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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Thursday Portrait ~The Dreaded Article

    I'm stepping out of hiatus in order to share this little tidbit with you. It's yet another reason for my complete break down.

    Several months ago I told you all about being interviewed for a magazine. I was excited and nervous. I wrote up my answers and sent away my pictures. Apparently, the picture I sent was unusable. The writer called me while I was on a scaffold hanging a banner in the rain and told me that I had to get to her office to have my picture taken because the one I sent didnt' work. I drug myself there only to find that she had never used the camera before. So, I look like I have 2 foot tall legs and weigh more than I did before I lost weight. Also, I cannot take a flash picture with my eyes open to save my life.

    I didn't misspell lose as loose or the spelling of my name Jenn. ;)

    Click to read:

    I truly appreciate all of your kind comments regarding my whereabouts. I'm pretty much just getting by. If I get up the courage, I'll share all of my woes with you. For now, I'll just tell you that my life went from fairytale status to the crapper in a matter of months.

    Miss you all...


    G-Man said...


    terry said...

    i don't think that's a bad picture of you at all!

    and how wonderful of you to do this, to help inspire others.

    hang in there.

    lime said...

    well congrats on the article. that's a tremendous testimony you share, jenn.

    hugs for the rest. don't give up. you are loved and missed.

    stalkermom said...

    I think you look fine in the picture, too! Sometimes we're all a little too harsh on ourselves!

    Hope you get back to regular blogging soon.

    barman said...

    It is not your best picture but you know what, even so you look great. The article turned out fantastic and just think the inspiration you will give others. I think your advice to check everything out themselves is the best piece of advice anyone can get. They really need to know everything including the good and the not so good. Then the exercise is priceless. Really great article that should really help others out.

    ell said...

    i think you look just fine and congrats on the article. i'm sure you'll give a lot of people hope. hang in there jenn, and know that we miss you and wish you the best!


    Sheri said...

    me too

    BTExpress said...


    Sicilian said...

    I think you are hard on yourself. . . the picture and article are great.
    Hope you can get back to blogging. . . . really hope things can even out for you.

    buddha_girl said...

    Not a bad picture at all! We're our own worst critics - always!

    Way to go, Jenn!

    gab said...

    Miss you Jenn. But take all the time you need we will still all be here for you. BIG HUGS!!!!

    gab said...

    Oh I forgot ....the article was great.

    Leigh said...

    Congrats on the article, the picture isn't that bad. I hope thing are improving for you.

    kimmyk said...

    OMG. You're like famous and shit. No wonder you don't have time for us little people. Whatever dude. I can totally say I knew you when....


    So things aren't going so well, huh? Well doesn't that just suck a big girls butt! (and that would not be your butt as it's like totally a small booty now!) That's a bummer. Your life should be going along happily now...shouldn't it??? Hmm....that sucks.

    So I'm not sure what's happening, but it's getting in the way of your blogging and me being the stalker that I am of this blog, means it's slowin' me down man, and I can't have that shit! So you tell whatever is ailing you to keep it movin'....you gotta amuse the masses. Ya hear?

    I hate this weather. How about you? Hate it. Two years ago you were all "I love winter!" now whatcha got to say for yourself, hmm???

    I miss you. I hope you're well. I hope that your family is well and warm too.

    Don't be gone long...cause really, you're not THAT far that I can be there by lunch if I left after breakfast.

    Through Thick and Thin said...

    i've tagged/awarded you. come see.

    Mona said...


    Evening said...

    I am sorry you are struggling Jen. I hope things get better soon. You are a strong woman, you will land up on your feet soon.

    ell said...

    just checking in to say hi. hope you're doing ok.

    Strumpet said...


    1) Your hair looks super-groovy-sexah-cool in that pic.

    2) If, however, you still aren't diggin' it...just take a look through some of your Thursday pics to remind yourself how hot you are.

    3) With that said...it's your inspiring WORDS here that are truly where the hotness lies. This is an amazing article and an amazing accomplishment and I feel so special knowing that I've been able to share your full story here at your blog. I'm glad you gave props to your 'online journal.' I don't know where I'd be without mine either.

    4) I have a big hug for you too. But, mine includes a pinch on the ass. I hope that's okay.

    5) You are one of the most beautiful, strong, resilient, resourceful, sensual, stunning, kind, intelligent, inspiring women that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Whatever it is that has been placed in your path is something that will only make those qualities that much brighter as you work your way through it.

    6) It's the getting through it part that sucks major ass. I know. But, I know that you will be just fine and back to rockin' in no time.

    7) Take the time that you need. But, know that you are missed, Sign-babe.

    8) Never forget how much you rock.

    Okay, I'm done.

    I love you, Sign-babe.

    You are awesomeness.


    ell said...

    just wanted to say hi and hope you're feeling better. miss ya.


    MamaKBear said...

    Girl, look at you!!! I've been away from the blog world much too long...you look FABULOUS!! (You weigh less than me now too, I'm so jealous!)

    I've got SO freakin' much to blog about, it's not even funny...hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things again! Miss you!!!

    S said...

    Hey Signgurl
    I was wondering where you ran off to. I just want to wish you all the best.
    It's gonna be ok, just believe in yourself, and remember how far you have come.