destined" are two completely different things. I am so happy for you and your newfound confidence!!

    50. I loved how you put "normal" in quotes. ;) hehehe.

    You are all kinds of awesomeness for sure.


    --snow, who actually worked out three times this week! YAY!! :)

    Anonymous said...

    I believe you have ALWAYS been destined for great things, sign gurl! i am so glad you can see that now because you are such an amazing inspiration to so many people. :) Have a great day!

    G-Man said...

    Great list baby...
    Sorry we couldn't get together...work Work Work!
    You are such a beautiful woman, it's an honor to be your friend...G

    barman said...

    45, 49 and 50 say tons. I do not doubt you are destined for something wonderful. From what I can tell you have always had the drive and were more than capable of doing almost anything. Isn't it amazing to "think" thin now. Well you know what I mean. I lost a lot of weight at one time but never did get to where I thought that way. I still was hving second thoughts about clothes and chairs and... That sounds wonderful.

    lime said...

    i think you've already acheived some great things, jenn. i do agree there is more to come though. :)

    another terrific list.

    evalinn said...

    Just wow! I hope u´re enjoying your baths! (I don´t have a tub, which kind of sucks.)

    The Savage said...

    I'm changing my name to "Great Things" (wink)

    Evening said...

    Gosh, you look just fantastic, I am so happy for you. It is wonderful that you can do all these things now.
    Do you watch the Biggest Loser? It is my only "must see" show during the week. I admire those people so much. They become so strong and healthy and the determination is amazing. Changing your whole way of life is such a big task and it seems you have done that too. It isn't easy to eat right all the time and exercise, especially if it isn't something you have always done. Congratulations to you on your life style changes. You are a role model.


    Strumpet said...

    I gotta say, the difference in those two pics is AMAZING.

    But, I also have to say that I really like the one with the flowers being clenched by your teeth. It's a really cute pic.

    I love reading these lists.

    They are really inspirational on so many levels.

    I'm with Lime too, I think that you have achieved many great things already, (your children, your work, your documentation of your experience and inspiring others, your hotness, I could go on...)

    ...but OF COURSE I KNOW that you are destined for so many more as well. It must be an awesome feeling to have that outlook on your life. Again, truly inspirational.

    And baths...I think I'm addicted to them.

    I have a serious obsession with buying bath toiletries.

    I'm going through a bit of a withdrawal right now, cos it's kind of an expensive habit.

    Even though I fit in my tub, I would still do just about anything for one double the size and with those jetty things. That would just be way too cool.

    Yippeeskip said...

    I thought of you when I looked in the back of my jeep and saw a water backpack for hiking and a wetsuit-life sure has changed for us eh?