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    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Cellular Devices

    I've had a Chocolate for a little over a year. I love this phone because it's an MP3 player with headphones that you can also make calls with. This comes in handy at work and when I exercise.

    The first two phones sucked and I demanded that they give me the newer version. I had that phone until the screen went blank on Saturday night at the bachelorette party.

    It could have had something to do with the fact that I didn't have pockets in my dress so I used what every woman has the advantage of using instead, my bra. Well, lets just say that when the temperatures are above 85 degrees, it's Salsa dancing night and raining, some moisture might just happen to get into said cellular device. I kind of left that part out of the story when I went to see my buddies at the store.

    Lucky for me, the manager decided that I deserved a new phone free of charge. I was sweating it, because to replace the phone would have been $189. After 2 hours spent in the store sorting things out, I went on my way with my new one.

    The new phone seemed to work, at least until I tried using my brand new head sets (I bought 2 last week on sale). It sounded like someone was yelling into a tin can. If I twisted the jack, it would work, but I had to hold the cord. What a pain!

    I again braved the store where you lose hours of your life to find out what was wrong with the phone. I was pretty sure it was the port. I told this to a lovely young lady who was getting ready to leave for the day. She did not listen to me and would not listen on my head set. Instead she used hers (which is ok by me because I don't want her germs anyway). She said that hers worked fine and that she would give me new headsets.

    She gave me the new headsets and said, "Thank you, goodbye". I asked her to wait while I tried the new headsets. Surprise! Neither of them worked, to which she rolled her eyes.

    A wonderful technician guy was working and he told me that he would check out my phone. He even listened on my headset and said, "This is crap!" It must be your port. Thank you!! I've been saying that for the last 45 minutes.

    So new guy gives me yet another phone (my 5th) and the two new headsets. I was so thankful to him that I bought an extended battery for my phone that should last much longer.

    I'm hoping this one last longer than the last four.


    Dark Lady said...

    Gotta give you credit for sticking with the chocolate!
    I was looking at the Juke but the kids all say to stay away!

    stalkermom said...

    Oh those damn phones!

    Lori said...

    Damn...5 phones? I think I'd be packing it in with that phone company. I'm sort of impatient.

    Hope this one lasts for a while. Keep it away from your boobs would ya?! lol

    S said...

    I am happy that phone thing worked out.
    Customer service can really turn you grey.

    barman said...

    Is that what I have to look forward to? So far I do nto use the phone that much so I have not even used my extended battery yet. Of course I really have not used the MP3 part so that makes a big difference.

    I hear you on the um, sweat box you had going. I used to be able to do that with an analog watch just wearing it on my wrist. At least one thing, no one can accuse you of not being "hot"!

    Sicilian said...

    I wanted a phone like that until I heard this story. . . . sounds like I need to rethink my choice.

    G-Man said...

    I think your brain gives off weird electrical energy...Jeez!