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    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Thursday Portrait ~ Good Old Days

    This picture was taken when I was about 3 years old. It's strange, because I can remember all of the things you see in this picture in detail. It seems like yesterday. Mom's pricilla curtains and dad's wooden magazine wrack. The rocking chair on the right was painted by my grandma who put my name on the back as soon as I was born. I still have the chair in my basement. This picture also lets you see that I had an obsession with my hair from a very young age and a penchant for stripped pants:

    I believe I was about 5 in this picture. My sister would have been around 2 and a half. My grandmother always bought all of our clothes. They always had to match as though we were twins. My sister got the raw end of the deal because she had to wear my hand me downs, so she got very tired of the same prints. You can see the Jacobsens box in the background on the right. This was an upscale department store that I modeled for when I was this age. It was also where Grams bought all of our clothes. We were well dressed, even if mom and dad didn't have money.


    lime said...

    you are too cute. i love those striped pants and you just know i had some too. such pretty long hair you had too. :)

    Missy said...

    These kind of memories are fun to look back on.

    Even back they you were styling chica.

    Sicilian said...

    I love the pictures. I know how your sister felt. I got lots of hand me downs from a cousin who was a lot bigger than me so during those elementary years things really didn't fit well.
    Grandmas are great. I am so glad that I got to grow up with one right down the road.
    Buy cotton for Vegas. . . . no matter what the weather, you'll be comfortable.

    barman said...

    I love your hair. It was as nice then as it is now.

    Wow what a wonderful trip down memory lane. Such a cutie for sure.

    Hey I think the stripes were great. I had a lot of corduroy that I wore growing up. At least that is what I remember.

    g-man said...

    And when you got older and moved on, Jacobson's went out of Business!
    What does that tell you?

    The Savage said...

    There is very much with the cute that is you and your sis! Carried over to today even... ;)

    kimmyk said...

    too damn cute for words!

    Big Pissy said...

    Awwwwww!!!! Little cuties! :)

    KJ said...

    Hope you had a good weekend!!!