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    Thursday, August 07, 2008

    Thursday Portrait

    I give you a little piece of the paradise I've enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.

    Drinks by the pool:

    A view from the dune I climbed
    on the shore of Lake Michigan:

    View off of the diving board:

    Me, totally relaxed in the anti-gravity chair:

    Ahhh....don't you feel better now?


    G-Man said...

    You looki like a beautiful lobster!
    (or is that just my shot color card?)
    Very pretty feet BTW...G

    G-Man said...

    (In my very best Spanish soccer announcer voice)

    barman said...

    Very nice and might I say that diving board picture so reminds me of a perfume commercial. But yes, you are looking a little toasty there. Better flip over.

    lime said...

    relaxed AND a little envious! very niiiiiice.

    Missy said...

    Great picci's have a nice thursday see ya friday lol

    Mojo said...

    Actually yes, I feel much better.
    Stop by sometime if you get a chance!

    S said...

    Um waitaminit, your suit is by the pool and not ON your body!
    Woo hoo!

    Lori said...

    hehe It's been a great time, no?
    Have a great weekend hun! HUGS