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    Monday, November 17, 2008


    • I bought a size 10 pair of jeans a few weeks back. Granted, these are very generous size 10's but the tag says 10! My largest jean size was a 36W. In case you are keeping track, that's 13 sizes and 26 inches. Whew!
    • The fitness magazine still hasn't called me for an interview. I'm a little bummed that it might not happen.
    • My 40th birthday is next month.
    • Mr. Sign planned a trip to Las Vegas with my two best friends and my sister and her husband. His 40th is the day after mine so we will celebrate together at midnight.
    • A few months ago, I was looking forward to 40, but now I'm feeling old.
    • A guy, who must have been really drunk, told me that he thought I was 25.
    • I played poker this weekend and beat the pants off of 6 men. I love that they assume I'm an idiot because I'm blonde. Hehe!
    • It snowed here this weekend and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Normally I love the snow, but I'm hating the cold that comes with it.
    • My weight seems to be pretty stable right now. I'd love to lose another 15 pounds but I'm not sure what drastic measures I would have to take to do it.
    • One of my best friends hadn't seen me in a while and tried to convince me not to lose any more weight. It's hard for people who are used to seeing you heavy. I am by no means as small as I need to be.
    • The girls went deer hunting this weekend and neither of them got one. #1 did get a shot off, but the deer was out of range.


    KJ said...

    *booty shake*

    I'm on top!!!

    I wanna go to Vegas

    G-Man said...

    Thats all you did?

    lime said...

    you definitely don't look 40. you're gorgeous and hey look....i made it to 40 and lived to tell the tale. you'll make it, jenn.

    ciara said...

    believe me, 40 is not all that bad. have you been to vegas before? if not, i think you'll like it. plenty of things to do if you're not a gambler.

    i'm going to vegas next month myself to see my oldest & my parents. girls will be spending a week out there w their dad. i lived there for 21 yrs so i never really do 'the strip' lol

    btw, i agree w lime, you def do not look 40

    Missy said...

    While 40 is a milestone, it's just the beginning towards better things. With age comes maturity, contentment, satisfaction, and a I don't give a durn attitude because I've been there done that :)

    Girl embrace this, love it, and celebrate it. Age is relative, the mindset of numbers can bring people down, it's what you do in this year of turning 40 that is important, not the numbers.


    barman said...

    Impressive, size 10 is nice.

    It sounds like we have some celebrating to do with you two hitting an 0 birthday. Do what I do with gas (or at least used to) do it, get it over with, try not to pay it to much attention. You are probably in a lot better shape now then you have been in a long time. Enjoy before you hit 50 or worse...

    I am not drunk and I think you easily look in your early 30's so there!

    When I lost 100 pounds I got that all the time. People are so used to how you look that you just look strange, maybe even sickly when you lose a lot of weight. Pay them no never mind.

    Wow, I have not been deer hunting in over 30 years. At least she had a shot. I usually did not even see anything.

    Later is Good said...

    6 inches along the lakeshore and that is not an euphemism.

    Sheri said...

    It sure was great to talk to you!!! Hmmmm Vegas is only 5 hours away from me and I'm off till the New Year.

    SignGurl said...

    KJ~ Come to Vegas! It's gonna be fun.

    G-Man~ I know not of what you are referring to. Isn't what I did enough?

    Lime~ I'm following in your graceful footsteps as I creep up on 40.

    Ciara~ You can't possibly be anywhere close to 40. You look way too young. I have been to Vegas twice and had a great time both times. I plan on spending this entire trip mostly drunk. Hehe!

    Missy~ I am really looking forward to the contentment and maturity. Also the I don't give a durn attitude (I think I may already have that). In my head, I still feel 15 in my head.

    Bryan~ Is the gas of which you speak, intestinal? Hehe! I couldn't resist that one.

    Later~ I think I heard something about 6 inches there and THAT was a euphemism.

    Sheri~ You and I in Vegas could be trouble. Let's plan it!

    ciara said...

    believe it or not, i'm actually OLDER than you. i celebrated birthday number 42 on Election day :)

    it's funny, when i turned 40 i said, 'maybe now that i'm 40 someone will think i'm 30!' about a day after someone did think i was 30...i finally got out of the 20's. wooo! my son is 21, but ppl think he's 16 and that he's my kid brother. worse part about looking young? ppl talking to you like you know NOTHING and they are probably about 20 years YOUNGER than you :-/ lol

    jillie said...

    OMG!!! A size 10! I am so happy for you and proud of you.

    Maybe the fitness mag will call you. But if they don't? Well it's THEIR loss and not yours.

    40? OLD? Girl...I have 7 1/2 years on you. I can't wait to turn 50!

    You'll be right next door to me. Vegas is only a hop, skip and a jump away. I hope you have fun and win BIG!