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    Thursday, November 20, 2008

    Thursday Portrait ~ Baby It's Cold Outside

    This is me with a frozen face after walking 7 miles in 29 F temperatures.

    I wore too many clothes and was actually too warm as opposed to the last time when I didn't wear enough. I'm going to get this whole clothing thing figured out before the end of winter if it doesn't kill me.

    Walking in the cold was invigorating and beautiful. There is still so much to look at in nature. It's amazing how much the trails change in a day. I love being nature gurl!

    P.S. I made that scarf. I've got to get back to knitting again. Cozies for everyone!


    g-man said...

    It may be cold outdoors, but you sure are HOT!!!

    What A beautiful Snow Bunny!!!

    g-man said...

    ...And Bingo Baby!!!!!!!

    barman said...

    Looking marvelous for sure.

    And the knitting... I wonder if you can combind walking and knitting? You could get all kinds of work done that way and if you got cold you just wear the work in progress.

    not2shy said...

    At least you froze your face with that beautiful smile on it :-)

    lime said...

    brrrrr, i can't seem to bring myself to do that in the cold mornings. love the scarf. i need knitting lessons.

    ell said...

    ohmigosh, is that the dreaded four-letter s-word in the background....? can't wait till spring!


    The Savage said...

    If you aren't careful you may melt all that snow as hot as you are.... ;)

    Mojo said...

    Yeah,yeah,yeah, G-Man beat me too it. Figures.

    I was gonna say if you didn't wear enough it'd be us that were to warm.

    Actually, I'm still gonna say it. 'Cause it seems like the other guys in this room have no shame, so why should I?

    Big Pissy said...

    I love walking outside when it's cold. :)