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    Sunday, November 23, 2008

    Bullets Galore!

    I've decided that using bullets is the laziest easiest way to blog for me right now. I'm not sure I'm able to make complete sentences, so bear with me.

    • The upcoming holidays are making me ambivalent for more than one reason. I wish I didn't have to put up decorations because I'm a Grinch at heart right now.
    • December is normally my favorite month of the year, but not this year. First we have our 19th wedding anniversary, my 40th birthday in Vegas, Christmas and finally New Years Eve. All of these festivities are leaving me feeling cold.
    • Every day I am reminded of how much I have to be thankful for. My girls amaze me every day with one thing or another. They are healthy, articulate, brilliant, beautiful, talented, loving etc. I could go on for days...
    • Both of my maternal grandparents are still alive and living on their own. I don't want to think about life without them.
    • My love for my electric blanket is bordering on insanity. I want to go to bed at 6 PM every night.
    • Do any of you read my Twitter updates at the top of this blog? I ♥ Twitter.
    • The fitness magazine has contacted me and now I'm having a hard time deciding which pictures to use. They have offered to take a new after shot, but I dread the idea of not having control over the picture. I am so critical of myself that way.
    • Most of you have no idea how much my life is really sucking right now. It's ok to be confused, because I sure am.
    • Could these bullets be more bi polar?
    • I have become one of the best music CD makers ever! My kids love me for that.
    • Thinking of quitting my day job to become a go go dancer (as long as I can keep my clothes on. Ahaha!!
    • People never cease to amaze me. I thoroughly enjoy watching their faces as they figure out that I'm not as dumb as I appear although I admit to using that to my advantage when playing Poker.
    • Dancing in my car makes me laugh, especially when other drivers are watching.
    That is all for now. Toodles!


    G-Man said...

    Now dancing ON your car...That would really be something!!!!

    Here's a (((((HUGE HUG))))) for you Signgurl....xox

    g-man said...

    hahahaha...I came first!!!

    g-man said...

    Or is it arrived?

    SignGurl said...

    You are freaking me out here with your dual personalities. Who's bi-polar now?

    barman said...

    Holidays and I are not getting along either. I think I know right what you mean.

    If you become a go-go dancer then the best you could hope for was wearing a bikini I would think. And go-go dancers probably work past 6:00 PM so no electric blanket for you.

    I catch your twitter update most of the time. This time I did not.

    Sorry life is sucking. *hugs*

    I think it is funny people think you are dumb. What fools they are.

    I have done more swaying or moving to the music but not really car dancing. I was first introduced to car dancing by a friend in Alberta Canada. To funny. And yes I get strange looks too.

    Sicilian said...

    Gurl. . . . You're worrying me. . . . I know it is cold . . . . I know it is dark early. . . . but I am thinking that this go to bed early thing is a flag. . . . . thinking you need to contact a doc. . . . . there may be a medical reason . . . . your chemistries could be out of whack which would be making you feel crappy. . . .
    I rarely read your twitter stuff. . . . I am hoping things get better.

    The Savage said...

    So... is life like turning you into a big hickey?

    Hugs and stuff....

    so could you like make me a killer mix tape? errr cd?

    Susy said...


    KJ said...

    You're a car dancer too???

    Love it!!!

    I'm a fan of the bullet.

    Notice I didn't specify exactly what type of bullet.

    SignGurl said...

    Barman~ Car dancing is really quite freeing. You can act as stoopid as you want because, hopefully, you will never see those MF'ers again, lol!

    Sicilian~ Thank you for worrying about me. I don't go to bed at 6. I just want to because right now that is the only warm place in my house. It's cold up here. I am working with a therapist and he is really helping me work through this stuff.

    Savage~ Hit me up on my email and I'll send you a disc. I'm not sure you would like what I'm mixing now because it's all dance/electronica stuff.

    Susy~ Thanks for the smile!

    KJ~ hehe! You made me laugh. I love bullets too.

    lime said...

    well hugs on the ambivalent and sucktastic parts. sharing the giggles on the good/funny parts. what say for your birthday, you do the gogo dancing and i do the pole dancing...both of us keep our clothes on though. gotta make 40 fun to live through it.

    What the Chuck said...

    Hi SG,

    Well, if I were anywhere close to Michigan, I'd make you a big ole margarita and set you under a sun-lamp.

    My newest hobby is tasting tequila. Well,drinking it, too ;-)



    masgblog said...

    I totally know how you are feeling right now. I just wish that we could skip right past December....

    Angi said...

    I dance in the car too!! For the same reason!!