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    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    Flash 55, Take 51

    Watching the crescent moon rise reminds me that fall is in the air. The crispness of the air and the smell of dry leaves crackling under my feet makes me feel like a child again, about to fall into a giant pile of colors.

    Fall colors give way to my favorite time, snow play, yay!


    If you are interested in attempting to write a 55, you can visit here to learn about it.
    If you do one, go tell G-Man that you did.



    Mojo said...

    Wow... I'm first? Well damn!

    I love this time of year too. The summers here can be downright oppressive, and I'm really ready for a break by the time fall finally arrives. And bonus?

    Hockey season starts tonight!

    Oh, and you should come by and check out my Sky Watch Friday photo... based on this, I think you'll dig it!

    Go Canes! *wink*

    Mojo said...

    PS: Yahtzee!

    Mona said...

    Yaay! happy days are here again it seems! ;)

    Great55ve Jenn!

    Akelamalu said...

    I'm definitely a summer person but you made fall sound so beautiful I could be swayed! Well played. :)

    Lori said...

    Great Flash 55!!!

    ciara said...

    i'm definitely a summer person myself, but i love how descriptive you were in the 55. i can tell that you really love that time of year. great 55, jen :)

    i can't be anywhere to cold. i'm hypothyroid so i'm cold most of the time anyways lol i can't even hold a cold drink for more than a minute w/o my entire body getting cold AND my hand start hurting.

    barman said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    barman said...

    I love the fall. Winter, not so much. But there is something about the smells that are in the air in the fall and again in the spring. Very different smells. In the spring it is that raw earth smell that is simply incredible. Now it is those leaves and all their splendor, and burning leaves, the frost, and so much more. It all sets a mood. I really love this time of year. of course college football and also hockey does not hurt either.

    Oh and their is one more thing great about fall ... blogrolling is back!!! OK, maybe that is not a fall thing but it is back. I can see everyone once again.

    Missy said...

    Yay!! Love the fall too. Your way is much colder than Oklahoma though. We don't get near the snow y'all get. Maybe you can box me some up and ship it.

    Have a great weekend Jenn.

    G-Man said...

    See...I knew you had it in you!!

    The 55 that is!

    Great Job Jenn...Thanks...xo

    Mojo said...

    Got a minute?
    I was hoping you might stop by and sign the virtual birthday card I posted for Lime.