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    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    Getting Stronger

    Once again, my absence from the blog world was by choice as I wasn't sure I wanted to share what's been going on in my life. But, I felt the need to put something here.

    As I said in the previous post, I was in a relationship that got kind of serious. I had led myself to believe that I wasn't as attached as he was. Something changed in our relationship. I saw that he was broken and I tried to fix him. I suppose I try to fix everything. That's what I do, only he didn't want to be fixed. So, even though I knew we were completely wrong for each other and needed to split, the end still hurt beyond belief.

    I picked myself up and decided to jump full force back into the dating world and just have fun with it, meeting some incredible people. Dating is really fun! It's very strange for me to have so many suitors. I still have a hard time believing that someone would want to spend time with me, but it's so nice to be out living life.

    There have been some glitches on the divorce end of things. As soon as Mr. Sign signed the settlement papers, he lost his job due to downsizing. What this means for me is that I now make more money than he does and I may have to pay him child support. This was a real kick in the pants for me but I'm a survivor! I will prevail! Things monetarily have been very tough without his support for the girls. Luckily, I was able to save some money and have been living on that for the past couple of months. I'm in panic mode about it now as those funds have dried up. We now have a new court date of October 6th and if all the paperwork goes through, a little piece of paper will end 22 years of my life and tell me that I'm free.

    I think I need to add some of the fun I've had recently and what fun I've had!

    Want S'More(s)?

    Pole dancing with my cousin (she is on the left)

    One night #1 and a few friends decided to go sightseeing in our city. We ran across this mobile cow and Udder Chaos ensued (see below).

    Funniest part of the night!

    Me and my momma always dress alike. Not really, but she bought me this shirt.

    My best friend, our friend from high school, whom we hadn't seen in 20 years
    (visiting from China) and me.

    The crew on my two best friends' (the other blondes) 40th birthdays (taken last weekend)

    My girls

    Getting our grove on!!

    So, my weight is back in check and I'm growing stronger every day, both physically and mentally. I'm still exercising like a crazy person, working out every morning and then riding my bike 20 miles 5 nights a week. I've worked too hard to go back to my old habits. Still working on loving myself and the person within. I am a work in progress, but who isn't?


    cadbury_vw said...

    exercise, how you eat...


    it's hard to hold it together. good work on your effort

    i'm so very proud

    i am spiritually riding beside you every time you go out

    remember to be kind to yourself.

    i agree that exercise is a great way to sublimate the desire to eat (if i am reading between the lines correctly).

    if i feel like doing a binge, i figure out how many calories i will need to make it through an exercise bout, eat that or less just to satisfy the craving. one of my fast carb/power-up snacks is a whole wheat pita with some spicy hummus - work about 300 calories

    then i go exercise for 300 - 900 calories

    when i get back, i seem to only want healthy stuff - salad, fish, blah, blah

    ...just my coping mechanism

    and remember - if you fall off - don't get angry with yourself - grant your self an immediate do-over

    immediately create your next meal - a healthy meal - let that be how you address any failing - by choosing to succeed the next time

    cheering from here

    you go girl!

    Laurie (GastricGirl.com) said...

    Isn't it crazy how quickly life changes? Congratulations on jumping into the dating world with both feet. I'm sorry things didn't work out with the guy you were seeing, but everything happens for a reason, and there will be someone much better suited for you!

    you're doing great! glad to get an update!

    Sarah663 said...

    Wow, I was so happy to see your post! Sounds like you're hanging in there and having a little fun too. Take care and keep us posted!

    G-Man said...

    Ahhh...Your quarterly post!!!

    The Savage said...

    Glad that you've posted again! Love the pics... you look like you're having a blast! You're hawt!

    SignGurl said...

    Cad~ I do use exercise to sublimate the desire to eat. Plus, if I exercise, I get to eat more without gaining. A win win situation for me. Plus, I now have lots of free time.

    Laurie~ Life can just blow you away sometimes by the quickness of it's changes. I'm able to say now that I'm not sorry things didn't work out with the other guy. I realized that situation for the learning experience it was. Thanks for reading!

    Sarah~ I seem to be having more than my share of fun but that's a good thing. Living the life that I had been missing because my weight held me back. :)

    G-Man~ You may expect another in December. :)

    Savage~ No, you're hawt!! I am having more fun than I ever imagined life could be. Who knew what I was missing?

    Sheri said...

    Oct 6th is D-Day for me to. We settle some financials as well. Thanks for the excercise tips on overcoming the food cravings-you are amazing and I love the fact that you are having fun.

    snowelf said...

    Signgurl I have mised you! I was just thinking about you and then you blogged...

    I'm glad you're doing well--keep on keeping on and am sending lots of love to you!! :)


    lime said...

    i'm glad you're doing well in spite of the curveballs life has thrown at you. you are missed in the blogosphere.

    Big Pissy said...

    I've missed you!

    Appreciate you catching us up. Sorry things are messed up as far as the divorce is concerned, but SO glad that you have such an amazing attitude about everything. :)