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    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    More Bullets

    • I was getting my free pair of Victoria's Secret underwear, when a woman told me that she hated the style of underwear I was getting. She said that I liked them because I was "older". Grrr...
    • A friend made me laugh so hard yesterday that I almost wet my pants.
    • I love laughing so hard that you have tears streaming down your face.
    • Why do I always have to work outside when it's freezing?
    • The holidays are making me ambivalent.
    • Walking in 29 F weather yesterday felt invigorating.
    • Raspberry flavoring is one of my favorites, however I can't stand real raspberries because of the seeds.
    • I am completely addicted to Face Book.
    • Driving on black ice yesterday made me remember who is in control and it was not me.
    • I am a very spiritual person, however I have no use for religion.
    • My life is moving at the speed of light and yet I feel like I'm standing still sometimes.


    barman said...

    Someone called you older? Well yea, you are older than a teenager but still... I do not know about you but I would not say something like that about someone or at least not so they can hear it. That is just plane rude.

    Ah rasberries. I agree with you 100 percent. Taste wonderful, seeds not so much.

    lime said...

    i have to say i generally find the staff at VS to be indifferent at best and outright rude at worst if you are a woman over age 30 or bigger than size 4. i was given a gift certificate to VS for my birthday and although the item i use it for will be a treat i don't look forward to going in there at all.

    if you have a frederick's of hollywood go there. it has a tacky reputation but actually the things are nice and the staff i encountered was extremely pleasant and helpful.

    Through Thick and Thin said...

    I enjoy your blog - thats why I tagged you. come and take a look!

    Sicilian said...

    40 is not so bad . . . . just a number. . . . VS has yet to get my boobs in a bra. . . .I avoid going to them. . . . pretty undies are everywhere. . . . .It has been 80 or so in Costa Rica and the lows in Texas at my house have been 39 or so. . . . I love warmth.
    15 lbs would probably take you 3 months. . . . it is maintaining it that is hard.

    The Savage said...

    I noticed your Face Book addiction....
    I just use it once in a while.

    Susy said...


    Look me up Jenn. :)

    I have that addiction too!

    kimmyk said...

    i had facebook then deleted it when people started finding me. yikes!

    i love raspberries! i dont love black ice or 29 degree weather though. that shit is for the birds!

    Lara said...

    I'm addicted to facebook too. It's not such a terrible thing. Except when it takes every spare minute plus some! lol

    G-Man said...

    Facebook is boring....
    But You Jenn are quite intriguing!

    Kim H. said...

    I too love Facebook!! The electric blanket thing makes me laugh - if I had one - I'd be the same way!!

    You know - the comment about religion is so true. My pastor is always telling us that religion is a horrible word - because organized religion has always had flaws and problems... and it's really about your relationship with God anyway... not about following man-made rules.