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    Sunday, January 08, 2006

    Bottoms Up!

    Yesterday we had freezing rain here in Mid-Michigan. Not a lot but enough to make a mess. This reminded me of another night of freezing rain.

    Before Mr. Sign and I were married, we went out with my best friend, Stacy, whom I had known since kindergarten. She rarely had a date and since she and I sub-leased and apartment together on the MSU campus, she went everywhere with us.

    During this time Mr. Sign and I both worked at the mall so our lives revolved around the place. Stacy often met us there after work to have dinner or go to the movies.

    One night I was the last to get out of work so Mr. Sign and Stacy picked me up in the parking lot of the mall. I had on this killer long denim skirt with a long slit in the back. Maybe you remember these. You couldn't move your legs much since it was so tight. I had my favorite black riding boots on. Hella Hot, right? We were going to go to Bennigan's and eat before heading to the bar. It had been raining all day but the temperature had remained above freezing.

    We ate dinner and I decided to sit in the back seat on the way to the bar since Stacy always had to. It was no small feat climbing into that two door Buick Sommerset but I did it.

    When we arrived at the bar I went to step out in my slinky tight skirt and one foot got caught in the seat belt as the other hit the icy pavement. Somehow, both of my legs ended up straight up in the air spread as far apart as they could be with my feet still in the car and my head outside the car on the ground. It took at least 15 minutes for my companions to stiffle their uproarious laughter. Neither of them helped me up since they were hysterical.

    All I can say is thankfully I had worn underwear that day.


    Jay said...

    Ahhh the joys of a Michigan winter!

    I bet that was a sight to see!

    gigi said...

    I arrived at my office job (yes I had one once) wearing killer brown heels. KILLER!
    I stepped one foot out the car door and began to stand up and wham my feet went under the car and face planted right there in the parking lot.
    I got a bloody nose and spent the entire day with guaze shoved up my left nostril.
    Hot! SMoking HAWT!

    sassinak said...

    and people wonder why i drive everywhere *grin*

    that sucks dude but it's pretty damm funny nonetheless

    Quazirob said...

    Hopefully you can look back and laugh ..now! That was a good story. I did the classic walk into a trash can while checking out a girl, fell and make quite a ruckus.

    Suze said...

    Jenn, I can sympathise. I once fell on my ass in front of this yummy guy at school. Most of the class laughed. Most embarassing.

    Big Pissy said...

    Don't you love it when your peeps are standing there laughing their asses off at you...and you can't really get angry b/c you'd be laughing too~if it was them!!! LOL

    Horsn said...

    Reminds me of the commercials where the person is doing everything right, then at the last moment, they trip and fall.

    Of course this has never, ever happened to me. *fingers crossed*

    I know it hurts both the feelings and the body, but how can you not laugh when you witness it?

    Calzone said...

    I didn't get past the title. Then I had to play a little 5 against 1

    Top cat said...

    I see Paris I see France
    I could see Jenn's underpants.

    Funny story Jenn.

    Barney said...

    Sorry Jenn, id have been no help whatsoever, other peoples comical misfortune is too much of a rich vein of humor, so im afraid id have joined your companions in a damn good belly laugh!...LMFAO! ;-)

    Admit it...you'd have laughed to if the boot(pardon the pun) was on the other foot huh? :P

    pantylines said...

    I have to admit, that I would have laughed my ass off, and then helped second, that would have been funny to see....i am glad you are alright and can laugh about it now :-)

    SignGurl said...

    Jay~Come on, you know you miss them.

    Gigi~That does sound HAWT!

    Sass~Mr. Sign picked me up in his car so he was driving.

    Rob~I would've payed good money to see that.

    Suze~You poor thing!

    Big P~I always help first and laugh second. That's the way I roll with my peeps.

    Horsn~I'm so not a laugher when someone gets hurt, unless I'm drunk!

    Calzone~How'd the 5 against 1 cum out?

    TC~You wish you saw my underpants.

    Michael~I'm seeing the sadistic side of you.

    Pantylines~At least you would have helped. I can appreciate that.

    che.G. said...

    Yes jenn, my site is for real.

    mrshife said...

    Another outstanding reason to not go commando.

    Laurie said...

    I broke my tailbone slipping on Michigan ice once while wearing cowboy boots... had to go to the ER where the doc proceeded to give me a rectal exam.

    I now work with that doc.

    American Navel said...

    Once I jumped down a half flight of stairs and ended up with a sprained ankle. And another time a large rock hit me in the head and caused me to bleed a lot. But I haven't ever slipped on ice.

    DZER said...

    My embarrassing moment was having my slacks rip on my during a game of pickup basketball, exposing my somewhat flimsy underwear (this was high school, before I started going commando LOL).

    From that day forward ... those guys called me "chiba nuts" ... "chiba" is the Chamorro word for "goat."

    SignGurl said...

    Ce.g~I don't believe you

    MrShrife~That's what I was thinking.

    Laurie~Is it hard to work with someone who's seen your rectum?

    Navel~You need to take it easy, dude.

    DZER~LMAO at goat nuts! It's better than having elephant balls, right?

    Everything Nice said...

    Oh Jenn, whooopsie!

    I think I had a similar experience as you, only it was a wrap style skirt that had a mind of it's own during a wind storm.

    I was just lucky to be in the right group of people and the right place for such a thing!

    Man oh man... yes, thank the heavens for underwear sometimes!

    kellywalters said...

    underwear are the devil.


    American Navel said...

    Don't worry. I have chilled out a lot since those days.

    georgiabelle said...

    LoVE IT! I know it sucked for you, but I'm so glad you shared it (and glad it prompted others to share similar stories!)! I really needed a good laugh! Poor thing!

    Too bad you couldn't have tripped them or something! Only in the movies...